Friday, December 26, 2008

The Most Important Freedom Brothers Post. Ever.

Cover Letter Request to refile Petition Lightfoot v Bowen with chief Justice John Roberts

Dear Justice Roberts,

This is an open cover letter and it is being posted on the Internet, you-tube and will be read on a number of radio stations, particularly radio stations around military bases, forwarded to Congress, Senate, Governors of the States and mass media. This legal action, as 20 other actions filed in the past few months is seeking Judicial intervention due to the fact that Mr. Barack Obama, whose father was a Kenyan- British citizen, is not a Natural Born Citizen and is not eligible to be the President of this country. It also states, that Mr. Obama did not prove his citizenship at all, since the state of Hawaii allows issuance of Hawaiian Birth certificates to foreign born children of Hawaiian residents and there is mounting evidence that Mr. Obama was not born in Hawaii, whereby he will not be a citizen at all. The Plaintiffs in this action are a vice-presidential candidate on the ballot, electors and voters. Majority of the plaintiffs have served years of their lives in the US military and risked their lives, pursuant to their oath to defend the Constitution of this country against all enemies, foreign and domestic. The plaintiffs and other members of the US military are deeply concerned about the fact that none of the cases related to Mr. Obama’s lack of eligibility was heard on the merits.

The plaintiffs are also concerned about the following: You have recorded a program “Conversations with Chief Justice Roberts”. Numerous high schools students were flown in to DC and participated in discussion about the Constitution, law and the Supreme Court with you. This program was fully funded by the Annenberg foundation, is it clearly states on the video released, and it appears that as a Chief Justice of the Supreme court you consider Annenberg to be a reputable organization, supporting the Constitution and you support their efforts. The problem with it, is that Annenberg has been employing on their Annenberg Challenge board William Ayers, a non-repentant terrorist that participated in bombing of police headquarters in 1970, Capitol building in 1971 and Pentagon in 1972. As late as 2001, Mr. Ayers stated in NY times interview: “I don’t regret setting bombs. I feel I didn’t do enough”. From 1995 the chairman of Annenberg Challenge was none else, but Mr. Barack Obama. Annenberg has created an offshoot, called, Annenberg political Fact check that was supposed to provide unbiased fact check. In reality Annenberg fact check has actively and intentionally defrauded American public in letting them to believe that Mr. Obama is a Natural born citizen and eligible for US presidency. Annenberg fact check intentionally omitted

1. Definition of Law of Nations (Emmerich De Vattel), stating that natural born citizen is one that is born in the country to parents, that are citizens. They omitted statement by John A Bingham, framer of the 14th amendment, stating that a natural born citizen is one that was born in the US territory to parents that don’t owe alliance to any other sovereignty. Due to the fact that Mr. Obama’s father was not a US citizen and owed allegiance to Kenya and Great Britain,� Mr. Obama did not qualify as a natural born citizen and does not qualify for presidency.
2. Fact check intentionally omitted Hawaii statue 338, that allows foreign born children of Hawaiian residence to obtain a Hawaiian certification of live birth
3. It omitted the fact that such certification can be obtained based on a statement of one relative only without any corroborating evidence.
4. It omitted the fact that there was no corroborating evidence of Mr. Obama�s birth from any hospital, nurse or hospital administrator from Hawaii , while there were numerous statements from Mr. Obama�s Kenyan grandmother, Baptist Bishop and ambassador of Kenya about Mr. Obama being born there. If that is the case, Mr. Obama is not a US citizen and will need to go back to Kenya to wait for his Green Card.
As of now American public has only information from Annenberg, a political organization, some of whose members have very questionable moral qualities (to say the least).

My clients, as well as 300 million American, including thousands of members of the military, that are asked to give their lives to defend the Constitution of this country, would like to know, if the Supreme Court Justices, particularly chief Justice Roberts, (that needs to swear the President on the bible), are willing to give a few hours of their time to hear the Oral Argument in defense of this Constitution.


Dr. Orly Taitz, ESQ Counsel for the Petitioners

Pass it On
- The Freedom Brothers.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Paultards Retreat To Mom's Basement

Victories are few and far between for the pro-America wing of this country.

But we’ll take what we can get. The Freedom Brothers now know we can’t stop liberals and their allies in the shadows of government from stealing elections (6 Senate seats and counting), but the Republican party is stronger today than it has been in months. The reason: Squirrelly-faced Ron Paul and his diaper-sporting America-last haters have been successfully marginalized.


Ron Paul is just some frail old conspiracist who (let’s refresh) believes the following:

  • Your President – President Bush – personally controlled all four aircraft on 9/11, crashing two into New York City buildings, one into the Pentagon, and one into a field in Pennsylvania, murdering 3,000 of his own citizens using a remote control joystick.
  • FDR was in cahoots with international Jewish bankers before World War II and diabolically planned out the World War with Hitler at his side.
  • There are beings living amongst us known as “Reptilian Humanoids” who are – literally – half man, half reptile. These creatures have penetrated our government in the form of elite Republicans and are originally from outer space.
  • Ayn Rand was half-woman, half God.
  • Non-Rand religion – such as Christianity and Judaism – is a farce.
  • John F. Kennedy was killed by the CIA, Lyndon Johnson, and Richard Nixon.
  • Drugs, prostitution, illegal Mexicans, and terrorism should be legalized.
  • Al Qaeda does not exist.

There was a time when Ron Paul’s followers – Paultards – used to spam Honorable Republican websites like Little Green Footballs, RedState, and The Freedom Brothers, pushing their hatist stances because they somehow thought their little troll could steal enough votes to get past the Washington primary. But they were wrong. And now they’ve gone back to doing what they know best: Bong hits in Mom’s basement.

“I’ll re-heat my dinner later, Ma, I only need three more shields of Ravenloft to beat Vecna!”

“When are you going to get a job, son? You're 40.”

There was a time when the only dragons (goblins) were the filth who paraded city streets with signs that traitorously read, “Re-investigate 9/11,” and the only dungeons were the molded keyless cells these freaks belonged in.

These knuckleheads have done everything from smashing windows to flipping and then burning police cars all in the name of Ron Paul and his trusted side-kick radio host Alex Jones, whose online documentaries have been viewed by our enemies time and again.

Ho Chi Minh and the NVA knew college dropouts and other losers would march during the 60s and 70s in the name of losing the Liberation of South Vietnam. But Al Qaeda has something Uncle Ho never did: Americans who actually don’t think they exist. It’s much easier to murder American soldiers in cold blood when groups of American homefronters think their own government is the enemy; the real terrorists. Not even Noam Chomsky is that radical, and he falsely believes Ronald Reagan wasn’t Our Country’s Greatest President.

The Freedom Brothers believe that fascists like Ron Paul’s idiocracy and B. Hussein’s Disney Worlders should just come out and say they agree with the terrorists. It would make this whole “Patriot Act” and “Guantanamo Bay” thing a heckuva lot easier.

Finally, Some Good News

Proving that you can’t be liberal, fair, and balanced all at the same, Truth Prophet Matt Drudge is reporting that filthy democrat operative Alan Colmes is getting thrown off his soap box by Fox News Channel. Details filtering in to the Freedom Brothers command center are still sketchy; it isn’t completely clear whether the camel’s spine disintegrated beneath one of Colmes’ most recent lies, or if he simply tired of serving as Sean Hannity’s punching bag after one and a fifth decades. Regardless of the cause, the effect is clear: Americans will no longer have to subject themselves to the pencil-necked twerp’s slander after every long, hard-working day at the construction site, or The Firehouse, or Iraq.
In an interview with the democrat mouthpiece Associated Press, Colmes said, "We have a Democratic House, Senate and [an Islamic] president. My work is done." The Grizz hopes that this is the truth. Now his favorite station, Fox News, can finally call itself an objective media outlet.
Sean Hannity has not yet issued a statement regarding the demise of his unworthy adversary’s career, but he’s clearly earned his fair share of entertainment while pounding Colmes into submission over and over and over again for the last twelve years. He’ll simply need to move on to the next socialist. For Colmes, it won’t be that easy; there’s a better than good chance that he’ll be drinking sewer water to quench his hangover thirst by this time next week.
The Freedom Brothers would like to wish Alan Colmes all the worst. May his future endeavors be filled with dying dreams, lost opportunities and misfortune in general.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Nation of Islam

The Grizz’s head hurts. His vision is blurry. He can’t get himself out of bed in the morning.

