Saturday, March 29, 2008

Bashar Assad Finally Gets It Right

Bashar Assad, squishy-faced president of Syria - the America of Evil - finally blurted out a truthful statement about Israel in between high-fives with other Terrorist Sponsors at today's Arab Summit in Damascus. "Jerusalem has rejected every peace initiative over the last 30 years... [The bastion of modernity, prosperity, equality and morality surrounded by destitute, uneducated masses operating with a Before Christ worldview] is exploiting the internal Palestinian divisions for its own benefit," he sniffled.

He's damn right it is.

Since its scorched-earth campaign and triumph over Arab aggressors in 1967, Israel has justifiably taken advantage of every one of its Enemies' weaknesses - lack of cohesion, lack of benevolent sponsors (such as The United States of America), and simple lack of intelligence. There is no reason that Israelis shouldn't be dancing the hora in the streets every time an Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade revolutionary turns a Hamas suicide bomber into ground pork before he can get shot while trying to cross the Security Wall. That bullet would have cost Israel a fraction of an agorot - a virtually infinite sum when compared to the completely unvalued life it has been dispatched to take.

Unfortunately, a large number of fellow Islamic Extremists weren't on premisis to witness Assad break the Truth barrier. Embarrassingly, the Summit was shunned by Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon's heads of state. The leaders of the former were too busy carrying out America's will in exchange for its generous protection of their heads, which would surely have been severed from their bodies were it not for their powerful benefactors. The Prime Minister of the latter was most likely assassinated on his way to the airport, and the Freedom Brothers can only hope that Hosni Mubarak and King Abdullah were occupied torturing Palestinian extremists in the dungeons of their respective citadels. Nuri al-Maliki obviously wasn't in attendance - as the Freedom Brothers reported earlier this week, he was too busy overseeing the complete liquidation of Mahdi Army forces in Free Basra, Iraq.

The Grizz applauds Heir Assad on his effort to bring a little Truth to the region - up until now, that was a commodity delivered to the people only in the form of bomblets dispersed by Israeli anti-personnel cluster munitions. Unfortunately, considering the mentality of the locals, the Truth hurts whether it comes in the form of a white-hot shard of metal, or in that unintelligible gurgle that is the Arabic language as it spews out from Bashar Assad's stupid face.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Patrick Leahy Tells Bill Clinton's Wife to Destroy Self for Sake of Party

"I'm sorry I betrayed you, son."
Patrick Leahy, a democrat senator from left-wing stoner bastion Vermont, has fueled speculation that Bill Clinton's Wife has an imminently scheduled shopping spree at Sacks Fifth Avenue by demanding today that she drop her Presidential bid immediately. While the Freedom Brothers have concluded that the pleasure of watching the complete implosion of the democrat party is more satisfying than an immediate cessation of Mrs. Clinton's career, any possible course of action on her part is good enough, considering the prolific thrashing that John McCain will definitely hand to B. Hussein Obama in November's general election.

Leahy told NPR, "There is no way that Senator Clinton is going to win enough delegates to get the nomination. She ought to withdraw, and she ought to be backing Senator Obama." He added that War Hero and Future-President McCain, "has been making one gaffe after another [and] is getting a free ride."

Are you referring to the ridicule Senator McCain has faced from the liberal media in response to his correct assertion that there is some heavy-petting going on between bin Laden and little man? Is it his working-man's explanation of the housing crisis? Is it his promise to benevolently shephard Free Iraq back from the Gates of Hell, even if it takes a century and five million Iraqi and - more importantly - American lives to do it?

Put down the joint Leahy.

John McCain has more knowledge and experience in the bump in his face than you have in your entire head. He picked this up the hard way: suffering for 1,889 days in a Viet Cong dungeon while you and Jerry Garcia were giving peace a chance at a San Francisco sit in. Unfortunately, the American people won't be fooled, regardless of whether Bill Clinton's Wife takes your advice or not. On November 4th, 2008, you'll be wiping the snot from Barack Obama's nose while the Freedom Brothers (responsibly) sip champagne in celebration of President John McCain's triumphant rise to the top.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Liberals Grab Axe of Justice Away from Neck of Condemned Cop Killer

On a blustery early December morning in 1981, a drug-addled black separatist named Mumia Abu-Jamal and his brother, William Cook, were pulled over for a routine traffic stop by Philadelphia Police Department officer Daniel Faulkner - an honest, hard-working American just trying to feed his family. Cook, who was under the influence, became agitated and was placed under arrest. As Faulkner led the criminal away, Abu-Jamal raised his pistol and shot him in the back like a coward.

Now, if the liberals of the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court in Philadelphia have their way, Abu-Jamal will be sitting on top of Faulkner's grave in his underwear, eating a banana split by July 4th. Apparently unconvinced by the plethora of physical and circumstantial evidence linking the barbarian to the crime, they've decided to remove him from Death Row, where he awaited a widely-publicized and torturous death at the hands of the state. Daniel Faulkner's widow Maureen was too distraught to comment.

The evidence against Abu-Jamal is irrefuteable. He was witnessed by several witnesses emptying his pistol into the Fallen Hero at his feet. That same pistol - registered in his name - was found lying beside the crumpled body by first responders on the scene. Even more damningly, he later shouted at a room full of Faulkner's Comrades-In-Arms, "I shot the mother f-----, and I hope the mother f----- dies!"

Now it's his turn - at least as long as the judicial system stays out of it.

Abu-Jamal's case has become a pet cause for tens of thousands of black-supremecists, 9/11 Truthers and stoned-out losers who can't find girlfriends. Despite the countless number of suburban high school walkouts their outrage has generated, the 299,990,000 Americans living in the mainstream of American social conciousness demand that he pay in blood for his transgressions. The forfeiture of his pathetic excuse for a life is hardly enough to keep lonely Mrs. Faulkner warm at night. Perhaps the knowledge that he will be suffering an eternity of brutality and hardship will.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Americans and Iraqis Pray for Collapse of Ceasefire and Subsequent Liquidation of Mahdi Army

Major media outlets reported today that Nuri al-Maliki, Prime Minister of Free Iraq, grabbed his Kalashnikov and raced to the front lines of the War on Evil as thousands of valiant Iraqi and Coalition Troops massed in preparation for a decisive battle for the country's - and the world's - future. Iranian trained, sponsored and celebrated Terrorists have taken Americas ever-so-temporary acceptance of their continued existence this side of Paradise as a sign of weakness, and a blank check to carry out their blood-thirsty designs against the will of Basra and Baghdad's citizenry. Now, they're going to pay.

