Friday, November 30, 2007

Biden Lies: Treason?

Presidential "hopeful" Joe Biden committed possible treason when he said he will introduce impeachment if Bush bombs our enemy, Occupied iran.

Biden is quoted as lying to a tiny northeast crowd, "The president has no authority to unilaterally attack Iran, and if he does, as Foreign Relations Committee chairman, I will move to impeach."

Biden, who humiliated himself last time he ran for president, is now doing the same. He has yet to break out of Kucinich territory in the polls, and shows no signs of improvement with America-hating statements such as this one.

The Biden campaign did not answer phone calls from the Freedom Brothers. If they did, we would have asked when Biden is planning on resigning from the Senate.

Enemy of the Week: Ron Paul

When Ron Paul gained national attention for lying at the Republican debate, saying 9/11 was blowback for trying to liberate the middle east, rather than the well-established fact that they hate our values and freedom, he stabbed every American in the back.

This 9/11 Truther regularly appears on the radio show of one Alex Jones, owner of, and head of the 9/11 Conspiracy crowd. Jones broadcasts from Austin, Texas, and admittedly hates his country. Paul embraces his compliments.

Here is an example of a typical quote from Alex Jones: "What a bunch of garbage; liberal, democrat, conservative, Republican. It's all there to control you! Two sides of the same coin. Two management teams bidding for control, the CEO job of Slavery, Incorporated! The truth is out there in front of you, but they lay out this buffet of lies. I'm sick of it, and I'm not going to take a bite out of it, do you got me?"

Ron Paul, a supposed Republican, has created an internet following of America-haters, 9/11 Truthers, NAFTA Superhighway conspiracy junkies, white supremacists, and Islamic terrorists. Each time he is given time to speak in a debate, Ronald Reagan dies a little more.

At the last CNN/YouTube debate, in response to John McCain’s courageous accusation that Paul's line of thinking, correctly, is as responsible for World War II as Hitler, Paul cowardly said: “I don’t want to send our troops overseas.”

Really Ron? I tell you what, next time one of your 9/11 Truth freaks has his head cut off (that is, after the Democrats hand the government over to the terrorists) because our troops weren’t fighting them over there so we wouldn’t have to fight them over here, you tell me you still stand by your isolationist stance. Ron Paul will destroy everything George Bush has created over the last seven years. All the good, all the free people, all the liberties we enjoy:


Paultards are the new Chamberlains.

The Freedom Brothers know, for a fact, that if the Paul-Kerry-Pelosi-Kennedy stance were to be enacted, there would be daily terrorist attacks in the United States.

You think they make Baghdad look bad on liberal propagandist hate network CNN? Think of daily 9/11-style terrorist attacks in suburban towns. That’s what this country would look like had Al Gore been elected in 2000, and that's what it will look like with the laughable phrase, "President Paul."

Paultards shouldn’t be allowed to call themselves Republicans.

Ron Paul has a warped sense of the world, and would kill our economic structure were he to be elected president. Then again, unlike war hero John McCain, he’s never even broken the double digits in the polls. Turns out there aren’t enough 9/11 Truthers out there to give 9/11 hero Rudy Giuliani even a scare.

Ron Paul - you are the Enemy of the Week

Enough is Enough

Not satisfied with the unlawful fifteen day incarceration of this woman in a Sudanese dungeon, local savages took to the streets to demand her slaughter. Chanting "No one lives who insults the Prophet" repeatedly, the creatures waved their fists and ceremonial swords.

Bad news Sudan: you may live in the 11th Century, but this particular version of it includes Pinky Wavers with anti-personnel cluster munitions. I will not weep if they choose to use them on you.

This whole situation really does my head in. It's not that I don't want to believe it - it's that it is almost impossible to fathom something like this taking place in reality. The same people that for years now have led a rape-murder campaign against 90% of its own population are actually in favor of killing a woman because their own children named a stuffed animal after their savior.

Honestly, I hope the Bad Teeth light up every city in Sudan the way they did Dresden back in the '40's. People who "respect" life as little as these people probably don't care if they live or die anyway. Ceremonial swords work a lot better on hysterical female peace workers in chains then they do on a Royal Marine with Type III body armor and a .50 cal. machine gun.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Bin Laden Gets Desperate As US Forces Close In

Al Qaeda leader osama bin laden prepared for his soon-coming death and dismemberment by the US military Thursday by claiming sole responsibility for 9/11, then threatening Limp-Wrists everywhere with similar attacks. Hilariously, he accused the United States and their NATO allies with deliberately having killed "innocent" women and children in Afghanistan.

That's what happens when you cohabitate with a walking bullseye.

We've seen it time and time again. Even as I write this, the formerly drug-addicted, fornicating alcoholic is sharing his cave with who-knows-how-many of his wives and children. Do you know how many tears would slide down my cheek if all of their lungs were sucked out of their mouths by a hyperbaric bunker buster?


From day one, this barbarian chose not make this a fight between men, but a war on our women. Now, thanks to his blood-cult's inhumane tactics, the lions of the US Army and Marine Corps get slaughtered in the feces encrusted streets of Kabul like lambs because they can't adequetly protect themselves and protect the civilian population at the same time. They forgoe their fundamental right to defense so that civilians may live.

At the same time, bin Laden and his allies surround themselves in a wall of human shields, taking our humanity for weakness. He thinks he's untouchable as long as they're around. He's wrong. Dead wrong.

Bin Laden - we're coming for you. And unless you get your family out of the rat infested pit you're huddling in, we're coming for them too.

CNN Tries To Hurt Democracy

Liberal hate network, CNN, has been exposed for planting liberals in its audience to trip up the Republican candidates.

As reported on a number of websites, including The Politico, Michelle Malkin, and competing liberal network, MSNBC, several liberal hate activists asked questions to the Republican candidates last night, via YouTube and in the audience.

Liberal hate has been documented in the media time and time again. Don't they understand that average, conservative, hard-working, values Americans are onto them?

For shame.