Things have been bad these last couple of weeks, since B. Hussein Obama hijacked the country. Already, Hard-Working Americans are losing their jobs, the Dow is tanking, and some of our largest companies are going the way of the buffalo. It seems like the Free Market is the only entity with any sense left in this cruel, cruel world.

The liberal mainstream media should be shut down by Our President, President Bush after the charade they’ve put on over the last two years. They’re already planning the perfect camera shot of their left-wing patrons dancing in the streets like riled Gazans as Barack Hussein Obama becomes the first American President to get sworn in over the Koran, wearing a ski-mask. Already, the spectacle of a sweating, salivating, fully-engorged Wolf Blitzer has become commonplace as he breathlessly fantasizes about which democrat Obama will dig out of Time’s Graveyard to install in his Cabinet of Evil.

Secretary of State
At least the first word of that title sounds fitting for Bill Clinton’s Dish-Washing, Laundry-Doing Wife.

Secretary of Commerce
Obese, perspiration-soaked Bill Richardson is a puzzling choice, but The Grizz assumes he’s gained some business experience wheeling-and-dealing with Illegals down at the Home Depot parking lot.

Secretary of Homeland Security
Obama is well aware that it will be much easier to carry out his evil plan for America with a woman at the helm.

Attorney General
The same man who’s made a career recruiting minions for Castro and releasing rabid terrorists back to drill with Obama’s blood-brothers in the training camps is perfectly equipped to oversee the dismantlement of Americans’ Civil Rights and Liberties.

The list goes on and on. Ted Kennedy for Department of Transportation based on his extensive experience with vehicular-homicide? Pink-band-aid-wearer John Kerry to replace General Petraeus? Crack-smoking womanizer Marrion Barry for the White House Counsel?

Maybe one day we’ll all wake up and this will only have been a terrible dream. In actuality, John McCain will have been presiding over a program-squashing, abortion-eradicating, homosexual marriage-destroying, Little Man-barbequing Golden Age, where our children can run and play and smile and love.

Alas, The Grizz has pinched himself till blood ran down his arms, and it appears that this nightmare is one which will never end.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

B. Hussein Steals Election, America Yawns

You know America is being flushed down the toilet by its Washington bureaucrats when terrorists start making sense.

The Drudge Report, an unbiased, non-partisan, truth web site, reported today that Al Qaida Number 2 Ayman al-Zawahri insulted our fraudulent “president,” B. Hussein Obama. (Or, should we say B. Hussein Obama X?)

No problems here, Ayman.

Before the semi-literate liberals trolling this site try to slander Freedom Eagle and his son, Calvin, remember this: When Ayman al-Zawahri demeans B. Hussein Obama by saying he’s doing the bidding of whites, The Freedom Brothers agree. B. Hussein is already in talks with Bill Ayers, a cop killer and America demoralizer, to take over our domestic policy. We are well aware that the Brilliant Bush-invented Department of Homeland Security, when run by Hussein’s socialists, will begin bombing our own buildings. Ron Paul and his drugged-up loser 9/11 Truth followers will finally be correct. This will be due to William Ayers, cop-killer socialist. Mr. Ayers is white. B. Hussein is doing the bidding of whites.

Zawahri went onto call B. Hussein, Colin Powell (PBR), and Condoleezza Rice “abeed al-beit", a word for “House negroes.”

Again, no complaints.

Condi Rice drenched her career in kerosene and lit the match the moment she applauded B. Hussein’s slim margin of victory, traitorously saying she was "especially proud" of the fraud. B. Hussein also frauded our country when he refused to give up his birth certificate -- since he was born in Kenya, not the United States, and is therefore ineligible to be president. If B. Hussein is allowed to be president, then we should also allow The Mighty George Bush to run for a third term. We know libs would never agree to this since W. would shove the Chicago welfare prince into the dishwasher and not let him out ‘til he begs forgiveness.

As for PBR, the Freedom Brothers’ well-researched web log has already documented how racist this former honorable general is. Rush Limbaugh proved it when he said, “Powell Endorsement of Obama Has Everything to do with Race, Elitism…Well, let me say it louder, and let me say it even more plainly. It was totally about race! The Powell endorsement is totally about race."

Unfortunately, conservatives don’t have enough heroes like Limbaugh.

Both Condoleeza Rice and Colin Powell are bigots and the very idea that they are not insulted by his presidency, let alone his former-candidacy, has set the African-American movement back to the sixties, when they followed Malcolm X and burned entire blocks of cities.

Al Zawahri also stated that B. Hussein’s election is an American admission of failure. The Freedom Brothers would agree with this had B. Hussein not stolen his “victory” out of the clutches of Once-Future-President McCain. Americans are overwhelmingly in favor of winning the Humanitarian Liberation of Iraq. We refuse to let our boys die for nothing, which they will have done should B. Hussein pull the troops out, though he doesn’t have the authority to do so. He’d never pass security clearance due to his bigoted, terrorist friends and the fact that he reportedly hasn’t quit using drugs and engages in homosexual acts.

We still need Future-President McCain. There is still time. B. Hussein has yet to be inaugurated. We need Future-President McCain to barge into the White House – with or without a tank, with or without artillery – and take back what is his. B. Hussein stole the election. This is plain and simple. Even Al Qaida understands that. We would have taken a hag like Bill Clinton’s Nightmare-Living wife over this racist article of pompousuity, who many sources believe has come from hell to end the world. At least Clinton's wife would have tried – unsuccessfully – to defeat Al Qaida with the help of hatist generals like Wesley Clark and his phony soldiers (actors) at

There’s still time to take this thing back. Give America back to the Americans. Tell B. Hussein and his minions of underage Disney Worlders to flee to cowardly France, since it’s not just where they’ve been threatening to move for the past eight Freedomous years, it’s where they belong.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Next on To-Do List: Historic McCain Landslide

Future-President McCain has had the odds stacked against him before.

In 1968, after humiliating, burning, decapitating, and melting the skin off cowardly Vietnamese “soldiers” (with precision), while democrat unshowered tree-huggers on the homefront chanted for his death, Future-President McCain’s plane went down in a North Vietnam lake.

Moments later, with both his arms and legs broken, the Future-President fought off over a dozen Vietnamese shorties, swinging his carcassed arms at them, flailing, kicking, and beating several to deserved-death before he was subdued. Afterwards, one was quoted as saying, translated, “He killed my friends. My son held a gun to his head, yet he kept fighting. It took fifteen men to hold him down.”

Then, after five years of electrocution, water-torture, and handcuffed beatings in a beatled, snaked, cockroached dungeon, Future-President McCain came home to a hero’s welcome. “My friends,” he said down at the local pub, “nothing could have stopped me. Hell, not even the mucus merchants in the liberal media.”

Three-and-a-half decades later, no lightweight Muslim extremist with no voting record – whatsoever – is going to do what hundreds of Vietnamese couldn’t.

B. Hussein, a very good friend of thousands of anti-Semitic, terrorism-loving, America-hating liberals, thinks he’s going to be our next president. It has been well documented over the course of two years that like anti-comedian Al Franken (foolishly running for the Senate in Minnesota), he is unfit for office. B. Hussein is a racist coward. He says he was never a Muslim, yet his father was, and according to Sharia law, if your father is a Muslim, you are a Muslim. In the case of B. Hussein, the words “fundamentalist” and “extremist” could also be used to describe his personal Islam.

New revelations come to light every day about B. Hussein, and it’s been obvious for those of us with a desire to quench our thirst for knowledge, that the United States doesn’t know enough about this traitor. Like we said, some sources call him the anti-Christ from hell, doctoral author Jerome Corsi has proven that the one-time drug addict is still abusing marijuana – or as B. Hussein reportedly calls it, “chronic” – and now a formidable source, Atlas Shrugged, has proven that Barack Hussein Obama, Sr. may not have been B. Hussein’s father at all. His real father is – your suspicions were dead on, Dear Readers – Malcolm X.

And B. Hussein wonders why he’s tanking in the polls.

Courageous Republicans, like Michelle Bachman (who correctly stated that the media needs to begin investigating anti-American liberals), Elizabeth Dole (who correctly stated her opponent, the “Godless” Kay Hagan doesn’t believe in God), and Norm Coleman (who correctly stated that his “opponent” Al Franken laughs at the disabled) are going to lead the Republican-run Senate with a President McCain on January 20.

And the Beautiful Mavericked Iraqi-slaughtering, pork-barrel eliminating Sarah Palin will be at his side, debatically burning liberals houses to the ground while Lil Cal watches her on TV with an alluring eye.

