Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Islamist Wants Jihadist in U.S. Government

Mitt Romney is looking better all the time.

According to The Politico, a Pakistani Muslim named Mansoor Ijaz asked Romney at a recent fundraiser whether he would put a Muslim in his presidential cabinet.

Romney answered he “cannot see that a Cabinet position would be justified” based on the percentage of Muslims in the U.S.

All the more power to him. There is no room in the American – or any – government for a jihadist.

After 9/11 there was a scramble by liberals and defeatists to understand Muslims. Does anyone believe FDR decided to understand the Nazis before he firebombed Dresden?

The Islamist who asked Romney this question, we can only conclude, is either a) a democrat, b) an Islamofascist or c) both.

Between B. Hussein Obama running for president and 9/11 Truther Keith Ellison representing a portion of Michigan, we cannot afford anymore extremist Islamo-enemies to run our Judeo-Christian government.

Besides, Mitt Romney has never been known to appoint members to his government based on race, like a democrat. He will obviously appoint the person who is best for the job.

By definition, no Islamofascist can be best for the job of cabinet member in the Romney administration because the United States does not negotiate with terrorists.

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