Because the American military has generously trained Iraqi security forces to the highest level of efficiency that would still allow for their utter decimation by the Israeli Defense Forces in a crisis, the Natives are taking the fight to The Enemy almost exclusively. The exceptions are American Special Forces advisers and aircraft, which coordinate to rain an almost constant barrage of hellfire down upon the anti-Iraqi insurgents. Unfortunately, the vast majority of Young Americans down-range are forced to listen to the thunderous battle from a distance, salivating at the thought of getting their own little piece of revenge for 9/11.

Colonel Bill Buckner - no relation to one of American history's most prolific losers - proved that this was "an Iraqi-planned, -led and -executed mission at the direction of the Iraqi prime minister." He claimed that the operations were aimed at crushing "the lawlessness that has been going on under religious or political cover, along with smuggling of oil, weapons, and drugs." Most Americans, however, knew that the battles were mainly focused at weakening Osama bin Laden and his Al-Qaeda henchmen. Colonel Bill also noted that several thousand pinkie-wavers were enjoying tea and scones outside of Basra, ready to sweep in and deliver coup-de-graces to severely wounded, though still breathing foes where necessary. The Grizz, for one, wouldn't mind seeing a few of them swept off for some well-deserved R&R at the tropical prison in Guantanamo.

Americans across the country smiled over their morning cup of joe this morning as they listened to news reports announcing the slaughter of more than 50 blood-soaked Revolutionaries across Iraq by victorious Freedom Forces. The Freedom Brothers pray the so-called "truce" between these Heroes and The Enemy collapses as soon as possible, and that these numbers soon climb to three, then four digits.

Dreams Of My Drunk

In what will inevitably be a crippling blow to our first would-be terrorist president’s campaign, B. Hussein Obama’s adoring “father" was an alcoholic, World Net Daily reports.

Writes truth-site World Net Daily: “After being educated at Harvard, Obama senior returned to Africa, abandoning Obama and his mother, to live the life of a chronic alcoholic who ultimately killed himself in his second drink-induced car accident, while driving drunk on the streets of Nairobi.”

It is common knowledge that no alcoholic ever changes, and their spawn often carry on these traits. Do we really want a potential alcoholic, doped up at 3 a.m. on any number of drugs -- laughers or other pick-me-ups -- answering phone calls from little man in Occupied iran, who is already planning his Hitlerian take-over of Europe, Israel, and The United States, after America swears in one of his own?

It gets worse.

B. Hussein begins his 1995 hate book "Dreams from My Father" with a scene from 1982, when Hussein, having just turned 21 (but a casual binge-drinker since at least the age of 9), receives a phone call from Africa telling him his father had been killed in a car accident. He goes on to describe dad as a heroic figure, whence he is anything but.

What else is he lying about?

B. Hussein is already an admitted socialist. He represents the human experimentation wing of the loony left. Count Freedom Eagle in on the first plane to the violence-free, ethical Green Zone should this human fool get elected.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Monday, March 24, 2008

College? Hell No!

I'd rather entrust the government of the United States to the first 400 people listed in the Boston telephone directory than to the faculty of Harvard University.
- William F. Buckley, Jr. (conservative thinker, American hero; 11/24/25-2/27/08)

Last week, an anonymous coward posted this, in reference to American Hero and fellow Freedom Brother The Grizz:

"Grizz - There is a reason you will never teach in a university. Let me know when you find out."

This anonymous liberal/suspected terrorist sympathizer (based on his views expressed in his comment post) did not know it when he spoke truth to power about The Grizz.

Both Freedom Eagle and The Grizz would never embarrass themselves going in for a job interview at a typical American university. Universities in America are safe havens for Marxists, New Dealers, Radical Islamic sympathizers, and Stalinists. If you asked Freedom Eagle or The Grizz to teach a class at a university (with rare exceptions; Bob Jones, Regent, etc) we'd probably spit in your face.

The media didn't admit until 2006 that they were officially on the side of the democrats. Liberal collegiate institutions and public high schools all over America have admitted it since at least the 1800s. In the 60s, college professors burned buildings, blew up military recruiting stations, and lit themselves on fire all in the name of losing the war against communism. And they were praised by the media, their students, and each other.

Freedom Eagle is embarrassed to have his bachelor's degree, knowing that it has taken years to reverse the effects and false-information he received in the brick buildings of the northeast terrorist-infiltrated haven. It's common thought amongst most Americans that democrats and terrorists are interchangable homonyms. The same can go for college professors. They feast on the hope that America is defeated.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Bizarrely, Egyptians Take a Stand Against Terror

"Hi, Saddam? I'll be right down!"
Confusing reports emerged today that Egypt, homeland of blood-thirsty hijacker Mohammad Atta, has been torturing several of their Hamas terrorist allies, whom they apprehended during the Gaza Border Breach Bonanza in January. Whether or not The Grizz would try to squeeze a single drop of salt water from his face was not in question, though what exactly constituted said "torture" was.

The Freedom Brothers recently touched on the inconsistency of Islamists in regards to torture (being in a room with a menstruating female, yes; sawing a bound and screaming man's head from his torso in a dungeon, no), so we'll wait to hear the Egyptian authorities take before evaluating the situation. One way or another, neither The Grizz or Freedom Eagle is crying over spilt milk. As long as America's reputation remains untarnished, it isn't of much concern whether or not a barely functioning dictatorship is abusing hell-bent Terrorists originating in Occupied Gaza - an overpopulated, festering wasteland pragmatically jettisoned by a larger, more prosperous Democracy.

As it turns out, there was even more good news coming out of the region today. Hilariously, two Hamas insurgents hopped on the express train to Paradise when they dismembered themselves in an incident the left-wing media referred to as an "accidental explosion," but the Freedom Brothers called "deliverance of supreme justice by an all-powerful God."


According to the Jerusalem Post, hysterical Terrorists ran around in tears, trying their best to keep photographers and other journalists away from the scene, obviously aware of the massive embarrassment this would cause them. Unfortunately, their best efforts were in vain, and they were humiliated before tens, probably hundreds of millions of viewers worldwide.

The Freedom Brothers encourage the Terrorists to seek better training before attempting to handle dangerous items in the future. There's no way for The Troops to take the fight to them if they go killing themselves before the starting bell.

Bring it on.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

George W. Bush Smiles Benevolently Down Upon the Free Iraqi People

"I will forever be indebted to you."