Baby Finley will do a back-flip before he learns to walk. Joe The Plumber is on his way to a million-a-year salary. Untaxed. Un-socialized. Un-redistributed.


These Godless Democrats are nothing. They’re bailing out their friends on Wall Street to make sure they get a spot at their fraternity brother’s and sorority sister’s investment firms because they’re positive they’re getting kicked out of office by an informed American public who laugh daily at B. Hussein’s minions of underage followers, chanting his name because it’s easier than actually coming out and saying: “I want to lose the war in Iraq because I secretly agree with Osama bin Laden.”

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

libs Slime You And Me

In October 2006, Mark Foley, an honorable Florida Republican, was framed for crimes The Freedom Brothes will not detail for the sake of our Freedom-Loving child readers. Just keep in mind, the size of the lie was something that could only be conceived by the Sick liberal rapist mindset. And somehow, it caught on.

We are under no fantastic impression that 2006 was a good year for Congressional Republicans. Many lost their jobs, yet the incoming socialist congress certainly cost America more jobs than America could cost their government servants. But we know 2008 will be different.

Two years of infanticidal bloodbaths, opposition to a Free Iraq, and personally destroying Our Economy have gotten to the heads of Radical democrats. They feel they are invincible. Irrational opposition to American values and adulterous affairs, albeit with a splash of embryonic stem cell eugenicism has shown the American people who these liberal, socialist, elitists really are. And they are being rejected forcefully.

Polls now show Future President John McCain with a commanding lead in crucial battleground states Georgia, Alabama, The Mighty Texas, Kentucky, Tennessee…and the list goes on. And on.

worthless democrats thought they could somehow change the electoral map this year.

They’ve thrown the whole kitchen sink at Former Beauty Queen, Current-Beauty Sarah Palin. They claim she had a role in the firing of her ex- abusive brother-in-law, yet the final report released last Friday shows that the opposite is true. Justice served. As McCain spokesman Meg Stapleton truthfully said Monday, “This Governor did nothing wrong and did nothing unlawful.” End of story.

Yet, B. Hussein, a former leader of vote-suppressing and terrorist-enabling ACORN, is a convict in waiting. He is very, very good friends with several well-known domestic terrorists/murderers like Bill Ayers (the man who ghostwrote his “memoir” of lies, half-truths, and slander), O.J. Simpson, and Chuck Schumer.

In the fall of 1981, Bill Ayers’ wife, Bernadette Dohrn supplied machine guns, grenades, nunchucks, and Vietnam-era fire-bazookas to Radical black panthers in Nanuet, New York, resulting in the Murder of two brave, heroic, Police Officers. Barack Obama knew of the incident beforehand and said nothing. What other autumn attacks on our home soil that killed police officers/firefighters has B. Hussein known about beforehand and/or had a major hand in? One can’t help but wonder.

McCain’s campaign has been accused by the media of riling up his Wonderful Supporters to shout true statements, such as “[B. Hussein Obama]’s a terrorist” and “[B. Hussein regularly commits] treason.” The liberal hatologist slimers at The New York times and The Washington post have mucused these patriots, using them as props, insisting Sarah Palin, who is regularly disrespected as a woman by B. Hussein and “Diapers” Biden, invites statements they baselessly call untruths.

And the media wonders why they’re so out of touch.

Many commenters trolling this site often believe the Freedom Brothers are less than righteous in their factual commentary and well-researched opinion about B. Hussein and his dense apostles (who are often so hung over from drinking, smoking, and raping at fraternity parties, that they are reduced to crawling on all fours to their college classrooms or – worse – sleeping through their classes altogether). They, like their savior, are not ready to lead.

In their most vicious attacks, liberals have done their best to scorn our Heroes. Slandering the Troops, framing Honorable Iraqi-slaughtering senators like David Vitter, Larry Craig, James Inhofe, and Ted Stevens; maligning Praiseworthy Congressmen like Tom Delay and Mark Foley; and falsely-indicting generous Fundraisers like Jack Abramoff. All these men have been framed by Thug-O-Crats and their media darlings. We Americans, like a majority of this Great Country, are voting for Future-President McCain on November 4th, in what is likely the most honorable vote any of us will cast in Our Lifetime. Get ready for the impending landslide, folks.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Lil Cal: An American Watches a Debate

They grow up so fast.

Last night Calvin and I microwaved some popcorn after our steak dinner and daily workout routine. On our punching bag, Calvin has duct-taped a “Bin Laden: Wanted Dead or Alive” poster on one side, and an “Obama '08, Osama '09” poster on the other. Lil Cal knows he needs to bulk up for the impending terrorist attack coming inauguration day should – and this is a far-fetched idea – B. Hussein Obama laughably get “elected” (aka suppress enough proud American voters and lower the voting age to 13 by November 4).

He’s a beautiful boy. “I will never – ever – commit myself to an elitist dumbocratic university classroom, dad,” he often says while punching the lights out of Bin Laden’s monstrous face. Then says: “I want to do this for real.”

And Calvin is just 10.

Later, we cuddled together, on our cloth American-made couch, and scooped butter-drenched popcorn from a great Wal Mart-bought bowl. I hand-fed them to my strapping boy, then changed the channel to Fox News, listening for the tell-tale creak as our backyard satellite shifted into place. “What’s on tonight, Dad?”

Though he was unaware of the evening’s festivities, I didn’t strike him.

“Tonight we get to see the debatic equivalent of inner-manned Sarah Palin stick a bullet between the eyes and gut a wild Alaskan Moose to feed her unique portrait of an American family.”

I picked up the phone and called the Grizz. “Hey,” he said, “I was just about to call you.”

“Oh yeah?”

“Yeah, I was just telling my daughter to get ready for the debatic—”

“--equivalent of inner-manned Sarah Palin stick a bullet between the eyes and then gut a wild Alaskan moose to feed her unique portrait of an American family?” I asked.


“Okay, well I don’t want to keep you.”

“Alright Brother, take it easy.”

Calvin knew right away that infant-killing Biden had a bad way about him. As Jonah Goldberg so hilariously said this morning: BS stands for “Biden Says.” Let’s remember, Joe Biden thinks you’re stupid enough to forget about the day his dreams Hindenberged and he was forced to resign from his 1988 presidential campaign. Rightfully, he has since been treated like a freak by his fellow constituents. He wasn’t seen again until the following year, biting the pillow as George H.W. Bush physically assaulted the democrat party on his inauguration day.

As evidenced last night, Biden doesn’t know American foreign policy from his not-so-secret stash of 1970s fetish pornography. He’s a racist and has said on more than one occasion that he hates prosperous, Americanized Indians. He tells them to shove donuts down their throats and drink coffee on the garbaged streets of Wilmington, Delaware, a failed welfare city.

So, my son Calvin: as I looked into his eyes, I could see him burying an electrocuted Iraqi terrorist alive after shoving a medic tube down its throat, half-drowning him, and inflicting pain in what should be legal procedure at Club Gitmo. I dreamed of Calvin body-slamming his democrat enemies on the streets of New York City, Boston, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C. I saw him being an American.

“Wow,” I said as Sarah Palin invoked the Great Ronald Reagan and forced Joey “Diapers” Biden to jump for cover – “There you go again.” When she winked at the camera, she won the vote of every man in America, ashamed of his liberal housewife. Like it or not, when America steps into the voting booth, they’re going to see one candidate – a friend of terrorists, who’s name rhymes with that of a terrorist, who, according to some sources, is the anti-Christ from hell; and a slob – and they’re going to look at the other ticket – a war hero; and beautiful woman with man’s rationale who exclaims “doncha know?” like a patriot.

Who do you think America will choose?

After the debate ended and Joe Biden patted his sweaty forehead, Sarah Palin showed America that she was up to the task and could debate with Putin– because she had just waxed her snowmobile and helicopter with someone as dangerous for America.

I got up off the couch. “You want anything else, son?” I asked.

Calvin had put a pillow over his lap as he stared at slow-mo pictures of Palin while Sean Hannity’s brilliant voice over explained why she had just won the debate so easily. “Just a sec, Dad.”

I smirked. “You get ‘em, Tiger.”

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

WARNING: The Obama Youth Movement

When B. Hussein’s fraudulent campaign dominated Bill Clinton’s wife and sent her packing, Future-President McCain was correct in choosing a woman as his future Vice President. This way, he’d lure Clinton’s Wife’s irrational hate-supporters who admittedly would vote for a woman no matter what. Even a woman as courageous as Palin – who by all standards has the rationality of a confident man, with her position on Roe v. Wade and other social issues – wasn’t enough to turn their hate away from one B. Hussein Obama. And for once, they were correct.

