Monday, November 19, 2007

Jihadis Plan Six Flags Gaza

Reuters reports that the criminal Hamas regime is building a terrorist-themed "fun park" in Khan Yunis, within the terrorist-themed "fun park" that is the Gaza Strip. Plans call for amusement rides, a zoo and a film studio that will publicize Palestinian experiences through 60 years of so-called Jihad against the so-called Israeli occupation. Criminal spokesman Fathi Hammad claims that the $20 million project will proceed despite the complete blockade of construction equipment and materials into the squalid hellhole abutting Southern Israel and Eastern Egypt.

It's clear that these cretins don't find the complete domination of their impotent brothers in Fatah to be sufficient when it comes to completely (mis-)shaping the minds of the Muslim youth in their charge. They need to turn to the Disney model to pound them into future cannon fodder in their fascist campaign against the only democratic people in the region. Apparently, Hamas is smart about one thing though. They plan on constructing most structures out of wood and mud, so they can rebuild more cheaply and easily each time they take one of their now-monthly daisy cutters to the face from the IDF.

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