Bush has had to deal with the biased White House press, while Clinton received a free pass. Anti-war Maoist John Kerry was all but cheered on by CBS and NBC throughout that supposed "nail biter" (those of us who paid attention could have called the eventual landslide victory for Bush in 2003).

But this is what we get with old media: hatred, greed, indolence.

Communists Blocked the Troops For Defending Defenseless Taiwanese Civilians

Yang Jiechi, the Chinese Foreign Minister, spit in the Troops' faces today as he shot down our government's attempt to downplay his country's brazen violation of an agreement to harbor an American Carrier Group in Hong Kong's harbor. The Bush Administration, aware of the average American's disgust towards the Chinese, sought to mitigate the damage done by the hostile power by claiming their shifty behavior was the result of "a misunderstanding."

Yang set the score straight however. He pointed out that in fact, the blocking of the ships was in direct response to America's decision to provide Patriot Missile batteries to the military of Free China (Taiwan). This fully-justified arms sale would go to the almost completely defenseless island nation with the intention of providing a meager defense against its monolithic Maoist enemy, which can rain hellfire down upon its civilian population at will.

This scoundrel’s remarks leave only one question. Why in God's name would our Generals take no for an answer? These Indian Givers sign over rights to the harbor, then tell thousands of weary sailors and marines to go to hell? This is despicable.

I'm not advocating what at this point is probably a well-deserved military smackdown against the Chinese. Still, we have incredible leverage against these imbeciles. Would the Chinese be comfortable spewing this insolence if they knew that we could chop off ten billion dollars in defective pharmaceutical imports here, a few billion in lead-infused baby diapers there? Our government needs to take a stand. If we're going to let them flood our markets with their garbage products, they're going to have to give us something in return. This behavior cannot stand.

Conservatives Prove Themselves Worthy of Presidency in Debate

At last night’s YouTube/CNN debate, the Republican candidates proved themselves more worthy of the presidency than the democrats.

Whereas in democrat debates, candidates argue over who is less experienced, Republicans argue over who has more experience.

democrats argue over who can cut and run in defeat from Iraq first. Republicans argue over who can best win the Iraq liberation and the greater war on terror. democrats raise their hands and take pledges to never use nuclear weapons in their debates. What if Truman had pledged to never use a nuclear weapon?

How fast does it take a liberal to learn to speak a Japanese/German hybrid language?

The Freedom Brothers recognize that although Rudy Giuliani and Mitt Romney aren’t living up to Ronald Reagan’s 11th Commandment (”Thou shalt not speak ill of any other Republican”) it is nice to see they are both extremely principled, and the heat emitting off their arguments is only more proof of the legacy Regan has left on the Grand Old Party.

Whatever their differences, both men won’t let our country be taken over by illegal aliens and have stood up to Mexican criminals in both New York City and Massachusetts.

Perhaps the greatest moment of the night was when war hero John McCain took on Crazy Ron Paul. Of Paul’s desire to lose in Iraq, McCain said it was “the same sort of appeasement that allowed Hitler to take power and WWII to happen.” He also said that he had just spent Thanksgiving with the troops, and they had a message for Paul:

“Let us win.”

Paul was thoroughly booed thereafter, like the liberal RINO the audience knows he is.

Liberals, being the hate mongers they are, had this to say of the debate:

Via Crooks and Liars:

“whos going to be cleaning the horseshit off the stage afterwards?”

“first off a sick sonofa bitch with a gitpicker, jesus this is a hootenanny”

“i got my barf bag handy!”

Godless cowards.

The Freedom Brothers do not endorse this sort of hateful speech, and though this is a family website, we feel it necessary to show you the sorts of things that are going on at our liberal counterpart sites.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Now President of Fellatio Against Humanitarian Liberation

Impeached murderer Bill Clinton took a page out of his wife's play book yesterday when he claimed he was against the war "from the beginning."

The New York Times, taking a quick break from its flaming liberalism, has called out the former commander-in-grief for lying to the American public. Clinton, the second worst president in our history (behind the impotent Jimmy Carter) claims that although he "spoke supportively about the 2002 Senate resolution that authorized military action against Iraq," it "would have been inappropriate at the time for him, a former president, to oppose — in a direct, full-throated manner — the sitting president’s military decision."

He was against having sex with that woman before he did it.

He was against killing all those innocent people in Waco before he did it.

He was against spending eight years letting bin Laden get away before he did it.

He was against turning the oval office into a whore house before he did it.

He was against pulling the troops out of Somalia, creating an Islamofascist haven before he did it.

He was for the Iraq War before he was against it.

If there aren't enough good reasons to keep Hillary from office, consider this.

Occupied iran Invites Carpet-Bombing

Blood-drenched “President” Ahmadinejad invited the carpet-bombing of Occupied iran when he dismissed the Annapolis Peace conference, which is expected to bring an inevitable peace to the region.

He brought back his usual anti-Semitic rhetoric with his intent of destroying the west and forcing Israel to “collapse.” He said: "It is impossible that the Zionist regime will survive. Collapse is in the nature of this regime because it has been created on aggression, lying, oppression and crime."

Ahmadinejad, a well-known freedom hater and sociopath, once worked as an iranian guard and helped torture American prisoners after the impotent Jimmy Carter allowed them to be taken hostage when radicals overthrew the Democratically-elected Shah.

He said the Annapolis Peace conference was meant to isolate Occupied iran.

As reported by the Jerusalem Post, President Bush and his loyal ally Prime Minister Olmert will hold a second, private meeting at the White House to figure out what to do about the nutjob, who has time and again aided and abetted terrorists who kill American troops.

Olmert, reflecting the view of the vast majority of Americans (all Americans besides 9/11 Truth liberals), said President Bush “has the courage. There is no one in the world today who has greater courage and determination, and a sense of mission about these issues."

Israel and the United States will keep weapons out of the hands of the Occupied iranian regime. Otherwise, as Bush has said, World War III will erupt. And as Olmert has stated in the past: "Israel can't accept the possibility of Iranians having nuclear weapons, and we will act together with the international forces, starting with America, in order to prevent it."

