Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Black Tuesday

Dennis Kucinich. Ron Paul. Bill Clinton’s Wife.

These three names should be deteriorating in the landfill of history right now. Instead, the scoundrels to which they belong soldier on, energized from a deep sip of fresh blood from the neck of Our Nation.

Who wins?

Al-Qaeda, certainly. The 9/11 Truth movement, definitely. Your local abortionist, without a doubt. "Palestinians” (aka Insurgents in Occupied Israel), of course. Even incesto-pedophile Bernie Ward is doing a jig in his jail cell, waiting for his soon coming pardon.

The losers? Hardworking Americans. Christians. Israeli civilians. Iraqi civilians. Healthy, living infants in utero. Our 9/11 Dead. Our Men and Women in Uniform, both Fighting and Fallen. Lord knows, The Freedom Brothers.

As The Grizz writes, Wolf Blitzer is probably laying buck naked on a bed somewhere, covered in hundred dollar bills. The CNN camera man must have been on strict orders to keep his pudgy upper body on camera last night, so as to prevent any viewer from spotting his arousal at the prospect of milking even more cash out of the race for the democrats' sham of a nomination. Even geriatric Lou Dobbs was hoping to celebrate. Alas, he was too old.

Maybe we should be happy. Kucinich now faces his Doom, which comes in the form of Ohio’s own Jim Trakas. Trakas has been serving the citizens of Ohio’s 10th District since he was selling Hot Dogs at Cleveland Stadium in the 1970's, and though he has no experience killing America's Enemies, he's practically Pat Tillman when you compare him to the shriveled-up loser masquerading as his opponent.

Then there’s the Good Doctor, who’s built a constituency from the grassroots up. Its heart lies in the minusculey-intellected; the 9/11 Truthies, campus NORML activists, and Lyndon LaRouche cast-offs. It’s a sad day when the Freedom Brothers find themselves having to support a Democrat, but in this case, it trumps the alternative, which is the moral equivalent to break-dancing over graves at Arlington National Cemetery.

That leaves Bill Clinton’s Wife, who will almost definitely still lose the primary. If she doesn’t, we get to see All-American Hero John McCain brutalize her the way he did the Viet Cong prior to his capture and imprisonment in their tropical dungeon.

For now, Americans need to stay strong. Our children need us. The Troops need us.

The World needs us.

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Benjamin M. said...

...The world does not need "us" [you], the world largely detests you [The Neocon Brotherhood].

G. bless Ron Paul and Texas' 14th District! 70.18% of votes, WOW, ***A LANDSLIDE***, amazing figures, going for the eleventh term in Congress proves Freedom is popular.

Nice black&red blog, are you into gothic or something?, keep it up.