But now B. Hussein has done the unthinkable. He is trying to brainwash Our Children. The children of the future. The ones who will keep our race going. The ones we Love.

Drudge Report, an unbiased, fair, online media news source, recently posted a horrid video of B. Hussein-brainwashed toddlers, singing his praises through song. Many reputable news organizations, including The Freedom Brothers, believe these children are a by-product of the mainstream media’s war on America to turn Our Children into Obama Youth. Click the link to view what B. Hussein has done to Our Children.

This can’t be happening.

Freedom Eagle, once again, invites you on a journey through history.

Beginning in 1922, a group of co-eds known as Hitler-Jugend – or, “Hitler Youth” – sprang up in Deutschland – or, “Germany.” After being disbarred in 1923, they quickly organized underground and became the future foot soldiers in Hitler’s global war to create an Al Gorian-style One World Government where the U.N. taxes its citizens into the poor house, and Gore’s tracking microchips are implanted in us all.

Hitler’s 200,000-person Berlin rallies were littered with his Youth movement, and soon German elders alike came to embrace this young, rising political star. However, no one knew much about him. Even after the global war started with Chamberlin’s appeasement of Hitler in 1939, the world barely knew Hitler. He came with a weak resume, was respected only because of his oratory skills, and continually spoke of change – change to what, the Hitler Youth did not know. It wasn’t until after the American annihilation of Dresden that the Hitler Youth became aware of the full prospect of this “Change” aura.

Tuesday’s Obama Youth video represents much of a disturbing trend going on in America today. Most people are well aware of Barack Obama’s war on America, yet he has paid off pollsters and Diebold to help him in the liberal media’s polls.

America is well-accustomed to seeing his racist, fascist pastor Jeremiah Wright scream “G-d Damn America” in the pulpit, cheered on by the radicals in the pews – Hussein included – yet we are supposed to believe Hussein really earned 18,000,000 primary votes? The Freedom Brothers don’t think so. This is obvious electioneering.

Many reports have cited a not-so-well-known fact that alleges B. Hussein got on stage that somber week of 9/11 and screamed “G-d Damn America” in unison with his racist mentor, whom he has learned everything from. Another reputable attack alleges Hussein and Wright screamed “G-d Damn America” in rounds, with Hussein saying “G-d” as Wright screamed “Damn.” We understand these facts may be disturbing, but they are true, and we only give them to you because we fear for our country.

It’s no surprise that Liberal Fasism – or, “Fascism” – seek to take our children from us. Remember, it was the liberal-minded Herod who sought to kill Jesus Christ, and wiped out an entire village of first-born children to do so. It was liberal fascist Ghandi who refused his wife being administered a cure for her life-ending disease because, he pretended, it was against his religion. And it was Bill Clinton’s Wife’s Husband who struck his veto pen to bills like a dagger to the heart whenever heroic Republican anti-infanticide legislation came to his desk.

But the liberals now see that the American people are against eugenicism just as Republicans are. So democrats have taken the pesky Italian circa 1943 approach – “If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em” – and are brainwashing those children whom they only wish could have been sucked from the womb with a vacuum cleaner.

Every time we allow liberals to speak, lie, they come closer to power. They’ve been murdering Our Children for a millennia, and this may be our last chance to stop them. Eugenic theory, war zonian wombs, Hitlerian “Super Men” – it’s all borne of the same gospel. Liberals believe white, prosperous people are less than human, and they will always act under the guise of “social change” and “hope” to treat them as such. They will take away your rights, they will tax you into government projects, and they will destroy Our Economy by giving home loans to poor minorities instead of prosperous white men. They want you to be dependent on them. That way, you’ll have no choice but to accept whatever slime they shove down your throat, whatever microchips they forceably implant in your wrists.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Clinton's Wife Supporters -- Now Obliged To Support McCain

Let there be no doubt. Former supporters of Bill Clinton’s wife are now obligated to vote for Future President McCain. If not for America, then for yourself.

B. Hussein Obama could have chosen your hero, a woman whose experience as first lady you trusted, for his running mate. A woman who was brought down in the polls by liberal media sexism and B. Hussein domination. You felt every lash to her back. You cried as she cried, over your hot stove and radioactive microwaves. Her pain was yours.

Yet, instead, he chose a blowhard loudmouth from a tiny liberal state, where genocidal abortion clinics are as accessible and rampant as children’s candy shops. Biden and his ilk are often seen out back eugenic clinics, laughing as once soulful children’s carcai are tossed into a bloody dumpster where, according to Joe Biden and his shameful spawn Beau, “they belong.”

Future President John McCain (a family man), on the other hand, chose hockey momming, terrorist-killing, pork barrel eliminating Sarah Palin. A woman with a man's rationale. Her decision to raise five children and a soon-to-be grandchild (Congratulations Sarah and Bristol! Love, The Freedom Brothers) shows her tenacity in the face of danger. Her daughter, whose future husband loves her without doubt, will be a beacon of hope to every young woman in America, once Future-Vice President Palin is sworn in. The miracle pregnancy was God’s will. You have an obligation to support her.

Sarah Palin has been the Commander-in-Chief of Our Nation’s largest state’s superbly acting, active Alaska National Guard and she overseas its operations. She has gone eye-to-eye with Putin, whose home across the Baltic has been sufficiently stomped by her leadership (as is evidenced by his military’s soon-defeat by Our Ally, Georgia’s, naval forces). Her foreign policy experience and executive leadership outranks that of B. Hussein Obama and Joey Biden put together, by degrees not seen since Reagan waxed his pick-up with our Worst President, “Doll House” Jimmy Carter.

In the prophetic words of Herb Dennenberg this morning in The Bulletin, Philadelphia’s Family Newspaper, “the biased, slime merchants at the New York Times, the Philadelphia Inquirer and the rest of the mainstream media have spent more time vetting and investigating the 17-year old pregnant daughter of Sarah Palin then they have investigating Sen. Barack Obama.”

The media, B. Hussein (and his hate campaign), Joey Biden, PBR, and the rest of the dopers in Washington know they have a problem with Palin, who, former Clinton’s wife supporters, you will now cherish and call one of your own. Otherwise you are hypocrites.

She is pro-life, even in the cases of rape and incest, which are less than .01% of all abortions in red states. She graduated from the blue collared University of Idaho, not an elitist ornament to radicalism, such as Harvard University, where B. Hussein went. She was a governor, not a “community organizer” – an occupation that B. Hussein, according to heroic Mayor Rudy Giuliani, created out of thin air.

Let’s be clear about one thing, Clinton’s wife supporters. The Freedom Brothers have never – never – criticized Bill Clinton’s wife in a way that wasn’t fair to her, or to you. We supported many of her stances as they pertained to a veto-proof Republican majority. We, like most woman-supporting Republicans, have always been on your side. It’s time you join ours.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Governor Palin Unleashes Her Man Within

Americans from sea to shining sea smiled last night as Former Beauty Queen, Current Alaskan Governor, and Future First Female Vice-President Sarah Palin laid waste to her enemies in the democrat party on the second night of the 2008 Republican National Convention. While the esteemed nominee for Vice President is generally given the privilege of speaking on the third and penultimate night of the event, Future President John McCain graciously chose to effectively cancel the first night’s celebration, and instead spend the night bowed in holy prayer as the Republican citizens of the Gulf Coast were terrorized by Hurricane Gustav.

As last night’s festivities began, Mrs. Palin’s fisherman-husband cradled their disabled child. In a nod to Baby Finley, a loving Levi Johnston stood like a man beside his impregnated fiancé, Bristol, manning up to his mistake and making the promise to be the father that B. Hussein Obama’s never was. John McCain bet Mrs. Palin’s beloved first-born son Track fifty dollars that upon the latter's deployment to the Front Lines later this month, he wouldn't succeed in deep-sixing as many of America’s enemies as the Senator did before his brutal incarceration by the Viet Cong.

Rudy Giuliani, best known for saving New York on 9/11 (Never Forget), got the party started by firing up the crowd. Speaking the views of virtually all Americans, he began a “Drill baby drill!” chant, affirming that if John McCain is President, he will burn every inch of American wilderness to the ground before giving another penny to the Islamic world. He proceeded to introduce America’s next Beauty Queen Vice President.

