Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Scott Brown - A Man's Man Sent From Above To Reform America

Sometimes it takes liberal filth to right the wrongs they helped create.

On Tuesday, the people of Massachusetts proceeded to wipe their grease-stained mouths and shove three prongs straight into B. Hussein’s government takeover healthcare death bill.

American Hero Scott Brown – excuse Freedom Eagle, Senator Scott Brown – has ridden a wave of revolt straight into the senate seat of former drunken libtarded rape enabler Ted Kennedy. The irony, of course, being that Kennedy had been trying to personally fit your daughter for a full body cast most of his adult life, and, looking up at his former country from the center of the earth, he’s likely weeping to himself in between hot iron pokes and using his girth to shove a giant rock up a hill.

Sorry, Ted. America will keep her private, freedomous doctors.

Since The Freedom Brothers began taking time off to care for our families (Lil’ Cal is up to 15 pull ups in 45 seconds!), B. Hussein’s illegal “presidency” has been sent straight to Kennedy’s fiery studio apartment. After bailing out and taking over the banking system, the Husseinenites gave the taxpayer’s money to big auto, big labor, and took away our sons’ and daughters’ body armor in Afghanistan, enabling the terrorists.

Unemployment is up because of Hussein’s radical agenda, and it’s becoming harder and harder for Americans to practice religion in their homes and places of worship because of his brown shirt “canvassers.” The liberal media’s inflated polls and misleading headlines can’t spin this presidency into the positive and the ski mask-sporting radical Muslim occupying the White House knows it.

But in 2010, Republicans are back in business – and business is booming.

It’s been well established that B. Hussein and members of his campaign were in touch with both the Fort Hood shooter and the Detroit airline bomber before, during, and after the terrorist incidents. John McCain warned Americans of what it would mean should former, current, and future domestic terrorist Bill Ayers became a White House adviser – but did you listen, America? No.

Glenn Beck told us what to expect should we let a man who bathed with Indonesians and bows to the East each and every afternoon get hold of the red button.

The Freedom Brothers told you what the Islamic socialism studied under the personal teachings of Malcolm X meant for America – but America, you failed. You let the potential anti-Christ from hell steal the election from the grasp of a war hero and beautiful female moose hunter.

That’s why Freedom Eagle can’t help but to praise the socialist housewives and pot smoking, unemployed vegans of Massachusetts who – for just a moment – saw what they’d done to this country in 2008 and voted for a handsome, presidential-looking strict constitutionalist Senator Scott Brown in 2010.

Like a vast majority of Americans, Scott Brown is a conservative Republican. He’s vowed to toss a grenade at Obama’s healthcare death bill. He will lower the deficit, increase employment, and personally grab the pen from the oval office hostage-taking Kenyan, should the imposter decide to sign another anti-American spending bill. Most importantly, Senator Brown has a record of voting to protect our soldiers in the warzone – be it in Iraq or the womb.

With 41 votes in the senate, Republicans are stronger than ever. They’ve made a laughing stock out of “Diapers” Biden and created an atmosphere that’ll have Michelle Obama back to searching Craigslist classifieds to keep her family afloat in 2013, screaming at her deadbeat, unshaven, unemployed husband still spending the former family fortune on cocaine and chronic he admitted to abusing in his anti-American “memoirs.”