Occupied iran has insinuated several times in the past that it plans to use its already-developed weapons of mass destruction to destroy Israeli and American cities.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Palestinians Protest Peace

As millions of Israeli citizens solemnly considered what concessions they were ready to make for peace yesterday, hundreds of thousands of Palestinians first protested, then rioted, then proceeded to kill each other at the very thought of the Jewish state continuing to exist in a final status agreement between the two peoples' representatives in Annapolis. Despite all the odds, President George W. Bush had been able to bring the two governments together for the largest negotiations conference since egoist Bill Clinton forced talks in 1998, plunging the region into its bloodiest conflict in decades.

President Bush's historic accomplishment is due in large part to one courageous decision: he would graciously allow the representatives of terrorist regimes like that of Syria to show their ski-masked faces at the conference - not to mention on the hallowed soil of the American homeland - in the hopes of addressing their ludicrous demands and accusations without having to put Tomahawk cruise missiles through their bedroom windows.

Unfortunately, the behavior of the Palestinian public at large speaks for itself. George Bush and the Israelis can do the right thing over and over and over again, but if the legitimacy of the only people willing to do business with them is rooted in the fact that they prefer that their terrorism not involve suicide, nothing is going to get accomplished.

There is some good news though. It seems that if the Israelis are ready to bow out of the violence in Judea, Samaria and Gaza, the Palestinians can engage in their national passtimes (hating, widespread civil disorder, terrorism, unemployment and political corruption) on their own.

Kennedy To Cover Up Murder, Rape, Lies in Book Form

Ted Kennedy is scheduled to publish his lies in hardcover by 2010. says that Teddy Kennedy has agreed to a deal with Hachette Book Group worth at least $8 million to pen his supposed memoirs.

The book will cover his brother’s three flawed years in office, the assassinations of his brothers, and “later events.” There is no word on whether Kennedy will again lie about the time he murdered that girl by driving off a bridge drunk, saving himself, leaving her for dead, and not calling the police to report the incident until the next morning, when her body was thoroughly drenched in Edgartown Harbor’s salty waters.

Nor has it been disclosed if the black sheep of the already degenerate Kennedy family will mention his numerous affairs or the time he, his son, and his nephew drank themselves silly, which ended in the accused rape of Patricia Bowman by William Kennedy Smith.

Kennedy, unaware that he alone began the steady decline of the democrat Party from the days of Roosevelt and Truman to the slimy puddle of clay it has become, did not mention if his ghostwriter would bring up the fact that Ted should have retired in 1969, and instead took his angst out on the American people with his flip-flopping liberalism and Godless anti-values.

Kennedy, unavailable for direct comment to The Freedom Brothers, said in a statement, "I hope my reflections can contribute to a deeper understanding of many events in the history of this great country and to a more in-depth picture of an American family."

East African Genocide Mongers Sentence British Aid Worker to Torture Session

The al Qaeda affiliated, Darfurian blood sipping Sudanese government strapped on another sandbag this weekend, speeding it's rapid descent into hell. Aid worker Gillian Gibbons, 54, was arrested and thrown into a Khartoum dungeon Sunday after committing a truly horrifying offense: allowing the seven year old children she teaches to name a stuffed teddy bear Mohammed. This gives well-meaning Westerners yet another reason not to do nice things for the degenerate inhabitants of this post-apocalyptic hellhole - at least until the United States, Israel and/or Britain melt the country down from a pile of sand to a sheet of glass.

Humanitarian Gibbons invited her students to choose the name of the stuffed animal which she graciously gave to the class as a mascot and aid in her lessons about animals and their habitats. It wasn't until she offered the students the chance to take turns bringing the doll home that her life was destroyed. At that point, she was reported by informants and seized by the Gestapoesque authorities, who have sentenced her to be whipped.

The nerve of these hypocrites disgusts me. We lock up people responsible for literally thousands of brutal murders and get lambasted the planet over because their prayer book touches the ground during a routine search. These people torture middle aged female aid workers and it's considered acceptable because that's their culture.

The Israelis accidentally kill civilians when they drop a bomb on a Katyusha multiple launch system sandwhiched between two Lebanese high-rises and they're war criminals. Their enemies wait at the bus stop for the extension bus carrying the class school trip, and they're freedom fighters.

This is preposterous. If these scoundrels are right, then I hope I'm the wrongest person alive.

Islamist Wants Jihadist in U.S. Government

Mitt Romney is looking better all the time.

According to The Politico, a Pakistani Muslim named Mansoor Ijaz asked Romney at a recent fundraiser whether he would put a Muslim in his presidential cabinet.

Romney answered he “cannot see that a Cabinet position would be justified” based on the percentage of Muslims in the U.S.

All the more power to him. There is no room in the American – or any – government for a jihadist.

After 9/11 there was a scramble by liberals and defeatists to understand Muslims. Does anyone believe FDR decided to understand the Nazis before he firebombed Dresden?

The Islamist who asked Romney this question, we can only conclude, is either a) a democrat, b) an Islamofascist or c) both.

Between B. Hussein Obama running for president and 9/11 Truther Keith Ellison representing a portion of Michigan, we cannot afford anymore extremist Islamo-enemies to run our Judeo-Christian government.

Besides, Mitt Romney has never been known to appoint members to his government based on race, like a democrat. He will obviously appoint the person who is best for the job.

By definition, no Islamofascist can be best for the job of cabinet member in the Romney administration because the United States does not negotiate with terrorists.

French Criminals Try to Murder Terrified Police Outside Paris

Deranged rioters continued their onslaught against French security services last night in the aftermath of an "accident" in which two teenaged felons killed themselves by crashing their speeding, stolen motorcycle into a police car. Villiers-le-Bel, the suburb in which the disturbances are unfolding, was nearly destroyed by its own out-of-control residents during the uninstigated mayhem that shattered the suburbs of France's largest city two years ago this month. The most recent mayhem comes as le president, the relatively rational Nicholas Sarkozy, attempts to crush a strike and subsequent terrorist campaign launched by the nation's transit workers nearly two weeks ago.