Mrs. Palin turned gender stereotypes upside down as she abused B. Hussein Obama for almost a half hour. She triumphantly accepted her nomination to the cheers of thousands. Hillary Clinton dove for cover as jagged shards of the glass ceiling rained down upon her.

She mocked B. Hussein’s embrace of the sham-global warming movement, screaming to a cheering crowd, "When the stadium lights go out, and those Styrofoam Greek columns are hauled back to some studio lot, what exactly is our opponent's plan? What does he actually seek to accomplish, after he's done turning back the waters and healing the planet?" She pointed out that “[America’s first Black Muslim Presidential Candidate] is a man who can give an entire speech about the wars America is fighting, and never use the word ‘victory’ except when he's talking about his own campaign.” She emphasized that B. Hussein Obama wants “to [break the back of an innocent] America [under attack by] a dangerous world.” She insinuated that he hopes to see her beloved son on a grainy home video, kneeling without hope at the feet of a bloodthirsty Islamic terrorist.

She went on to smash Joe Biden, the business-as-usual Washington insider who went from decrying the thought of a Hussein presidency, to beaming with glee as the man mouth-kissed his wife on national TV. Biden, who has never owned a penny that wasn’t stolen from the pocket of a hardworking America, has never pulled a trigger for his country.

Sensing the end of the speech approaching, the crowd hushed, solemnly awaiting Mrs. Palin’s last words. They did not disappoint.

“God bless America.”

Mrs. Palin: Let The Grizz speak for America. “May God bless you. Let Freedom Ring.”

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Editorial: An Appeal to Supporters of Clinton's Wife

Please let Freedom Eagle editorialize for a moment.

I am writing to you, Socialist housewives, single mothers, and trans-sexuals of the democrat party. The Freedom Brothers feel for you. We do. We know you believed Bill Clinton’s wife was your greatest hope to reclaim the American dream. She represented, for you, not necessarily someone of values (as she is a baby killer who wants Iraqis to kill each other once she cut-and-ran from Iraq), but a chance for all women’s voices to be heard.

For you, she was a leader. Your shameful dream.

But B. Hussein hurt her. Dominated her. And by extension, you. That’s why The Freedom Brothers invite the socialist and radical thinkers of the pathetic democrat party to support a winner for a change. To support Future-President McCain.

Lots of democrats will be supporting McCain this year. You won’t be alone. And truth-seekers and tellers like The Freedom Brothers will be supporting his campaign and its anti-socialist, anti-gay marriage platform, opposing the anarchistic rantings of one B. Hussein, who hates you.

While we don’t agree with the hate-thinkers who mistakenly voted for Bill Clinton’s wife in the primaries, or supported her through occult worship or some other such Satanic practice, we believe Future-President McCain would be your best choice. He was a POW. He suffered for five-and-a-half years so you could practice free speech, open-mouth kiss your trans-gendered boy/girlfriend, and burn the flag at will, all of which have become national past-times of the hate-America-first crowd.

Won’t you join us?

Future-President McCain will ban all abortions, no matter what, because life begins at conception. Don’t you believe this would set a good example for you? Wouldn’t a proven-leader like the Future President convince you that after your human harvesting killing of innocent children with souls, 15-16 infanticidal procedures throughout your teenage years was enough?

Future-President McCain will stay in Iraq as long as it takes. Don’t you believe this sort of persistence will show your children (once abortions are made illegal and you can have them) what persistence truly means? That even if they are tapped out of resources, it pays to continue until the job is done? Don’t you believe the family values set forth here are priceless? We know you’ll be with us, libertines.

The Future-President will continue Our President-President Bush’s tax cuts for the wealthiest 2 percent so their economic benefits can trickle down to you, and maybe – just maybe – you’ll discontinue your government handouts and get a real job.

Future-President McCain is an honest, God-fearing, terrorist-killing, gay-adoption smashing, Saddam Hussein-hanging, Old Glory raising, Viet Cong mutilating, hippie punching, beer swilling, Sean Hannity listening, pickup-truck driving, homosexual hating, infant cuddling, campfire making, factory working, banjo strumming, bin Laden eye-gouging, Reagan hand-shaking, white man. He’s what you strive to be. He wants to help you change your atheistic, America-hating ways. That is, if you choose to embrace him. Embrace him.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Michelle Obama, Hatist

If you were unfortunate enough to see the democrat hate convention tonight, a pompous ornament to stupidity, aimed at the racists, fraudulent cowards, and Clintonistas still finding homes in the deep, dark crevices of what some might call “blue states,” then you realize why Freedom Eagle fears for his country’s safety.

Michelle Obama, the anti-American “wife” of our future presidential-aspirational loser psychopath, who once said she hated her country with an utmost regard until her husband started brainwashing its citizens, spoke tonight. She told an audience of blowhards how much she still hates her country. The basis of her speech spoke of how America isn’t good enough. She said she wants to change our already perfect union into a socialist utopia of public homosexualization and on-demand abortion.

“All of us driven by a simple belief that the [democratic, just, peace-loving] world [where the United States, the last beacon of hope to bring humanistic liberation and freedom to other countries, such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Nicaragua, Korea, Vietnam, etc.] as it is just won't do — that we have an obligation to fight for the [socialist, Darwinistic, baby Finley killing] world as it should be,” she vomited on stage to the cries of weasely libertine suburbanite out-of-touchers.

Stalin couldn’t have said it any better, Michelle.

Michelle and her supposed husband are putting our country at grave risk, simply by giving their radical speeches, while a few tree-huggers still doped up on LSD and other college students who hate their parents decide to agree.

Jerome Corsi, PhD was right that we should question when B. Hussein Obama stopped using drugs. Or if he ever did. We can’t have our president in the oval office, while heat-seeking Soviet or Communist Chinese missiles scream over the Pacific toward Los Angeles or Portland, attacking his case of the munchies, watching a bean burrito slowly spin in his White House microwave for a minute-and-a-half, in between presidential bong hits and late-night body shots from prostitutes left over from Bill Clinton's eight embarrassing years.

By then it’ll be too late.

We can’t have a president who shunned General David Petraeus – National Review Man Of The Year, and recipient of the Defense Distinguished Service Medal, Distinguished Service Medal, Defense Superior Service Medal, Legion of Merit, and Bronze Star – and instead picked Slum-Scum Joe Biden to be his Vice Presidential candidated sucker. Or, in the prophetic words of possible Future-Vice President Tim Pawlenty (R-MN), after saying that B. Hussein should have picked Petraeus, praised the good General as "an outstanding leader and somebody who would better represent the mainstream of the country."

It is fairly obvious now, to most Americans, that the Ron Paul-Nancy Pelosi-Ward Churchill-David Icke-Barack Obama wing of the radical left are out for blood. They have learned from years of studying Mao and Ho Chi Minh what it means to “revolutionize” a country into third world poverty, devoid of a sacred, higher power, or the right to make one’s opinion heard. That’s why they try to censor The Freedom Brothers. That's why they've turned the womb into a war zone. And that’s why they tried to stop a Republican congress from voting to authorize War against Japan and Germany back in ’41, and from 2003-2008 choked over 4,000 American troops to death by opposing their sacrifices in Iraq, and pom-pomming the terrorists and other extremist elements of Iraq responsible for 9/11.

We can’t let them do it again.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Edwards: My Wife Means Nothing To Me

I hope there’s still room under B. Hussein Obama’s bus.

Move over, America-hating Reverends, radical Muslim clerics, and money laundering scumbags, John Edwards, the wild eyed socialist human oddity found time during his fraudulent campaign to impersonate Bill Clinton’s Wife’s Husband and treat his cancer-stricken wife like a toilet bowl.

The Reputable National Enquirer, who heroically, prophetically followed the Clinton impeachment/Monica Lewinsky blue dress story in the late 90s has exposed the Blame America first Edwards for his democrat adulterous ways. No wonder he wanted to be president. He was trying to following the footsteps of disgraced losers like Teddy Kennedy, Gary Hart, Frathouse John Kerry, Bill Clinton’s wife’s husband, and the liberals’ favorite dead loser, JFK.

Republicans push family values for a reason.

“Can you believe this guy, Edwards?” The Grizz said to me on Friday night, while we sipped cold beers in front of his fire pit, while our strapping young sons played tag and lit fireworks with the neighborhood kids.

“Yes. I believe it wholeheartedly,” I said. “Liberals stand for breaking up the family, and when they can’t do it, they try to blame honest, freedom-loving, straight Republicans like the Honorable Senator Larry Craig and the terrorist-killing family man David Vitter.”