Five years ago today, the United States Military was killing its way across the Southern Iraqi countryside, well on its way to delivering Liberties and Luxuries even the dream of which would have previously earned one of that nation's citizens a hardcore torture session in one of Uday Hussein's dungeons. Now, they fear no more. In the wake of Our President George W. Bush's total victory over his nemesis Saddam, the formation of the non-sectarian Iraqi Government, the Free Democratic elections, and now The Surge, Iraqis - whether they live in the rugged mountains of Kurdistan or the sun-scorched badlands of the Arabian desert - are loving life and the Freedoms generously bestowed upon them by America.

President Bush celebrated Iraq’s fifth Independence Day with thousands of jubilant warriors at America’s military citadel, The Pentagon. He declared that, “The successes we are seeing in Iraq are undeniable! The surge has done more than turn the situation in Iraq around, it has opened the door to a major strategic victory in the broader war on terror.” He added that “the level of violence is significantly down, civilian deaths are down, sectarian killings are down, [and] attacks on American forces are down." The Troops cheered. President Bush was only able to calm them by promising that they’d be allowed back to the front lines as soon as possible, where they could continue their fight against The Enemy.

The situation in Washington differed starkly from that in Fayetteville, N.C, where Barack Hussein mentally defecated on the more than 1,000,000 men and women who have died for their country since it won its own Independence 231 1/2 years earlier. "Nearly 4,000 Americans have given their lives” for absolutely nothing, he told the small group of fringe leftists that gathered for his hate rally. He added, “We are less safe and less able to shape events abroad. We are divided at home and our alliances around the world have been strained."

Whether or not America’s relationships with Barack’s namesake Saddam, little man, fat man, or Kim Jong-Il – even under the Clinton regime – could be characterized as “alliances" is subject to some debate, but in any event, if the “straining” of them is a bad thing, then The Grizz is Rupaul.

This disparity just highlights why it is so important for Americans to vote for War Hero and Future-President John McCain in the landslide victory he will achieve in November. If Barack Hussein or Bill Clinton's Wife somehow manage to infiltrate the White House, it may be the Iraqis coming to our aid next time around.

Future-President Owns B. Hussein

While the liberals have proven themselves racists, cowards, and impotents, Future-President McCain is riding strong, opening double digit leads over both candidates, according to a Rammusen poll.

B. Hussein foolishly tried to proxy-mock the war hero for correctly saying Iran is training al Qaeda, ready to wash American streets in blood, and McCain simply shrugged the most-liberal hatist senator’s comments off, presidentially. “Hell, we’ll just move on.”

B. Hussein was seen taking a break from doing the moonwalk on graves in Arlington National Cemetery when Future-President McCain proudly scolded him, "It's very clear that I have a lot of experience in Iraq…It is very clear to most objective observers that the surge has succeeded where others predicted it would fail."

Our Future-President also visited our boys in Iraq and Israel this week.

McCain spoke truth to power when he said Iran is training al Qaeda, a fact that is well documented.

When the president of Occupied iran came to America, he wished to put a wreath at Ground Zero, praising the terror which took place there. He is the world’s leading sponsor of terrorism. little man is lucky he didn’t end his trip with a beard of shrapnel over his pre-grown terrorist chic, his carcass hanging from the Brooklyn Bridge, wrapped in a blood-drenched American flag.

The Freedom Brothers know that a terrorist is a terrorist, no matter how you look at it. little man in Occupied iran will take all the extremists he can get – “Sunni” and “Shia” – since all terrorist groups and liberal-identified “insurgent” groups retain the top priority of bathing in American blood and killing our children, as they did on 9/11.

Never again.

Those of us who have paid attention to the facts, and not B. Hussein’s racist Muslim pastor, understand the real threat we face. Future-President McCain understands this. And he won’t stop until he’s sitting in the driver’s seat on Air Force One, wearing Osama bin Laden’s scalp as a hat, tipping it to his fellow pilots in the accompanying NORAD jets.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Johnny Got His Gun: McCain Back in Familiar Place on the Front Lines

War Hero and Future-President John McCain solemnly worships the Judeo-Christian God at the Western Wall Wednesday
This week, the bane of Vietnam, John McCain, has headed to not just one, but both fronts in the War for Freedom: Liberated Iraq and Israel. Despite the pleas of concerned Americans from Sea to Shining Sea, the War Hero and Future-President made it clear: he's only truly at home when he's standing on a blood-drenched battlefield, staring down upon the dismembered corpse of an Enemy Of America. Khalid Sheikh Mohammad was unavailable for comment due to his ongoing - and presumably never-ending - incarceration at the tropical prison in Guantanamo.

On Wednesday, McCain dared the Angel of Death by visiting the battle-scarred southern Israeli city of Sderot. For the last five years, this community has had no shelter from an almost constant rain of hellfire generated by its "peace partners" in Occupied Gaza. McCain warned The Enemy that there will be hell to pay once he's elected President of the United States of America in a landslide victory this November. The Freedom Brothers have the utmost confidence in the Heroes of the Israeli Defense Forces, but to be completely honest, The Grizz wouldn't mind seeing the United States Marine Corps spill a little blood in the fetid slums of that savage wasteland.

In the run-up to his trip, America's Newspaper, the Washington Times contacted Mary Anne Marsh, a political operative closely associated with the dnc, for comic relief. She pretended that the trip is aimed at making John McCain "look presidential," similarly to the "orchestrated hand off with President Bush at the White House several weeks ago." She didn't clarify how Bill Clinton's Wife's experience in the laundry room, or Barack Hussein's experience haggling for drugs on a street corner, made them "look" more presidential than a man with literally dozens of confirmed kills, and who endured more than a quinquennium of torture in a Viet Cong concentration camp.

McCain's courage once again demonstrates that he is the only true heir to Our President George W. Bush, and suggests that America will soon conquer the entire Middle East on its path to Total Victory over Evil. The Freedom Brothers know that their Hero said a prayer for each and every American on his visit to Judaism's holiest sanctuary, the Western Wall, on Wednesday; let each and every American say a prayer for him.

Enemy of the Week: Defeated Terrorists

Monday, March 17, 2008

Pope Betrays Troops, Humanity

In what may be the biggest blow to the Catholic Church since the liberalization during Vatican II, Pope Benedict XVI has proven himself no better than a defeatist democrat, calling for American surrender in Iraq.

At the end of a Palm Sunday Mass in St. Peter's Square, the pope said, "Enough with the slaughters. Enough with the violence. Enough with the hatred in Iraq."