The rioters have justified their absolutely insane behavior with the claim that the two French officers in the stricken police vehicle left the suffering criminals to die by the side of the road as they made a hasty retreat from the neighborhood. Despite the fact that any other action would have been completely irrational given the now-chronic behavior of the local inhabitants, this has been disproven by multiple eye-witness accounts. Several reports indicate that the police franctically tried to resuscitate the at-fault teens, despite grave personal risk.

I hope le president takes a firm stand against these pseudo-terrorists. It's a known fact that his countrymen didn't have the courage - or the class - to stand up to al Qaeda in Iraq and Afghanistan, but hopefully he will take a stand against the gang of thugs that are now trying to destroy their own welfare state, starting at the government-provided homes they live in.

President Meets With Disgraced Child

Disgraced ex-Vice President and current fat global whining advocate Al Gore visited the oval office yesterday, and it’s the closest he’ll ever get to the White House.

The Associated Press reports that “Gore was among the 2007 Nobel Prize winners who were invited in for a photo and some chatter with the president; Gore got the recognition for his work on global” whining.

Bush and Gore met for a 40-minute private session, as well, where the two apparently exchanged pleasantries on Gore’s make-believe life.

Perhaps President Bush is feeling down from all the negative press he’s gotten, yet hasn’t deserved. But according to some sources, the President actually believes the hype surrounding, literally, a worldwide conspiracy.

But listen here, Gore: You can’t fool all the people all the time.

Here at Freedom Brothers, we are well aware that global "warming" was created as a wedge issue to institute a carbon tax on the rich and gain voter sympathy with the democrat Party.

Because if there’s one thing a democrat can’t stand, it’s the rich not being taxed for some made up cause.

Since releasing his supposed movie, Gore has been on the attack – attacking our president with his usual tirade about his own wrong opinions on the Iraq liberation, and attacking the liberal media for (get this!) not being liberal enough.

It’s obvious that his eight years being marginalized in the White House, along with his landslide defeat in the 2000 election has left him with more than just a stick up his you-know-what.

Now he’s out for revenge – on the media, the Republican Party, and the American voter – and he doesn’t care if he takes the country down with him.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Terrorist Dressed Like Woman Wins Complimentary One Way Ticket to Cuba

Ted Kennedy - You may now kiss the bride.

CNN reported today that the Iraqi Army detained two terrorists from the hard core of the Iraqi insurgency last week at a checkpoint 12 miles north of Taji. At the time, one of the men, Haider al-Bahadli, was dressed in a stunning white wedding gown and veil. He and his boy-toy, Abbas al-Dobbi, were initially stopped after one of the Iraqi Patriots manning the position realized he wasn't in Hawaii - or any other place encouraging homosexual unions for that matter. During a brief investigation, it emerged that when not cross-dressing, the transvestites took part in another hobby: the wonton slaughter of Iraqi civilians.

In addition to the obvious military and political victories resulting from the surge, we now have a more symbolic example of the terrorists' destruction. Whereas two years ago, Iraqi insurgents in ski-masks prowled the IED-laced streets of al-Fallujah, ar-Ramadi and even Baghdad touting RPG's and heavy machine guns, our Troops (and of course the courageous homegrown freedom fighters of the Iraqi Army) have reduced our enemies to a sniveling band of teenaged boys dressed as girls. Now, one of those girls and her husband-to-be are going for their honeymoon in the Caribbean paradise that is Cuba - only they'll be travelling there one way complements of the United States of America, and enjoying a 360-degree view of concrete walls through a twelve square foot, fifteen foot high, concertina-wire topped chain link fence.

Al-Dobbi can give his wife - and days of freedom - a long kiss goodbye. On behalf of the Iraqi people, the American people and the Freedom Brothers, I wish them both the trip of a lifetime.

Idiot to Campaign for Loser in Three States

Spotlight hog Oprah Winfrey will hit the campaign trail for wet blanket Hussein Obama next month, the Boston Globe reported today. Despite polls showing that aside from delusional maniac Ron Paul, the vast majority of republican candidates will crush any Democrat in the general election, the gazillionaire exploitationist will stake her reputation on endorsing the future political graveyard occupant. Winfrey is an outspoken left-wing "feminist", which actually makes her decision more surprising - intuitively, one would have thought she'd come out supporting Bill Clinton's Wife.

Winfrey has built a multi-million woman following across North America by alternately playing off females' sense of inadequacy and skewering easy targets like scam artist James Frey. This time around, she suprisingly chose not to take the easy way out, instead turning to a man facing likely humiliation before he even has the chance to face a Republican. She must be listening to that little voice in her head.

It's saying, "Hey, you never know."

Unfortunately, this isn't some lottery commercial. This is the United States of America - a conservative country that values actual values, not the perspective of wishy-washy ex-drug abusers. Still, Oprah has made humongous sums of money off of people like Hussein, so it makes sense, unlike so much of the liberal agenda.

Poll Shows Rationality Among American Voters

In a recent Zogby poll, Socialist Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton trails Rudy Giuliani, Mitt Romney, Fred Thompson, and Mike Huckabee in hypothetical general election matchups.

These polls are a stark contrast from this summer, where Clinton narrowly edged out all Republican candidates.

America is beginning to wake up.

Here's something you won't hear from the liberal media: the past seven years have been a triumphant success for the Republican party. We have single-handedly avoided more terrorist attacks, launched and won two successful wars simultaneously, modernized the military, protected marriage, and stopped communist medicine in its tracks.

And the Democrats have whined for the entire ride.

We here at Freedom Brothers will not endorse a specific candidate, but we will be honest: Besides Crazy Ron Paul they are all satisfactory. Some more than others.

But in a world as dangerous and deadly as ours, it would be treason to even fathom the election of a Defeatist Democrat.