“I guess you’re right. You can’t blame Edwards for hypocrisy. He represents the party of homosexuals, transgenders, and illegal communistic immigrants, who recently opened up a new front in the war on gender. Not being faithful to your wife has basically become a pre-requisite to becoming a dem presidential candidate.”

I took a sip and stared up at the moon, knowing full and well that an American flag still waves in her sand. I sipped my Coors Original glass bottle, an American beer.

Now that Edwards has been exposed, the “anointed One,” not-ready-to-lead B. Hussein will inevitably deny him the right to talk at the democrat convention, even though he now represents democrats more than ever. He represents the Darwinistic sect that throws their illness-grieved “Loved” ones overboard when something looser, dirtier, and easier comes around. And none of this will change under a laughable B. Hussein presidency. Most honorable Americans saw during his “Extra” interview the derision in his eyes while he let his children take time out of submitting to his Muslim extremism and talk about how much their father neglects them.

The only positive that can be taken out of this affair is that Edwards’ whorifying mistress didn’t give in to his repeated attempts and pressure, likely by Edwards himself, to commit infanticide of their love child, under the threat of a mob killing that Edwards’ boys would have made look like a “suicide.”

B. Hussein, we know you want to break up the family the way Edwards broke his wife’s weak heart and flushed it like cockied paper. Shame on you both. The Freedom Brothers are pissed, and we won’t stand for it anymore.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

What is America?

Freedom isn't free.

The Freedom Brothers respectfully ask all Americans to remember what America means on this most solemn of holidays: July 4th; the anniversary of Our Independence. Let The Grizz share with you what America is to him.

America is a Ford Expedition, barreling down the desert highway at sixty-five miles per hour.

America is the look on The Terrorist’s face as he stares up at the scorching Cuban sun from his 5’ x 5’ barbed wire and cement prison cell, beseeching his god to set him free.

America is the point where the marshmallow and chocolate melt together over your graham cracker.

America is a New York City Firefighter. 9/11. Never forget.

America is Brett Favre, Jeff Foxworthy and Pat Tillman. Babe Ruth, Charlie Chaplan, and Scott Beamer. Dale Earnhardt, George Patton, George Bush.

America is the grizzled factory worker, pulling a double down at the plant.

America is a blood-drenched Marine raising Old Glory over a Pacific black-sand isle.

America is a cold beer on a hot afternoon.

America is your friends.

Your family.


We love this country for spacious skies, for amber waves of grain, for purple mountains majesty above the all the fruited plains.

We love this country for the plentiful resources, the clean rivers, the deserts and the open seas.

We love this country for the football, the good cars, the Christianity, the beef.

Barack Hussein Obama stood in front of his “church” and yelled “God damn America!”

You know what the Freedom Brothers say? Not "God damn America."

God bless America.

God bless this country.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Freedom. God. Family.

On Friday, after the yearly initial sense of euphoria, Freedom Eagle will settle down and grasp what July 4th truly means to him.

My son, the pride of my life, hangs our American flag outside each and every morning. Though only 10 years old, he already aspires to join the Marines when he is legally able and would never subject himself to the sludged liberal halls of an American university full of new dealers. Calvin came up to me this afternoon, and he asked: “Why do some people not celebrate the Fourth, Dad?”

“Because, son,” I said, “they’re brats, traitors, and treasonous. They hate America and all She stands for.”

“Shame on them,” he said.


This is what liberals stand for: Change from the good, false hope, and shame. They are ashamed of their Country. The country that has provided them with the freedom to hate it so. The Freedom to love whom they will (could they feel love) and the freedom to vote for Future President McCain (who, on January 20th, 2009, will follow in the footsteps of the Mighty George W. Bush.)

The Freedom to get their news from MTV and Comedy Central, which they take for credible.

This July 4th, with our brave troops overseas, with our warrior president sitting in the White House, praying for their safe return, Freedom Eagle, unfortunately, will feel at least some sense of shame. I am ashamed to share the same ground with the liberal movement who hate America and believe George Bush blew up the twin towers with a remote control joystick and actually planted bombs on the 70th floor the night before. I am ashamed of the cowardly Paultards and their brethren. The ones who call themselves conservatives when they are really just vegetable-sucking psychopaths fantasizing about cupping Ron Paul’s testes.

I will eat my medium-grilled burgers this July 4. I will throw a ball with my son. I will listen to American hero Tim McGraw shred some good old country music and Tom Petty’s American hit “American Girl.” I will close my eyes and dream of the skin melting off cowardly Viet Cong “soldiers” as John McCain napalms their terrorist-inflated villages and I’ll imagine the liberal socialist Adolf Hitler sucking down a bullet while listening to his army getting bulldozed 50 feet above his own demise.

I will think of Saddam Hussein, a Hitlerian figure, heroically hung by Free Iraqis in the name of honor and justice and Freedom.

Freedom and Honor.

B. Hussein, a future nominated loser, will awake to a terrible reality on November 5th. And while he cries, wiping his tears with the Koran he took his oath of office on, he will look up at the American flag and scream at Old Glory: “I hate you.”

Sunday, June 22, 2008

B. Hussein's Dream Is A Muslim America

When B. Hussein Obama said America is “no longer a Christian nation” he knifed you in the back with one hand, and choked your throat with the other.

B. Hussein, already a known terrorist sympathizer and secret Muslim, made the claim in 2007, which has only recently been circulating on Internet blogs and reputable, independent websites such as World Net Daily and

B. Hussein already showers the United States with daily hail storms of slime and sludge when he makes his anti-American statements, but the idea that B. Hussein intends to secularize Our Country the same way the Soviet Union was disbanded in the early 90s makes the Freedom Brothers pissed. And we’re not going to take it anymore.

Why does Hussein and his wild-eyed, extremist hate campaign want America to be a nation of Muslims?

"Whatever we once were,” spewed Hussein, “we're no longer a Christian nation. At least not just. We are…a Muslim nation…and a nation of nonbelievers."

If proud, brave Americans needed any more reason not to vote for this radical Marxist, The Freedom Brothers believe this may be it. B. Hussein intends on declaring a fascist jihad against the people of the United States. He won’t take no for an answer.

When B. Hussein began his hate campaign, Freedom Eagle couldn’t help but to laugh for hours on end, barely imagining any radical Muslim with no experience in government could possibly be made a president. But when he forced Bill Clinton’s wife to submit to him, I started to feel afraid – for my dear country and Her majesty.

Nothing about the potential of a Hussein presidency makes us do anything but recoil in horror. He has brainwashed Our Children. (Freedom Eagle’s stapping young boy hasn’t succumbed to Hussein’s mind control. Little Calvin wears his Future-President McCain T-shirt to camp these days. He wears it with honor.) Why does B. Hussein want to surrender in Iraq, you may ask? Because he agrees with the terrorists. They are his brothers and sisters. He attends madrassa with them.

He bathes with them.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

McCain: “The Eradication of Iran Isn’t the Only Use for America’s Nuclear Energy”

The Amount of Energy it Takes to Do This to Tehran Could Power Your Home for Three Hundred Eons

Reminding some Vietnamese that he doesn’t exist only in flashbacks to the worst moment of their life, Future President of the United States of America John McCain today deep-sixed one of the most treasured platforms of the democrat movement: that Republicans don’t love the planet that God created and handed over for them to steward. The New York Times is reporting that John McCain will oversee the building of 45 new nuclear reactors, which will harness the white-hot power of radiation and enable Americans unrestricted energy use from now till Kingdom Come.

Hero McCain pointed out that “[Our enemies in] China, Russia and India are all planning to build more than a hundred new power plants among them in the coming decades,” and no American is willing to come in second to the impoverished citizens of these respectively Maoist, Stalinist, and Polytheistic nations. Challenging democrats, foreigners and other doubters, McCain affirmed, “Hell, the United States [of America] is more than equal to the challenge.” Later, when asked off the record just how much more, he replied: “Hundreds, probably thousands of times.”