Pope Benedict could not be reached for comment on whether he believes his views honor the fallen, who gave their lives so Iraq could achieve a Democracy. He did not give his supposed infallible views as to whether he's ready to watch the people of Iraq slaughter each other as soon as the U.S. leaves. He did not give a reason as to why he has become such an al Qaeda enthusiast all the sudden.

Freedom Eagle was horrified when he heard the pope say, "To recognize God, we must abandon the pride that dazzles us, that seeks to push us away from God...We must lean to see with a young heart, one which isn't blocked by prejudice and dazzled by interests."

The Freedom Brothers read Pope Benedict XVI loud and clear. And we encourage Americans to vote for B. Hussein in November if they want al Qaeda to infiltrate the White House the same way they've infiltrated the Vatican.

Showing little to no understanding of the situation, and the dire need to create a Democracy in the region so others can flourish and the terrorist attacks of 9/11 never happen again, Pope Benedict went on to say, "I make an appeal to the Iraqi people, who for the past five years have borne the consequences of a war that provoked the breakup of their civil and social life."

Freedom Eagle once believed in a level of unity with all Judeo-Christian religions. But it has become clear that the evangelical and degrees of methodist and baptist Christian churches, as well as a portion of fundamental Judaism is all freedom-loving, American sun loving, well-intentioned people have left. The Catholic Church has proven itself worthy of at least having terrorist ties.

Pope John Paul II proved himself a worthy partner to Our Greatest President, Ronald Reagan, and helped bring the Soviet Union to its knees. But he soon after betrayed all of humanity when he opposed the liberation of Iraq, a crime the Freedom Brothers can never forgive him for.


Thursday, March 13, 2008

Ferraro Becomes Second Clinton Operative in Two Days to Lose Everything

Ferraro, left, is considering getting back into acting
Q: What do Chernobyl and Geraldine Ferraro's career have in common?
A: Both spent their existence in the servitude of communism, and ended in a fiery explosion prompted by human error.

The New York Times reported today that Walter Mondale's favorite vice-presidential candidate has been kicked to the sewage-soaked curb by Bill Clinton's Wife and Mr. Clinton's campaign for her presidency. This act of retaliation came in response to Ferraro's assertion that democrat-affiliated bottom feeders were turning out in droves to support Barack Hussein because he was black - not because he was running against the tag team of a morally-bankrupt smear artist and her raping, thieving husband. Ferraro was reportedly crushed by the betrayal.
Unfamiliar with the experience of opening The Times to anything besides Anti-Government, Anti-Military propaganda, The Grizz barely managed to restrain himself from dancing with joy at the latest misfortune to strike Bill Clinton's Wife and Family. Ferraro was a centerpiece of their campaign, and perhaps the only precedent to suggest that Americans would tolerate a housewife anywhere in the White House outside of the Lincoln bedroom.
Taking a trick out of the Al-Qaeda Field Manual, Ferraro played the martyr. She claimed that she was firing herself because, "The Obama campaign is attacking me to hurt [Bill Clinton's Wife]. I won’t let that happen.” It's unclear when she plans to release a photograph of herself standing in front of a green curtain with an AK-47.
Everyone knows The Freedom Brothers are not flip-floppers, but one piece of evidence on this website may suggest the opposite: The Grizz has openly struggled with the decision to enjoy or revile the seemingly never-ending quest for a democrat Presidential nominee. Let him finally clarify, once and for all, where he stands.
Despite having to relive the worst eight years of our lives (January 20, 1993 – January 20, 2001) every moment Bill Clinton's Wife's ugly face bangs up against the inside of our televisions, watching loyalist after loyalist stand at their own personal Golgotha on an almost daily basis is an experience that the Freedom Brothers may never again be able to celebrate.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Mother Attempts To Kill Children; Liberals Celebrate

In a preview of things to come if God decides to punish the world again and put a democrat in office, a woman attempted to kill her children today by buying them a one-way ticket with oncoming traffic.

As pinko-liberalism has turned our country into an organ-harvesting concentration camp where human life has as much significance as sewage, Khandi Busby, 27, decided to toss her children off an overpass in Dallas Texas, like garbage.

Thankfully, no one was hurt.

Freedom Eagle believes Busby should be put to death, but does not think she is entirely to blame. Liberals have made the womb a hostile war zone for infants and fetuses, believing each rotting corpse outside genocide clinics a trophy.

In our ‘toss away’ society, if you get into an argument with your spouse you can divorce her using a liberal attorney, or get the marriage annulled by paying off a corrupt, liberal judge. You don’t like being pregnant? Go ahead and get Dr. Kevorkian’s protégé to tear your child -- with a soul -- out of your body and force a scissor through its tiny, crying face.

There was a time in America when Ronald Reagan, a family man, was looked at as a hero by American children and the elderly alike. Today’s greatest generation take time out of putting satanic music on their iPods only to emulate the crippling stunts performed on Jackass.

The Freedom Brothers are sure Teddy Kennedy and John “Purple Heart” Kerry couldn’t help but to roll over in joyous laughter after getting out of their motel bed when they saw today’s headline on Freedom Brothers. “Finally, an eighteenth trimester abortion.”

George Will once said the conservatives won the 1964 election, as it was recounted over the following 30 years, with 20 of Republican rule. As much as we’d like to believe Will’s assessment, liberals are winning the culture war and slowly turning American weddings and American family Sunday Barbecues into the Maoist pastime of deadly beatings at Red Guard gunpoint.

Bill Clinton's Wife Frantically Tries to Extricate Sex Criminal Elliot Spitzer from Her Legacy

Elephant in the corner? How about Mount Kilimanjaro in the Port-A-San.

No thanks to the liberal-slanted media, every half-wit on God's Green Earth knows that already-disgraced, imminently-indicted sex criminal Elliot Spitzer spent most of his career cuddled up in bed, whispering sweet nothings into Bill Clinton's Wife's ear. Now, she's is in the basement of her Chappaqua mansion with her apron on, frantically trying to scrub out the stains from her satin sheets. Luckily for her, CNN, MSNBC and Air America are too busy trying to discredit The Troops with their latest manufactured scandal to focus on her blood-brother's felonious, hypocritical indiscretions.

The Future Ex-Governor's doomsday couldn't have come at a better time for America. Recently, his leftist agenda has been advancing more rapidly than ever before - especially when it came to assisting illegal immigrants as they swarm locust-like across Our Nation's sovereign borders. He and the Clinton Crime Mob have worked closely together to provide government-issued identification to these criminals, and were it not for the total disintegration of his career and family life, he'd probably have the New York State DMV offering free flight-training and handing out box-cutters by the close of 2008.