Religion of Peace Radicals, Illegals Team Up To Kill America

The CIA has thwarted an attack on an Arizona Army base, says The Washington Times.

Radical Islamists, illegal immigrants (throw the Democrats in there and you’ve got the full house of America’s enemies) had been planning an attack on Fort Huachuca, the nation’s largest intelligence training center.

The Religion of Peace terrorists included 60 Afghan and Iraqi terrorists, who had been smuggled underground by Godless illegals through underground tunnels.

The FBI Advisory says that the Middle Easterners paid Mexican drug lords $20,000 each, or the equivalent in weapons.

According to the source who spoke with DEA intelligence agents, "the weapons included two Milan anti-tank missiles, Soviet-made surface-to-air missiles, grenade launchers, long guns and handguns."

Oh yes, this is war.

America and her landscape are being threatened, invaded, by Mexicans and terrorists – once unfamiliar with each other, now with a common goal: America’s defeat.

And the Democrats yawn.

Union Ruins Thanksgiving for Tens of Thousands, Still Determining Whether to Wreck Christmas

Af if costing the City of New York $2 million a day for the last two weeks were not enough, Local 1 of the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees spit in the face of the hard-working American public Sunday as it refused to back off its insane demands. Last night, Bruce Cohen, the union's spokesman boo-hooed, "We are closer than we were twelve hours ago but not close enough to have a deal."

Local 1 represents the interests of the crybabies who scrub the stage before and after performances. These criminals claim that they're underpaid, despite the fact that many of them make six figure salaries to do the same work that others get paid minimum wage (or, in most other countries, pennies) to do. More hilariously, these weaklings demand that theater owners be forced to hire two, sometimes three employees for the work of one man, because what they do (painting pieces of cardboard, sticking masking tape on the floor, picking up candy wrappers accidentally dropped by paying customers, mopping up the sweat of more talented individuals) is such a crushing burden upon them.


This is what happens when liberals let regulation and free-fire zone litigation run wild - those losers in trenchcoats who used to hang out in the auditorium during lunch period get well paid to do the same thing as grown ups. Give me a break.

Update: Liberal Hate Bombs At Theaters

De Palma better have "Scarface 2" in the works if he ever wants to rebound from this atrocity.

According to The New York Post, "Redacted", the liberal movie which spews poisonous venom into the eyes of our troops fighting overseas so anti-Americans like De Palma can have the right to insult them this way, took in less than $26,000 in its opening weekend.

That's like Gigli bad. Worse, actually.

With overwhelming support for our troops and their mission overseas, it seems unlikely that the elites in Hollywood could make any cash at all off the public, who since the days of Jane Fonda, have rejected them consistently.

According to non-partisan movie critic Michael Medved, "Redacted" "“could be the worst movie I've ever seen."

Here's what liberals don't get: America loves the troops and loves winning, especially when winning means literally handing freedom to those who love freedom. No one wants to hear about the lies of a supposed rape that may or may not have happened in Iraq. In fact, piling evidence has begun to show that no such incident ever occurred.

So you know that once this conspiracy theory gets debunked, John Murtha will be accusing our troops of cold blooded killings.

And to think liberals believe they're going to take the White House in 2008 when their base openly hates the troops.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Enemy of the Week: Joe Francis

Mothers... Lock up your daughters. Joe Francis is Enemy of the Week.

You might know this dirtbag better by the filthy product he unleashed upon society than by the stupid smile on his face. Francis is the pornographer responsible for the Girls Gone Wild exploitation series, which features intoxicated young women goaded into getting naked on video.

It was reported Friday that Francis has accused officials at Grady County Law Enforcement Center of threatening to strap him to a chair naked for 48 hours while he was in jail earlier this month on tax evasion charges. Now, to be fair, since this is America and this walking, talking piece of garbage is (unfortunately) not an enemy combatant, he is entitled to some rights.

Still, shouldn't our standards of what is cruel and unusual be subject to the cruelty and unusualness of the prisoner in question? I, for one, don't see how a man who's made (untaxed) millions off of uncompensated nude young girls has the nerve to protest what was simply a threat of going naked.

Joe Francis - you are Enemy of the Week.

Obama Talks Drinking and Drugging with Kids

Earlier this week, Hussein Obama managed to restrain himself from literally laughing in the face of educators and law enforcement officials across the country as he reminisced on his cocaine dusted, alcohol soaked past with a room full of teenaged New Hampshirites. In his comments at an Alton, NH high school Tuesday, the Democratic candidate described his frequent consumption of alcohol underage, abuse of illegal substances and sex-fueled fanatasies. The obvious implication of his address was that these children too could break the law and still hope to become icons of America's sham left-wing movement.

Hussein chuckled, "I will confess to you that I was kind of a goof-off in high school as my mom reminded me." I guess this kind of behavior passes for "goofing off" in what my colleague Freedom Eagle would refer to as Generation Porn. I wonder how this man reconciles his love of the green leaf with the average hard-working American's commitment to seeing Afghan narco-terrorists rotting in their burned-out opium fields.

Americans need to ask themselves who they want to lead this country: the star quarterback, former Class President - or that stoner who could barely play off-beat guitar in the middle school reggae band. We all need to keep in mind that whoever is chosen won't be judged by a bunch of sixteen year old Upper New Englanders, but Fat Man Chavez, Kim Jong-il and abu Ayyub al-Masri.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

America Clenches Fist, Prepares to Crush iranians

One of America's highest ranking military figures, Admiral Timothy Keating, responded today to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's claim that the United States military was "shabby" and "rusty" by confirming that it was ready to plant him seven feet deep in an unmarked grave. In fact, Admiral Keating took the opportunity to assure Americans that our Troops' capabilities are even more advanced than they were six years ago, before taking the fight to the Enemy in the Global War on Terror.