In response to McCain’s enlightened proposal, Daniel J. Weiss, the liar heading the "global warming" program at the Center for American Progress Action Fund (a liberal research group) claimed that, “Wall Street won’t invest in these plants because they are too expensive and unreliable, so Senator McCain wants to shower the nuclear industry with billions of dollars of taxpayer handouts.” Overextending his feeble intellect to come up with this slanderous perjure, Weiss left several holes in his argument.
Let the Freedom Brothers point them out to you.
  1. Wall Street can’t invest in these plants, because it was left bankrupt by years of economic management under the regime of Bill Clinton’s Wife’s Husband.
  2. democrats would indeed consider these billions of dollars to be wrongfully spent were they to go to warming freezing American families through the winter, instead of funding a bloated, inefficient government.
  3. It’s a proven fact that (when not operated by Russians) nuclear power plants provide the safest, most efficient energy, and would thus leave American citizens happy and comfortable – the state in which they’re least likely to vote democrat.

Don’t let the liberals lie. Each time they do, they come closer to power.

Don’t let the Communists win. Our Troops didn't die in Korea, Vietnam and Grenada so you could let them down.

Vote for John McCain in November 2008. He suffered for you.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Disgraced Hypocrite Uses 232 Houses Worth Of Energy

He’s at it again.

It seems like Disgraced Former Unelected Vice-President Al Gore has been keeping on all the lights in his mansion, in between trips to and from his own private airport in his limousine.

The Tennessee Center for Policy Research, an unbiased, nonprofit, and independent research organization relating to free market and media issues in Tennessee has recently reported that Al “I created the internet” Gore’s personal energy consumption is up 10 percent, and could have powered 232 U.S. homes for a month.

He still wants you to stop driving your SUVs to and from your kid’s soccer practice. Does he hate children? He’s still swapping tongues with his zombified wife while they run the blender without any ice or milk in it.

In the past year, Gore’s home burned through 213,210 kilowatt-hours. We’re disgusted. Not because we care about energy use. Lord knows Freedom Eagle sits back with a cold one after a long day of his blue collared work, and views Bill O’Reilly, then Sean Hannity shove liberals’ faces into the dirt until they cry uncle.

On my Kenmore refrigerator, my strapping son has magneted a "Wanted" poster of Osama bin Laden.

No, I’m not mad that Al Gore (who this week endorsed fellow muslim marxist B. Hussein Obama) is using energy. That's what it's for. He should just keep his mouth shut about my energy usage. Because by not practicing what he preaches, he's practicing fascism. God put energy on the planet for a reason. He asks us to use it, just as he asks us to use His oil, albeit across the vast ocean.

Al Gore slimes our troops because he hates them, he smears George W. Bush for beating him in a landslide in 2000, and he hates you for poking fun at his nerded life.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Illegal Elian

Could we have ended it here?

When told the name Elian Gonzalez, two memories enter the mind of most Americans. The first is of the precious wide-eyed youngster being delivered by a loving God to an open-armed America. The second is of serial-rapist Bill Clinton’s Wife’s Husband denying that God, and returning the screaming child back to his communist allies in Cuba at gunpoint. Just last week, Freedomites from sea-to-shining-sea were horror-struck to learn that the Clinton’s dream had been realized: a brain-washed Elian has joined Fidel Castro in Stalinism.

This announcement comes at the perfect moment for the Clinton Crime Mob, who has been feeling a little down lately since their matriarch was defeated worse than a trench-load of screaming North Vietnamese on the receiving end of a John McCain launched rocket barrage. The Grizz can only assume that the Clintons are throwing a decadent Cuban-themed fiesta at their secluded Chappaqua mansion in celebration.

According to CBS News, Juventud Rebelde, the mouthpiece of Castro’s Terrorist regime, has quoted the pubescent revolutionary as promising “he would never let down ex-President Fidel Castro or his brother, Raul.” He hasn’t yet, however, confirmed or denied whether he will be campaigning for America’s first Islamic presidential candidate, Barack Hussein Obama, in the coming months.

The Freedom Brothers are sad to learn that little Elian Gonzalez, who, at the time of publication, should be drilling in a South Floridian gymnasium with the Junior ROTC, is now their enemy, and will most likely need to be killed by his former classmates. While Freedom Eagle and The Grizz don’t love war, they hate their adversaries with a hatred deep and true.
Elian Gonzalez – bring it on.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Gore Vidal Hates Future-President, America

Homosexual hypocrite Gore Vidal, a self-proclaimed historian, told The New York Times Magazine that Future-President McCain is not a war hero.

Vidal has once again proven that Immanuel Kant’s assertion that human beings are “rational animals” is sludged by the left wing of American politics.

Vidal also baselessly claimed that it would take “one-hundred years” for the United States to repair the “damage” caused by the Bush administration.

(Bush Administration “Damage”: Killing terrorists, restoring dignity to the White House, saving America from Kerry-Gore socialism, stopping more 9/11s, saving America from a AIDS-induced homosexual takeover, etc.)

When the interviewer asked Vidal about McCain’s heroic credentials as a P.O.W. in North Vietnam, Vidal answered: “He tells us he was [a heroic prisoner who suffered beatings and solitary confinement to preserve freedom to America and her allies whilst the black muslims and long-haired radicals back in America spit on McCain’s legacy and wished for his death.]”

When asked by the baffled interviewer why he would doubt the heroic Future-President, Vidal answered: “I know a lot of the Annapolis breed. Remember, I’m West Point, where I was born. My father went there.”

Vidal, while sharing the infected blood of the Gore family (and Disgraced Former Unelected Vice-President Al Gore), is a member of World Can’t Wait, which is, in the prophetic words of Little Green Footballs, a “lunatic left wing hate group [which includes] a who’s who of radical leftists, terrorist supporters, and antisemites.”

It truly astonishes the Freedom Brothers that anyone with (conceivably) a brain can believe, as Vidal does, that Our Future President is a “disaster” and not a heroic, adult, intelligent, Viet-Cong killing, family-oriented, terrorist fear-invoking, freedom-loving, barbeque-enjoying, conservative hero.

Truly astonishing.

Illegal Mexicans Terrorize American Animals

A Common Scene Greeting Hardworking Americans as They Drive Past Their Local Welfare Office

Andale! Andale!

The liberal propaganda-mongers up at the New York Times are reporting that the newest victims of the Latin Invasion are the same harmless beings that serve their country by filling the empty stomachs of its carnivorous human population. Reportedly, Mexicans are swarming like locusts to charreadas, events unlike the family-style celebration of American roots and culture that is The Rodeo, in which animals are subjected to barbarous torture the likes of which even Former P.O.W., Current War Hero and Future President of the U.S.A. John McCain was spared by his evil-to-the-core Viet Cong adversaries.

Some of the horrific acts of violence on display at the charreadas include steer-tailing and horse-tripping, which can result in terrible injuries to our valued bovine and equine citizens. Even as the animals cry out in pain, drunken Mexicans squeal with glee at their misfortune. The reporter from The Times even has a man named Marcos on the record, shouting, “We live for this!”

These beasts have and want to fulfill their responsibility, but are unable to because of their sweat-stained antagonists. Instead of undergoing a beautiful metamorphosis from larval stage (life) to butterfly (New York Strip Steak), they are condemned by The Mexicans to suffer in the dirt.

The Grizz has had it up to here.

When is the burrito bonanza going to stop? When will those who hate us leave our creatures and our jobs in peace? When will they see that Americans don’t move into foreign countries, snuffing out life, breaking laws, stealing livelihoods and depriving others of their God-given resources.

The Freedom Brothers are calling for a boycott of all Mexicans until the charreadas are closed and The Illegals return to their hive. The Grizz is disappointed to have to fire his cleaning lady, but he’s heard that Bill Clinton’s nightmare-living Wife is looking for a job.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Fear And Loathing Inside The Head Of Colin Powell

On February 5, 2003, Colin Powell admirably served his country, and the earth, by arguing, correctly so, that Saddam Hussein was storing weapons of mass destruction (WMD) in Iraq.

Throughout President Bush’s first brave, terrorist-killing term, Powell served with honor and it is true that the Humanitarian Liberation of Iraq (HLI) could not have been accomplished as honorably and with such determination as has been done were it not for his help in selling the war to eager buyers in the United Nations.

The people thanked him for his humanitarian efforts, Americans praised him. Hell, The Freedom Brothers toasted a cold one for him just last week at our combined family BBQ, where we ate burgers, hot dogs, steak, and Freedom Fries.

Now I’m humiliated.

Today, Powell, former HLI supporter, admitted to a small crowd that he has not ruled out voting for B. Hussein.

B. Hussein has ties to terrorism. B. Hussein is a Muslim. B. Hussein is a democrat. He hates The Flag and won't pledge allegiance to it.