In May, Spitzer became one of the dnc's first political agents to swear his allegiance to Bill Clinton, Bill Clinton's Wife, and their collaborative campaign to take over America. He enthusiastically supported her, praising her for "her charisma, courage and guts." Ironically, the support was not mutual. Mrs. Clinton scorned him during the 2006 gubernatorial primary, most likely because of his (now discredited) crusade against the same political corruption that's made her wildly rich and fantastically powerful.

Now, Spitzer doesn't have to worry about his pesky responsibilities anymore. He can drive around all night long, picking up all the gutter-dwelling streetwalkers he can find. That inconvenient family won't get in the way anymore either. Whatever integrity his wife has left after he dishonored her can only be saved if she leaves him - and soon.

The Grizz is known to hate many things, places and people, but New York's deeply corrupt democrat establishment is at the top of his list. He and Freedom Eagle will surely cherish this charade as it unfolds in weeks to come.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Enemy of the Week: Elliot Spitzer

AFA Succeeds, Ford Stops Promoting Hate

In what is a huge day for pro-family advocacy, Ford Motor Company, in the wake of plummeting car sales, will eliminate its pro-homosexual, anti-family agenda after the American Family Association successfully, through heroic means, boycotted the company.

After 780,365 individuals signed the boycott, Ford chose to give up its radical agenda, which included:

1. Giving cash donations to homosexual activities, such as anti-family, hatist gay pride parades.

2. Advertising on homosexual, anti-child media outlets.

3. Giving cash or vehicle donations to homosexual organizations which promote civil unions, and tear families apart, and same-sex marriage, which, if enacted, will undoubtedly lead to anarchistic, genocidal societies in which individuals seek to marry their pets.

All those "benefits" to the anti-child homosexual communities have taken a seat alongside Saddam Hussein -- in hell.

According to the AFA, truly a heroic organization, during the 24 months the boycott took place, Ford sales dropped an average of 8 percent per month, often more. Statistics say the boycott was solely responsible.

The AFA, as well as the Freedom Brothers and President Bush, understand that homosexuality was at least party responsible for 9/11. The terrorists, while hating our freedom, believed we wouldn't fight back because of the sissification they saw in our media.

When homosexuality is perceived as the norm, not out of step, the country that tolerates the hatist homosexuals is looked down upon and becomes open for violent attack. The late Jerry Falwell knew it, Future-President McCain knows it, and you, our loyal reader, know it.

Hayden: Guantanamo Bay Is Not a Day Spa for Mujahadeen

"So what you're telling me is that I can't call Time Out? No fair!"

Most liberals would rather watch paramedics stack corpses from the latest Washington, D.C. suicide bombing than hear that a caveman trying to kill The Troops in Iraq got anything worse than a hot stone massage and steak dinner. Fortunately, this sentiment is not shared by CIA Director, General and All-American Hero Michael Hayden, who confirmed yesterday that the CIA would continue to make Terrorists endure such hardships as sleeping with the lights on, getting lap-dances from female Marines, and sitting Indian-style for a really long time.
The CIA has come under pressure from such left-wing fringists as Code Pink, George Clooney, and Hamas for the "harsh" tactics it uses to avenge 9/11 and obtain actionable intelligence from Al-Qaeda operatives. Of specific concern to these parties is the purported use of waterboarding, which involves making a Terrorist lie down and drink water at the same time. Maybe they should spend less time mommying Khalid Sheikh Mohammad, and more time mommying their own kids, who, instead of joining Our Military and fighting for their country, are probably trying to drown themselves with beer in some filthy cesspool in Ann Arbor, Michigan.
General Hayden responded to one particular criticism frequently cited by liberals; American intelligence agencies do not follow the specific restrictions set forth by the U.S. Army Interrogation Field Manual. Hayden kept his point simple, so even burnt-out, emotionally-shattered freaks like Cindy Sheehan could get the message: "The Army field manual does not exhaust the universe of lawful interrogation techniques." In a rush to get back to his work Defending the Freedom of every hard-working American, he didn't waste time clarifying the U.S. Army's policy of turning insurgents into scrapple with .50 caliber machine guns.
The Freedom Brothers laud General Hayden and Our President George W. Bush for their willingness to get their hands a little dirty when it comes to fighting the War for Freedom. We urge all Americans to trust their leaders, who know best when it comes to protecting, interpreting and enforcing their Rights as citizens of the world's freest country.

Monday, March 10, 2008

B. Hussein Called Out For Terrorist Ties

Somewhere in Iraq, a terrorist is jumping up and down, enraged in euphoria at the news of five brave American heroes reportedly killed by one of his comrades in a cowardly suicide mission.

Somewhere in Afghanistan, Taliban fighters are wetting themselves with jubilation. They’re saying, “All we have to do is wait it out a little longer. In less than a year, we can begin our offensive again. Because a terrorist-appeaser will be in power.”

Somewhere in an Iraqi village, a small child is crying because while President Bush would never betray Iraq by pulling our troops out of the liberated country, the prospects of a “President Obama” would.

This weekend, Rep. Steve King spoke truth to power when he said terrorists would “be dancing in the streets in greater numbers than they did on September 11th,” should B. Hussein Obama, known liberal hatist, terrorist sympathizer, Che Guevera worshipper, son of a secular mother who hated white people, become president.

The terrorists are on the run. The surge has worked wonders and Iraq has turned the corner in establishing its young democracy. The people of Iraq are kissing the feet of Our President, George Bush for giving them the government they always wanted and eliminating their tyrant dictator.

After America found the weapons of destruction in Iraq, we sent the world a message: No one can ever doubt a country that has always been good, always done good, for people of all races, ethnicities, and countries-of-origin. Liberals will try to stop America from doing good for her allies, but she always prevailed.

We liberated over 200 countries since World War II, including South Korea, South Vietnam (despite what the liberals want you to believe), Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya.

Somewhere in Afghanistan, in an underground bunker, Osama cannot wait for his not-so-distant cousin to assume the American presidency so, together, they can detonate the dirty bomb in American cities, from coast-to-coast.

But, somewhere in Iowa, Representative King is informing the public, saying, “[B. Hussein Obama’s] middle name does matter. It matters because they read a meaning into that in the rest of the world, it has a special meaning to them. They will be dancing in the streets because of his middle name. They will be dancing in the streets because of who his father was and because of his posture that says: Pull out of the Middle East and pull out of this conflict.”