Over the past two years, it has been proven by the Bush Administration that Occupied iran is responsible for the wonton slaughter of American military personnel and civilians across Iraq. More egregiously, it is developing atomic bombs for use against American and Israeli population centers. Unfortunately, the Democratic cowards trying to run this joke of a Congress have repeatedly impeded all efforts by the US executive, judicial and military apparatus to confront the Islamist threat head on, instead relying on a varying series of back-pats, wrist-slaps and Nancy Pelosi coffee-talks to teach the iranian regime their lesson. And they’re doing this even as our Troops are chomping at the bit, ready to obliterate Little Man and liberate the Iranian people.

What has our country come to? Would our fathers and grandfathers have stood back as some fascist madman waved a nuclear bomb in our face? No. They would have gotten in a boat, sailed across the ocean and killed him.

It’s time for a change in 2008. I hope the American people are ready to make it.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Frenchmen Sabotage Democracy

Limp-wrist communists destroyed several signaling stations around Paris this morning, grinding the already low quality TGV transportation network to a halt. Millions of siesta-takers were forced to miss out on their seven hour (minus lunch break) "work" days. Most failed to note the upside - they wouldn't have to give 90% of their day's earnings to their own welfare state, and those of a half-dozen or so impoverished Eastern European nations.

It's reported that the insurgents were prompted into action by Nikolas Sarkozy's decision to move France into the 21st century. Though le président has only been in office since May 16th of this year, he has moved assertively to repair several decades worth of anti-American policy, perhaps out of recognition that French soldiers would be eating schnitzel in concentration camp guard towers right now were it not for our Troops heroic efforts in the Second World War. He recently took a forceful stand against the well-loved Socialist policy of paying French "workers" at their full or near-full salaries from the time of their retirement to the time of their death - even if these same "workers" were only employed to the age of 50.

Sarkozy has insisted that his administration intends to persue the terrorists aggressively, calling for the deployment of specially trained police teams to hunt them down. For my part, I wouldn't mind seeing our Government offer American resources to help le président. As our commanders in the War Against Terror could certainly confirm, a hellfire missile to the face is sometimes the proverbial spoonful of sugar that helps the medicine go down.

Terrorists Forced to Wait in Long Lines at the DMV

Suicide bombers in San Francisco now have one less thing to worry about: getting carded at the entrance to the night club. Reuter’s reports that the City by the Bay is now offering photo identification to residents – regardless of whether they’re hard-working Americans from California, hard-drug traffickers from Chihuahua or battle-hardened veterans from the Chechen War. This scheme was backed by the city’s Board of Supervisors 10 – 1, making it the largest municipality to embrace this insane pattern of legalization-of-illegality to date.

San Francisco’s sham of a mayor, Gavin Newsome, has actually admitted that he would not allow city officials and employees to assist immigration raids by federal authorities seeking people who had committed crimes or disregarded deportation orders. At first, this proposition frightened me, but I came to the conclusion that if San Franciscans (approximately 2% of whom actually identify themselves as living in a homosexual household) aren’t man enough to even nominally fight terror and illegal employment, they probably aren’t man enough to break down a door.

The most horrifying part of this news is that this isn’t even as bad as it gets. Eliot Spitzer, governor of fortified left-wing bastion New York, has proposed a law permitting terrorists to legally drive themselves to the airport.

What’s next?

Liberal Hate Monger Against Thanksgiving

This guy just doesn't know when to quit.

On the liberal hate site Huffington Post, Hollywood elitist Bill Maher, known for wishing the death of Vice President Richard Cheney and claiming the 9/11 hijackers were heroes, now says Americans should "stuff the tradition of turkey for Thanksgiving right where it belongs -- in history's trash can."

Maher should be tried for treason.

Thanksgiving is a holiday Americans have celebrated for generations upon generations. It's a chance for loving American families to take a time out from their often-too-busy lives, and simply love. That's what this is about: love.

But Maher makes a living hating others. If this were the 40s, he would have been put in a detention camp with the other spies. His liberalism is out of control. He is the poster boy for the porn generation, believing it's entitled to everything with no repercussions.

Maher, in the same article, refers to child-hating Alec Baldwin as "my fellow animal-lover and HuffPo Blogger", which suggests they are friends. Although, I find it hard to believe two men with so much hate in their heads (hate for our troops, the president, America, etc.) have the time to become friendly with each other.

He also calls on disgraced former Vice President Al Gore to become a vegetarian. The mental disorder associated with this liberal is monstrous. Doesn't this guy remember 9/11?

Vegetarianism has proven to cause a lifetime of disease - both mental and physical. This may explain Maher, a hardcore anti-American PETA nazi.

Perhaps Maher should go exactly where his last show "Politically Incorrect" went.

Happy Thanksgiving fellow conservatives, from my family to yours. Eat and be healthy.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

International Emmy Awards: Fraud and Treason-Fantasy Win Big

Environmental Sham Artist Al Gore and the Anti-American Profiteer Gabriel Range took home the gold at the 2007 International Emmy Awards Monday for their work producing liberal mouthpiece Current TV and the Presidential assassination wet dream "Death of a President" respectively.

Al Gore took the opportunity to whine about "the environmental crisis" that he has continuously accused the American people of causing over the last few years. After he was finished making his half-baked, self-glorifying claims, his colleague at Current TV, drug-addicted serial divorcee Robert de Niro, took the opportunity to perpetuate the myth that Gore was somehow "voted out of office by the Supreme Court" and not by the informed public.

The conspiracy against the American lifestyle and government continued with the awarding of "Best TV Movie or Miniseries" to "Death of a President" - a slanderous Limp-Wrist European Made-for-TV film. The film depicts the US as some sort of fascist entity after law enforcement officials accidentally convict an outspoken, cold-blooded Islamic terrorist instead of the actual perpetrator - a mentally ill person.

I have to say, had I chosen to watch this joke of an "awards" ceremony, I would have noticed that it would have had the exact same winners list as the "International Liars and Left Wing Propaghanda Awards". Luckily, I didn't.