And Colin Powell is considering voting for this man? Freedom Eagle has come to the conclusion that Powell’s journey through anti-Constitutional amendment "Affirmative Action" as a child has finally got the best of him. Mr. Powell, you are a racist.

Of B. Hussein and Future-President McCain, Powell vomited: “Both of them certainly have the qualifications to be president of the United States, but both of them cannot be.”

Powell, the bigoted racist (PBR) also has claimed as of late that the United States and her admirable, Freedom-loving and giving troops should pull out of the HLI.

PBR, you are a coward.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Obama Releases Fake Birth Certificate

After initial and repeated refusal, the Hussein campaign has allegedly released B. Hussein Obama's 'Birth Certificate.' 

Not to be outdone by the hatists on his website, Hussein gave this likely fabricated piece of trash to the editor of anti-Semitic, 9/11 Truth, Larouche-loving, bin Laden-cuddling, Jimmy Carter impersonating hate site DailyKos, Markos Moulitsas.

Moulitsas is most well-known for saying "Screw Them" when told that brave Americans had been killed, burned, and their charred bodies hung in Iraq. He is a typical America hater and trivializes everything our troops do.

In his "article" Moulitsas says he got the certificate directly from the Hussein hate campaign, which means they are obviously friendly. Give it a couple days before B. Hussein Obama throws Markos under the bus and cuts all ties, as he did with his dear reverend, Jim Johnson, and his daughters.

As peace, anti-terror website Little Green Footballs notes of the document, it is a fraud as a "certification of birth" is not a "Birth Certificate." The Hussein camp thinks that you are all idiots.

The truth is, B. Hussein has proven nothing and will not be our next president because he was not born in the United States. His father was a radical Muslim, killed himself while driving drunk, and would have suicide bombed a Kenyan Christian church anyway.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Paultards To Celebrate Filth, Hate

On September 2, 2008, most patriotic Americans will be celebrating the anniversary of the end of World War II combat in the Pacific Theater. For it was on this day in 1945 that the final official surrender of Japan was accepted aboard the battleship USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay.

Others, or maybe those patriots will overlap in this celebration, will commemorate Union troops seizing Atlanta, Georgia in 1864, during the American Civil War, the only war in history in which both sides were equally honorable.

Freedom Eagle is afraid to inform you that a few marginalized, radical members of our society will be celebrating neither event. Instead, they will be drugging alongside 11,000 Paultards at Ron Paul’s “mini-convention” in Minnesota.

Try not to vomit.

A Paul campaign aide told The Pittsburgh Tribune Review that the Texas “congressman,” 9/11 Truther, and anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist hopes to pack some of his anti-American supporters into the Williams Arena at the University of Minnesota, coinciding with the second day of the Republican Convention, in which honorable, brave Americans will celebrate the Future-Presidency of Future-President McCain.

The Paul “Campaign” said they hope to “send a message to the Republican Party.”

No message can be sent from a few insane drug addicts who seek to send America back to its 18th Century depression and surrender in Iraq. We believe Ron Paul and his supporters are almost as bad as democrats. They are not worse because Paultards are honest about wanting to lose in Iraq. democrats make up fake names for surrender, like “phased withdrawal” and “three-state solution.” The only solution to the Iraq War is destruction of the enemy.

Ron Paul believes your president planned 9/11 and carried it out using a remote control joystick. He has said he believes such on several occasions. He has been the little spoon to American simpletons like Alex Jones, the head of the 9/11 Truth movement, and embraced him as a son. Both believe 9/11 was “executed” by President Bush in order to bog America down in a never-ending war so American corporations can make more money, an idea so ridiculous, it boggles Freedom Eagle’s mind that Lyndon LaRouche hasn’t yet been seen burrowing out of his underground tunnel (like a Viet Cong scumbag), and ending his long journey in Paul’s overgrown back yard to embrace Paul with a big wet homosexual kiss.

Ron Paul believes an “Illuminati” theory of American and other world leaders, in which the idea of men mating with lizards, creating “Reptilian Humanoid” spawn is considered reasonable. He has held anti-American/British forums with David Icke.

Again, the only thing Freedom Eagle respects more about Ron Paul more than the democrats is that at least he believes his own filth. He’s a psycho path. He hates your American troops and believes they are not heroes.

democrats are simply pandering cowards.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Communists Open New Front in War on Gender

Communism is Gay

Freedom Lovers dwelling all across America’s purple mountain majesty are reacting with revulsion and fury to reports that Cuba, domain of three-quarters-dead tyrant Fidel Castro, will be sending in hundreds of citizens for the dual castration and hormone engineering process sometimes referred to as “gender reassignment therapy”. Warm-welcomed Cuban refugees to the United States took the silence of the communistic nation’s socialist celebrants in the democrat party as a hateful slap in the face, further cementing their allegiance to the Party of War Hero John McCain – the Republican party.

The Trustworthy Encyclopedia, Conservapedia, points out that there is a widely identified link between transexualism – the lifestyle lived by a sufferer of “gender identity disorder” - and homosexualism.

In the United States, the government takes steps to encourage its population to live healthier, more heterosexual lives. In the third to last international communist stronghold (the other two being Maoist China and Illist North Korea) they encourage these personal depravities.

Luckily, Americans’ hatred of Cubans will serve to better their own country, and remind them of what happens when liberals are allowed to turn entire countries into their own personal amusement parks. Rest assured, if anti-, un- and, according to recent reports, possibly non-American B. Hussein Obama takes over America, he’ll be handing out adoptive children to homosexuals with his left hand, and grabbing your self-defense mechanism with his right.

Maryland Schools Cave To Jihad

Fox News (We Report. You Decide.) reports that Maryland middle and high school students are being raped by the political correctness sect of the ACLU, and other liberal, elitist organizations who seek to stupidize the would-be well-informed.

A textbook monitoring group says middle and high school students from Maryland will be required to read a “dumbed down” version of radical Islamic teachings as part of its new policy.

Jihad. Sharia Law. Suicide Bombings. 72 Virgins. The Truth About Islam.


Terms have been “adjusted,” according to Gilbert Sewall, a coward who gave into pro-Islamic groups who have been rumored to fund terrorism and kill American soldiers who seek to guarantee Sewall his freedom, such as CAIR.

Sewall, along with other hatists like Keith Olbermann and Teddy Kennedy, are responsible for terrorism against the United States and her allies.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Infant To Human Harvesters: "I Want To Live"

The human harvesters weren’t expecting this kid.

Jodie Percival, a liberal who believes human life is equal to that of rotten fruit, said she and her fiancé, also a sick man whose sole intention in life seems to be creating a Darwinian war-zonian womb, made the decision to abort her child, Finley, when she was eight weeks pregnant.

She claims the child was suffering from a kidney disease, though still in utero. And because her child had this curable disease, she felt it necessary to kill that child – a child with a soul.

But she wasn’t expecting God to intervene. Much to the dismay of democrats, Finley lives. And he’s pissed.

In order to understand the significance of this attempted murder, Freedom Eagle invites you on a journey through history.

Under Adolf Hitler, Nazi Germany had a number of social policies that placed the improvement of race on eugenics, making the policy the center of their concerns in order to create a pure society of Aryans. Anyone considered, in the words of Hitler, feeble-minded, idle, or weak, though clearly subjective terms, was deemed “unworthy of life.” More than 400,000 people were sterilized because of eugenic theory.

Hitler believed, while imprisoned and before be became dictator, that in order for Germany to become strong again, the state must apply the basic principals of racial hygiene he read about in Social Darwinian books. He came to think that World War I was lost because of infusion of degenerate elements into the German bloodstream, not because America kicked their Bratwurst-sucking asses.

Fast forward to June 5, 2008.

“I was on the [eugenically engineered] birth control pill when I became pregnant,” said Jodie Percival. “Deciding to terminate at eight weeks was just utterly horrible [since I let the parasite grow past the point of pink glob].”

Liberal Fascism has hit heights not seen since the liberal socialists came into power in Germany and Russia before World War II. While Republicans oppose the liberal idea of treating a child like a microscopic bacterial parasite in a war zone of anti-bacterial soap, Democrats embrace Hitler’s ideals.

Freedom Eagle remembers that FDR, though a Stalinist, was once looked at as a leader by Democrats. He was the last thing they had resembling a leader. Today, they choose to pleasure themselves to fetus-in-a-bucket internet videos and bestiality VHS tapes, since outlawed. However, the idea of liberalism means disobeying laws. If liberals can get their right hand on bestiality, they can get their left on KY jelly.