Somewhere in Arizona, Senator McCain is polishing his glock. If he has to take out bin Laden himself, he will.

Betrayal: New York's democrat Governor Had Sex with Prostitutes

"I will be faithful to you always."

John Jay is rolling over in his grave.
The New York Times is reporting that Governor Eliot Spitzer (d-NY) is an adulterer who had sex with one or more prostitutes while his wife and three children slept at home. You might remember Spitzer better as the former Attorney General of the left-wing bastion in which he resides. Some of his most-lauded achievements during that phase of his sham of a career include the prosecution of criminals breaking the very same laws he is now proven to have violated.
Apparently, Spitzer was caught red-handed by the Federal Authorities, who recorded him on wiretap as he arranged a sex session with a whore during a business trip to Washington D.C. Whether prior transgressions occurred in the Executive Mansion or elsewhere on state property remains unclear. Unfortunately, CNN has been able to confirm that the wench bedded by Spitzer cost upwards of $5,500 of tax-payer's hard-earned money an hour.
This is a slap in the face to his wife Silda, his daughters Elyssa, Sarabeth, and little Jenna, and hard-working Americans everywhere, regardless of where amongst the United States' purple mountain majesty they dwell.
Currently, details are scarce, but you can rest assured that the Freedom Brothers will keep you well-informed as this sordid, but unfortunately very predictable story develops.
UPDATE: Spitzer just made a brief, incredibly unconvincing apology to his scorned family and state. A haggard, broken looking Silda Spitzer stood by his side, forced by her husband to trade in her honor so he could save face.

Ron Paul Acknowledges that He's Failed His Followers, Himself

Ron Paul effectively quit his run for the Presidency this morning, acknowledging that he's a failure, but also that he still believes Americans need to lose the Iraq War, and that Our President George W. Bush ordered The Troops to murder thousands of the innocent civilians he rules over on 9/11. During an interview with the liberal cable news outlet CNN, the Good Doctor insisted that despite the fact that he failed himself in his Presidential campaign, his "campaign [to destabilize the United States] is never over.”

Finally, Paul's conspiracy-fueled, anti-American, anti-Semitic past has caught up with him. The Grizz told you right from the start: building a successful Presidential campaign upon a 9/11 Truth foundation would be like building The Freedom Tower on a sand dune. It's a proven fact that hard-working Americans don't support a man who believes in dismantling the government, the universal legalization of narcotics, the building of an abortion clinic on every corner, and outright surrender to Our Enemies.

It seems like the only thing Crazy Ron doesn't believe in is himself.

You can rest assured that Ron Paul's personal misfortune will multiply in the coming weeks and months. Stay with the Freedom Brothers as we comprehensively detail the ultimate disgrace; the end of his reign over his home district in November's general election.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

America's Newspaper: Clinton Crime Mob Wheeling and Dealing with Felons, Communists

"I gotta play it cool. My wife has an election to steal."

The Washington Times on Friday proved that Mr. and Mrs. Bill Clinton earned $700,000 last year off stock given to them by an ex-con with close ties to the Communist regime occupying the Chinese mainland. More nefariously, their shares were somehow sold to an unidentified buyer who felt that investing more than half a million dollars in an already failed web start up was a good idea. The Clintons' angrily shot down media requests for them to identify the mystery man before turning back to manage their tag-team assault on the White House and American people in November.
Bill Clinton had been given the stock directly by Accoona Corp. as a speaker's fee for his remarks at a left-wing rally they sponsored in 2004. The Freedom Brothers are actively seeking a transcript of the event, which is believed to have come at the behest of one of Accoona's other primary stockholders - The China Daily Information Co., part of the monolithic state-controlled media apparatus wielded by the Maoist Regime in China (aka Occupied Taiwan). Given Mrs. Clinton's long-plotted offensive to take over America, its unlikely that her husband's speech took place in front of a hammer-and-sickle emblazoned red banner, but still, the implications of such associations cannot be understated.
Even the limp-wrists across the pond knew to steer clear of Accoona. The Washington Times' muckraker, Jim McElhatton, reported Derek Hyatt, an English politician, ordered his people to "shun" the company because it was a tool used by the junta to suppress the Freedom-loving Chinese people. Hyatt, who heads a committee overseeing Internet-related issues in the House of Commons - whatever that is - told McElhatton that Accoona Corp. is suspected of having informed on its users, who were later subjected to human rights violations by military and police forces commanded by the regime.
Bill Clinton, who's previous exploits include a string of rape scandals and a smattering of white-collar crimes, is in double-trouble when it comes to his latest adventure. Not only is he now proven to be in bed with America's Enemies, but a convicted felon who was just released after a 19-month bid in the slammer. Armand Rousso, a co-founder of Accoona was accused, then convicted by a jury of his peers, of various federal crimes, which include fraud and money-laundering. Who he was washing cash for - bank robbers, narcotics traffickers, Islamic terrorists - remains unclear.
Hard-working Americans have tolerated this couple's deviant behavior for long enough. After B. Hussein Obama has relegated Mrs. Clinton to history's sewage treatment plant (and been subsequently destroyed in the general election by American Hero and Future-President John McCain), the American people can stop focusing on ridding themselves of the Enemy Within, and turn all of their attention to killing the Terrorists and continuing their sometimes-violent, sometimes-non-violent campaign to make the world safe for Democracy.
SIDE NOTE: Conservative Icon Margaret Thatcher has been released from the hospital after recovering from a brief illness this past week. Ms. Thatcher has spit in Death's face many a time over the years, surviving the Luftewafte laying waste to her country, assassination attempts by Irish terrorists, and numerous strokes. She has proven over and over again that she's so tough, she's practically an American. The Freedom Brothers send her our best wishes.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Mission Failed

It looks like the nimrods over at the dnc got a little ahead of themselves. Before they throw a screaming child at War Hero and Future-President John McCain's feet in the general election, they have to manage to elect one first. Unfortunately, none of them brought their mommies along to teach them how.

The Grizz has said it time and time again: an idiot's right to vote for one of his own kind is one of his foremost Freedoms as an American. The democrat national convention, apparently, hasn't been listening to him. Based on a completely meaningless technicality, it disenfranchised the totality of its bottom-feeders in Florida and Michigan. Now, Bill Clinton's Wife is demanding that they be counted after the fact, even if it means forcing these states to spend untold millions on a completely new election.


Shockingly, this isn't even the stupidest thing going on in America's sham left-wing at the moment. Let the Freedom Brothers give you some examples.

