Tuesday, November 27, 2007

East African Genocide Mongers Sentence British Aid Worker to Torture Session

The al Qaeda affiliated, Darfurian blood sipping Sudanese government strapped on another sandbag this weekend, speeding it's rapid descent into hell. Aid worker Gillian Gibbons, 54, was arrested and thrown into a Khartoum dungeon Sunday after committing a truly horrifying offense: allowing the seven year old children she teaches to name a stuffed teddy bear Mohammed. This gives well-meaning Westerners yet another reason not to do nice things for the degenerate inhabitants of this post-apocalyptic hellhole - at least until the United States, Israel and/or Britain melt the country down from a pile of sand to a sheet of glass.

Humanitarian Gibbons invited her students to choose the name of the stuffed animal which she graciously gave to the class as a mascot and aid in her lessons about animals and their habitats. It wasn't until she offered the students the chance to take turns bringing the doll home that her life was destroyed. At that point, she was reported by informants and seized by the Gestapoesque authorities, who have sentenced her to be whipped.

The nerve of these hypocrites disgusts me. We lock up people responsible for literally thousands of brutal murders and get lambasted the planet over because their prayer book touches the ground during a routine search. These people torture middle aged female aid workers and it's considered acceptable because that's their culture.

The Israelis accidentally kill civilians when they drop a bomb on a Katyusha multiple launch system sandwhiched between two Lebanese high-rises and they're war criminals. Their enemies wait at the bus stop for the extension bus carrying the class school trip, and they're freedom fighters.

This is preposterous. If these scoundrels are right, then I hope I'm the wrongest person alive.

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