Europe Works with Gay Congressman to Legalize Vice in the US

Reuters reports that Peter Mandelson, the Commissioner of the (sham) European Union met with homosexual Tax-achusetts Senator Barney Frank earlier this month to encourage the losening of US laws prohibiting European companies from providing online gambling services to Americans. Mandelson, an Englishman, claims that our government is in fact discriminating against Europeans' opportunity to conduct business freely within our borders.

I have bad news Mandelson. We've already yielded enough of our rights to the ruddy-faced parka-wearers up north and the sweaty burrito eaters down south. I don't care what kind of pillow talk you're having with Frank. The hard working American has had enough of this GNP crushing job give-away. Don't plan on us flapping a wrist limply and tossing aside our passports to become the 28th nation to sacrifice its identity, its rights and, most of all, its living.

The pinky-wavers think that by talking to the marginalized liberals in our government, they're going to be able to roll right in and open a whorehouse on every other corner. They take it for granted that we're weak willed like they are themselves - the kind of people who go into a war fought for democracy itself expecting to be home for tea time with Granny.

Frighteningly enough, if Barack Hussein or Clinton II can smile their way past American values and get elected, Bad Teeth may well get his wish against the will of the American people after all. This is why we need someone with proven tenacity to run our country - someone like Rudy Giulliani, or John McCain. If you can stand up to a suicidal fanatic or a Vietcong torture session, by God you won't bend over to a European siesta-taker.

Member of Liberal Media Revealed as Extremist Traitor

The U.S. Military has accused an Associated Press photographer of having links to terrorist groups. Are we supposed to be shocked?

How many more cases of this do we need before we can have a full, Bush-appointed government investigation into our American media? I'd say start by putting away Paul Krugman and Maureen Dowd, then move onto Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews.

Since the 60s, the media has been out to take down America from the inside. This is just another case. Where's CAIR when you need them? - for comedic purposes only, of course.

But at least this guy has been in custody.

The Associated Press lawyers and A.C.L.U. can cry foul all they want, but in the end what matters is what is good for America. And what's good for America is an unbiased media whose sole mission is to report the facts, not to insult the Republican president and the troops. And certainly not to aid and abet our enemies.

Thank God for new media and talk radio.

John Kerry "Swift Boated" Himself When He Lied About Our Troops

Whether he's calling our brave, admirable troops terrorists, or calling them stupid, it's obvious Kerry has had a 40 year vendetta against our fighting men and women.

And now he's at it again.

T. Boone Pickens - businessman, billionaire, great American - has said he would pay $1 million to anyone who could prove that the Swift Boat Veterans For Truth gave false statements during their honorable service to this country during the 2004 elections.

It's safe to say they saved the country from at least two more 9/11-style terrorist attacks.

Anyway, the Winter Soldier himself has decided to take up the offer. What, the ketchup money rolling in isn't enough for you? Can't get by on your congressional pay, John?

It's obvious, however, that this is simply a publicity stunt because John Kerry is worried about losing his senate seat in the 2008 elections, as his approval ratings in Tax-achusetts are well below 50 percent. If it weren't all about publicity, then why would he wait so long to refute the Swift Boat Veterans - other than there being free money involved?

Democrats play the victim card like it's their job. In 2000, when Bush won a clear victory over Al Gore, the Democrats made up a story about the Supreme Court handing Bush the election. When Bush beat Kerry by a landslide in 2004, with a mandate from the American people, has-been environazi and convicted drug fiend Robert Kennedy, Jr. wrote an article supposedly contesting the election results. The reputable journal of American politics he chose to write his article in? Rolling Stone.

Now, "Swift Boating" has become a propagandous term used by Democrats while they accuse each other of falsely attacking. What they fail to realize is that the Swift Boat attacks weren't your run-of-the-mill political triangulation attacks, they worked because they were true, and the accusers were honest, trustworthy, non-partisan military veterans. The warrior class.

But then again, Democrats admittedly hate our troops, so who can really blame them?

Liberals Admit: Baghdad Liberated

After 5 long years of doubting our Troops' courageous dedication and the Bush Administration's steadfast determination, the left wingers at the New York Times have finally admitted the truth: the terrorists are in defeat and the Iraqi people are free. The surge has provided the eons-old Iraqi civilization with the chance to overcome the murderous craze of violent Islam, and given them the chance to move forward into a new, democratic era.

If the liberals had paid attention to the Bush administration from the beginning, instead of ignoring the experts - our Generals on the ground - two, maybe three years of savage murder perpetrated by their Naziesque foes could have been averted. Even as our troops unflinchingly faced the daily chaos without even a murmur of desent, the left-wingers in congress (that frigid 'witch' Nancy Pelosi & her gang) cowed to the Enemy. It's a good thing nobody handed them a rifle.

Well, thanks New York Times. Thanks CNN. Your acknowledgement of reality proves that you aren't liars after all. Just cowards.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Liberal Movie Insults Troops

Why does Hollywood hate America so much?

As reported by The Politico, “After months of controversy, scathing reviews, a fight with his own distributor and calls for a boycott by Fox News’ bully with a pulpit, Brian DePalma’s movie about the Iraq war — “Redacted” — finally opens in 16 theaters today.”

The movie centers around last year’s supposed “Mahmuditah killings” where a 14 year-old girl was supposedly killed by an American soldier.

Listen up Hollywood: This is war! People die! If you hate America and our troops so much, to fictionalize one story of the war into obscurity, maybe you should move to France. You’ll still have Cannes.

If DePalma wasn’t a Dixie Chick in disguise, biased against our troops, values, heroes, and conservative leaders, he’d make a movie about all the good things happening in Iraq. Why doesn’t the media want to report the Iraqi troops standing up to the terrorists? How about a movie about the killings that go on in cities where Democrats are in charge?

They don’t report on it because they hate the president, Republicans in general, and our fighting men and women, the ones who keep us safe from the terrorists while we sleep.

The media wants their socialist, liberal, Stalinist utopia to come true, so they do things like metaphorically spit in our soldiers’ faces with their movies, and make jokes about their supposed lack of elitist education.