  • Hussein Obama is playing pretend. He's demanding to see the Clinton's crooked tax returns, and simultaneously acting like he doesn't know about the publicly documented violent and non-violent felonies they have committed with total impunity over the years. Come on folks. He's not that stupid.

  • Bill Clinton's Wife actually compared barack hussein obama to Kenneth Starr, the Government Official that dedicated years of his life, and shed blood, sweat and tears to get her corrupt womanizer of a husband back on his leash.

  • Samantha Power, the only member of the Hussein Campaign to make an even remotely rational observation since its inception over a year ago, was discarded like a Frenchman's honor because of her remarks. Earlier this week, she called Mrs. Clinton "a monster" (true). She also famously announced that it would be completely impossible for her benefactor to fulfill his promise to defeat The Troops and bring them back to our homeland in shame within sixteen months. Apparently, it was news to democrats that the American people would never tolerate this atrocity.

Just a few days ago, The Grizz was revelling in the plane-crash-onto-a-train-crash that was the democrat's quest for a nominee, but now he's getting sick of it. Can someone hire Halliburton to get some consultants together and teach these losers how to pick a winner?

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Murtha Is Anti-American

John Murtha, the scum bucket of the House of Representatives has recently cut a back-room deal to get out of testifying in a case against Marines defending our freedom in Iraq.

Lt. Col. Jeffrey R. Chessani, an American hero and the highest-ranking U.S. Serviceman to face a phony combat-related court-martial since the Liberation of South Vietnam, has been falsely charged with dereliction of duty and violation of lawful order on allegations that he mishandled the aftermath of a supposed shooting incident in Haditha, Iraq.

The Freedom Brothers are pissed.

American Hero Michael Savage has raised money for this American Hero, and eight other Marines who were falsely accused. He should be commended for that.

Murtha, a treasonous felon who admittedly aided and abetted the Viet Cong during his doped-up years fleeing combat in a Saigon whorehouse, consistently missing duty, has lied and said these Heroes killed in cold blood

Murtha had originally been called on to testify in the case so he could be exposed as the traitor, liar, and vicious Code Pinker he is. However, a liberal judge recently ruled that the Pennsylvania dirt bag may not be forced to testify.

Murtha's spokesman and fellow America hater, Matthew Mazonkey, said the congressman had no comment. Murtha's office did not return the Freedom Brothers' phone calls.

We'd refer to Murtha as a coward, but we don't want to insult the French military.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Enemy of the Week: Matt Frei and BBC America

Black Tuesday

Dennis Kucinich. Ron Paul. Bill Clinton’s Wife.

These three names should be deteriorating in the landfill of history right now. Instead, the scoundrels to which they belong soldier on, energized from a deep sip of fresh blood from the neck of Our Nation.

Who wins?

Al-Qaeda, certainly. The 9/11 Truth movement, definitely. Your local abortionist, without a doubt. "Palestinians” (aka Insurgents in Occupied Israel), of course. Even incesto-pedophile Bernie Ward is doing a jig in his jail cell, waiting for his soon coming pardon.

The losers? Hardworking Americans. Christians. Israeli civilians. Iraqi civilians. Healthy, living infants in utero. Our 9/11 Dead. Our Men and Women in Uniform, both Fighting and Fallen. Lord knows, The Freedom Brothers.

As The Grizz writes, Wolf Blitzer is probably laying buck naked on a bed somewhere, covered in hundred dollar bills. The CNN camera man must have been on strict orders to keep his pudgy upper body on camera last night, so as to prevent any viewer from spotting his arousal at the prospect of milking even more cash out of the race for the democrats' sham of a nomination. Even geriatric Lou Dobbs was hoping to celebrate. Alas, he was too old.

Maybe we should be happy. Kucinich now faces his Doom, which comes in the form of Ohio’s own Jim Trakas. Trakas has been serving the citizens of Ohio’s 10th District since he was selling Hot Dogs at Cleveland Stadium in the 1970's, and though he has no experience killing America's Enemies, he's practically Pat Tillman when you compare him to the shriveled-up loser masquerading as his opponent.

Then there’s the Good Doctor, who’s built a constituency from the grassroots up. Its heart lies in the minusculey-intellected; the 9/11 Truthies, campus NORML activists, and Lyndon LaRouche cast-offs. It’s a sad day when the Freedom Brothers find themselves having to support a Democrat, but in this case, it trumps the alternative, which is the moral equivalent to break-dancing over graves at Arlington National Cemetery.

That leaves Bill Clinton’s Wife, who will almost definitely still lose the primary. If she doesn’t, we get to see All-American Hero John McCain brutalize her the way he did the Viet Cong prior to his capture and imprisonment in their tropical dungeon.

For now, Americans need to stay strong. Our children need us. The Troops need us.

The World needs us.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Let Us Win

Over the static of brainwashed children screaming “Yes We Can,” over the squealing, dying cat sounds of the “First viable female nominee,” and over the radical anti-Constitution fundamentalists screaming “Reinvestigate 9/11,” there is a conversation brewing. It’s been quietly stirring for months.


And now, with America’s most important election since 1984 coming up, those voices are being heard – “Let us win.”

It’s coming from the foot soldiers in Young Republican meetings around the country, from the halls of congress, from every blue collar American worker who’s been given the shaft by the elitist democrats who’ve sought to take rights away from small businesses and tax hard working Americans into the poor house.

It’s coming from the front lines of Baghdad. From now-secure, once-terrorist havens in Afghanistan, Somalia.

Let us win.

And it’s sweeping the nation.

As a young John McCain was beaten for days on end in Hanoi, his fellow citizens marched on the White House as Our President, Richard Nixon sought to only save the Vietnamese people from communism. These anti-American citizens cheered on the communists. They broke bread with Soviets.

All the while, McCain stayed strong. As they beat him senseless, he bled red, white and blue. While they electrocuted his buddies, they chanted, “USA! USA!”

And as they came home, they looked at the democrats who cut off their funding and vowed to never again allow America’s party of defeat to force us to lose another war.

There’s a conversation starting. A way of thought.

A way of life.

Let us win.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Apocalypse Now

It’s the last night of her career, and Bill Clinton’s Wife is watching the clock tick away. As The Grizz writes, she is likely sitting in a darkened room, tracing the long path of her career and trying to figure out where it all went wrong.

