Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Michelle Obama, Hatist

If you were unfortunate enough to see the democrat hate convention tonight, a pompous ornament to stupidity, aimed at the racists, fraudulent cowards, and Clintonistas still finding homes in the deep, dark crevices of what some might call “blue states,” then you realize why Freedom Eagle fears for his country’s safety.

Michelle Obama, the anti-American “wife” of our future presidential-aspirational loser psychopath, who once said she hated her country with an utmost regard until her husband started brainwashing its citizens, spoke tonight. She told an audience of blowhards how much she still hates her country. The basis of her speech spoke of how America isn’t good enough. She said she wants to change our already perfect union into a socialist utopia of public homosexualization and on-demand abortion.

“All of us driven by a simple belief that the [democratic, just, peace-loving] world [where the United States, the last beacon of hope to bring humanistic liberation and freedom to other countries, such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Nicaragua, Korea, Vietnam, etc.] as it is just won't do — that we have an obligation to fight for the [socialist, Darwinistic, baby Finley killing] world as it should be,” she vomited on stage to the cries of weasely libertine suburbanite out-of-touchers.

Stalin couldn’t have said it any better, Michelle.

Michelle and her supposed husband are putting our country at grave risk, simply by giving their radical speeches, while a few tree-huggers still doped up on LSD and other college students who hate their parents decide to agree.

Jerome Corsi, PhD was right that we should question when B. Hussein Obama stopped using drugs. Or if he ever did. We can’t have our president in the oval office, while heat-seeking Soviet or Communist Chinese missiles scream over the Pacific toward Los Angeles or Portland, attacking his case of the munchies, watching a bean burrito slowly spin in his White House microwave for a minute-and-a-half, in between presidential bong hits and late-night body shots from prostitutes left over from Bill Clinton's eight embarrassing years.

By then it’ll be too late.

We can’t have a president who shunned General David Petraeus – National Review Man Of The Year, and recipient of the Defense Distinguished Service Medal, Distinguished Service Medal, Defense Superior Service Medal, Legion of Merit, and Bronze Star – and instead picked Slum-Scum Joe Biden to be his Vice Presidential candidated sucker. Or, in the prophetic words of possible Future-Vice President Tim Pawlenty (R-MN), after saying that B. Hussein should have picked Petraeus, praised the good General as "an outstanding leader and somebody who would better represent the mainstream of the country."

It is fairly obvious now, to most Americans, that the Ron Paul-Nancy Pelosi-Ward Churchill-David Icke-Barack Obama wing of the radical left are out for blood. They have learned from years of studying Mao and Ho Chi Minh what it means to “revolutionize” a country into third world poverty, devoid of a sacred, higher power, or the right to make one’s opinion heard. That’s why they try to censor The Freedom Brothers. That's why they've turned the womb into a war zone. And that’s why they tried to stop a Republican congress from voting to authorize War against Japan and Germany back in ’41, and from 2003-2008 choked over 4,000 American troops to death by opposing their sacrifices in Iraq, and pom-pomming the terrorists and other extremist elements of Iraq responsible for 9/11.

We can’t let them do it again.

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