And I’m sure DePalma has a movie about Bill Clinton’s various rape and murder victims in the works.

A Real Life Get Out of Jail Free Card: Palestinian Terrorists Rewarded

When Palestinian terrorists win, Israeli civilians lose - but don't tell that to Olmert. As bin Laden, Nasrallah and al-Masri watched from their caves, the Israeli government released 441 blood-drenched Palestinian prisoners back into the fight.

No. It wasn't Shi-riveled Up Peres and Ehud Chirac who sponsered this travesty. It was the leftist Kadima party and other Likud turncoats. It couldn't have been too scary a proposition either - for them at least. The Israeli cabinet will be eating pomegranites on a first class flight to Annapolis by the time these criminals have found enough ball bearings, screws and hypodermic needles to put in their vests. Maybe in the Prime Minister's absence, he'll turn the Israeli Border Patrol and Department of Motor Vehicles over to Bill Richardson so he can test out his "public safety" plan.

At least the Israeli public can sleep a little more soundly taking for granted that the 441 celebrants are nothing more than failures. After all, if they weren't, they wouldn't have made it to jail in the first place.

The Kennedys: As American as the Gulag

What came first – the Kennedy dynasty or the rapid decline of moral values as we know them?

This is a question that has haunted me for some time. The Kennedys have single-handedly destroyed our country. With the 1960 election came a wave of Anti-Americanism, naïve foreign policy, and counter cultures with the ruthless pursuit of the decay of our youth’s fragile minds. And Kennedy, he welcomed these freedom-hating hippies with open arms.

With JFK’s assassination came anti-American, anti-CIA, anti-FBI conspiracy theories that gave us the worst generation, spawn of the greatest. Some of that worst generation, namely a liberal Hollywood elitist named Oliver Stone have opened up this theory to the lazy, take-everything-for-granted generation, with his anti-Democracy tirade he called a film, “JFK.”

Robert Kennedy tried to run as a populist in 1968, and is now immortalized, though he had even less career accomplishments than his 2007 empty suit equivalent, B. Hussein Obama.

Ted Kennedy is to America as cancer is to the human body: it kills it. After Teddy murdered his mistress, then lied about it, then was let off the hook by his elitist, liberal, loony cronies, he actually had the nerve to run for president twice. Though, he couldn’t figure out why. Saying you want to actually end a country’s existence to create a communist North American Union with open borders, no national language, free drug use, an anarchist state taxed into the poor house, well that’s not really going to win the heart of the average American voter. So he lied about his true pursuit.

But if Teddy had ever been honest, he’d be in jail.

Overweight Communist and Pasty Fascist Threaten US, Ignore Impending Demise

Fat bastard Hugo Chavez and his little friend, that puke Ahmadinijad, lambasted the Bush Administration on Monday from Saudi Arabia. The dictator spoke alongside the President of Occupied iran after a conference of oil-racket OPEC in Riyadh Saturday during which he threatening hard-working Americans across the country with $200 per barrel oil prices.

"Soon we will not talk about dollars because the dollar is falling in value and the empire of the dollar is crashing," Chavez said. He failed to note when the Venezuelan bolívar, currently valued at 0.000466 of one US Dollar, would become the standard currency for international business.

The 5-foot-something drink of water by his side echoed his sentiments, referring to the dollar as "a worthless piece of paper." He also - logically - failed to notice the logical implication: his suggestion would place the value of the iranian Rial at 1/9,334 of nothing.

I find it strange that autocrats around the world are still banking their countries and their lives on the underdog gimick. I have news for you Big Boy - it didn't work for the Chicago Cubs and it didn't work for Saddam. If you and Little Man keep up your two prong plan of building weapons of mass destruction and threatening the lives of innocent American citizens, you're going to end up standing (sans-smile) on the gallows getting taunted by Shiites.

Democrats Slow Bleeding Our Troops: Treasonous?

Are the Democrats, the supposed “party of the people” actually against freedom now?

Have they forgotten about the millions dead in Southeast Asia after they forced our brave men to leave without finishing the job? Estimates have said, repeatedly over the years, that the United States only needed one more year to defeat the Viet Cong and turn Vietnam into a Beacon of paradise for all South Vietnamese freedom-loving citizens. But the Democrats chose then, as now, to slow bleed our troops.

They’re trying to rip freedom from the hard-working hands of the Iraqi people, just after we have turned the last corner.

Reports from Iraq aren’t just positive, they couldn’t be any better. U.S. officials on Sunday declared a 55 percent drop in attacks since the launch of an offensive nine months ago, The Washington Post reports.

Bush has been listening to our troops on the ground, who say Iraqi civilian casualties are down 60 percent since June, and they have dropped 75 percent in Baghdad.

Iran has surrendered to President Bush and Vice-President Cheney.

But you won’t hear this from the mouths of Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi. The Democrats know that they can’t win unless America loses. The party of Roosevelt and Truman has become the party of doom and gloom.

Jihadis Plan Six Flags Gaza

Reuters reports that the criminal Hamas regime is building a terrorist-themed "fun park" in Khan Yunis, within the terrorist-themed "fun park" that is the Gaza Strip. Plans call for amusement rides, a zoo and a film studio that will publicize Palestinian experiences through 60 years of so-called Jihad against the so-called Israeli occupation. Criminal spokesman Fathi Hammad claims that the $20 million project will proceed despite the complete blockade of construction equipment and materials into the squalid hellhole abutting Southern Israel and Eastern Egypt.

It's clear that these cretins don't find the complete domination of their impotent brothers in Fatah to be sufficient when it comes to completely (mis-)shaping the minds of the Muslim youth in their charge. They need to turn to the Disney model to pound them into future cannon fodder in their fascist campaign against the only democratic people in the region. Apparently, Hamas is smart about one thing though. They plan on constructing most structures out of wood and mud, so they can rebuild more cheaply and easily each time they take one of their now-monthly daisy cutters to the face from the IDF.