Here she is, a college sophomore, stoned out of her head and talking about “stickin’ it to the man.” And here, a Yale Law student (months away from failing the bar exam), working under the tutelage of several publicly identified communists. Here, married to the hotshot governor, crying herself to sleep as her husband goes hunting for female staffers to rape. Then, she’s the betrayed first lady; unperturbed by her husband’s indiscretions in light of the opportunity he has afforded her to hijack the spotlight. Suddenly, she’s carpet-bagged her way into the Senate and well on the way to self-destruction.
The Grizz is really relishing this, in case you haven’t noticed.
He’s been closely following the Clinton Crime Family since the ‘90’s, and sad to say, they aren’t ones to make mistakes. That’s why it’s taken this long to see the destruction of their legacy, and all that they value.

Luckily, nothing lasts forever. Mrs. Clinton will lose both Texas and Ohio to the democrat party’s first Muslim presidential nominee tomorrow, and she’ll be back in Chappaqua bleaching the skidmarks out of her husband’s tighty-whities by Thursday.

Venezuelan Tyrant Puts John Hancock on Suicide Note

Venezuelan president and socialist-tyrant/terrorist Hugo “Fat Man” Chavez recently agreed to let the people he stole two elections from die in a fire-pit of misery after the United States decides to unload some pent-up anger on his country.

Chavez, in what experts are saying was a cocaine-induced, alcohol-soaked statement, threatened to declare war on his neighbor and U.S. Ally Columbia, a strong backer in the War On Terror.

Chavez, while attempting to sober up with his enemy’s national hot drink, said he dislikes Columbia’s anti-terror stance. Columbia recently obliterated anarchist Guevera-loyalists who were hiding in the jungles in Ecuador, planning a 9/11-style attack on Our Ally, Columbia.

After Fat Man closed the Columbian embassy in Carcas, he warned that any retaliation against his country would be a “cause for war.” He called Our Ally, Democratically-elected Columbian President Alvaro Uribe, a “criminal.”

Freedom Eagle called The Grizz after church yesterday and proclaimed, “Time to follow the prophetic statement of American Hero and Religious Leader Pat Robertson who called for the violent assassination of Hugo Chavez years ago.”

“Right on,” said The Grizz. “If only the Stalinist-liberals in the media hadn't portrayed Chavez as the next John Lennon, another hatist liberal, we’d never be in this mess.”

The Venezuelan Fat Man knows that the United States will not go to war with his country. War implies both sides are fighting. We will simply obliterate it. Freedom Eagle cannot wait to turn on Fox News and watch the jungles go up in flames, killing all who decide to stay back and fight the United States and her Ally, Columbia. The U.S. Military would love to make Nagasaki look like a calm Spring day in the park.

Go ahead Hugo. Make our day.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Dennis Kucinich Teeters on the Brink of Disaster

The Washington Post reports that Dennis Kucinich, the bug-eyed multi-election losing freak, is dangling at the edge of a precipice. His attention has turned away from his recent high-visibility failure to earn the democrat presidential nomination. Now, he’s focused on saving his career. A fresh faced, thirty-something hotshot city councilman is challenging him for his seat in the House of Representatives in Ohio’s upcoming primary. Things are not looking good.

Kucinich, most famous for his corpse-like appearance and extra bizarre marriage to a woman a fraction of his age, hasn’t faced a serious threat of being ousted since his election in 1996. He has grown increasingly unpopular in his Cleveland-based district, largely due to the fact that he’s treated it as nothing more than his personal launch pad to super-stardom. For years, he’s relied on his sham working-class credentials to lie his way through every election. Sadly, it duped a large part of his simple Midwestern constituency.

It’s a proven fact that he misses more than one in ten votes in congress. Worse still, he seems to be moving closer to the Socialist fringe of the democrat party, operating on a two-point agenda: desecration of The Fallen and delivery of a gift-wrapped Free Iraq to Satan in Hell. Even Cimperman, a rumored homosexual, got it right, when he pointed out that Kucinich hated his roots and spent time “eating sushi with Sean Penn,” – another radical left-winger.

Just what kind of man he is can be seen by the type of people that comprise his fan club. He’s received considerably financial support from a marijuana legalization PAC, several grade-D Hollywood castoffs, and most curiously, the pornographer Larry Flynt, who’s primary interest is probably getting Kucinich’s harlot wife to drop her knickers on camera.

Luckily, personal ruin has got Dennis Kucinich’s scent and is coming at full gallop. He’ll have plenty of time to enjoy the comforts of his wife’s tongue ring when the American People throw him on the streets this Tuesday.

24,900 Tons of Floating Revenge

9/11/01 - You Will Be Avenged

The USS New York, an amphibious assault ship christened today in Avondale, Louisiana, looks much like any other waterborne killing machine prowling across the ocean, defending Our Freedoms. Looks, however, can be deceiving.

Long before today’s festivities, on a crisp September’s day in 2001, the ship’s 7.5 ton steel heart was born by fire and baptized in the blood of innocent Americans. The USS New York’s bow stem - the precise spot where metal-meets-water – has been forged from the steel remnants of the same Twin Towers that sheltered almost three thousand hard-working Americans, sacrificed on Allah’s alter by mentally deformed Islamic radicals.

Nothing could possibly take away the pain felt by each and every American since that event.
Nothing except the extermination of untold thousands of like-minded terrorists the world over.

A wiser man than The Grizz once referred to such retribution as “poetic justice.” The very same steel gobbled by Satan will now rain hellfire down upon Our Enemies in Afghanistan, Iraq, and – God Willing – Iran. It will be under the watchful eye of thousands of Young Americans who are ready and willing to die to make sure our enemies – and the citizens of those nations that harbor them - suffer extreme hardship and misfortune for their crimes.

Frighteningly enough, the virtually indestructible juggernaut faces two foes that can render it completely impotent in an instant. Those foes are Madrassah-schooled nit-wit Barack Hussein Obama and Bill Clinton’s opportunistic whore of a Wife, who, this time next year, will hopefully be stitching a quilt while her brownies bake. Any American who votes for either of these low-lifes hates their country and doesn’t care whether their own family members live or die. Luckily, it is a virtual certainty that John McCain will be at the helm, where he is sure to continue the American Onslaught against our foes well into the next decade.

The christening today had a clear message, one that was not missed on Lee Eilpi, who lost his son on 9/11. He conveyed that message loud and clear, so even his pampered, cheese-eating European counterparts could hear him with their heads firmly planted in the sand.

The warship will be used for revenge “if you bother us.” He added, “We’re sending a message that we’re standing strong. This ship, as it cuts through the water, is going to send a ripple. That ripple will say, ‘We cherish our Freedom.’”

You've got that right, Mr. Eilpi.

Let Freedom Ring.