Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Occupied iran Invites Carpet-Bombing

Blood-drenched “President” Ahmadinejad invited the carpet-bombing of Occupied iran when he dismissed the Annapolis Peace conference, which is expected to bring an inevitable peace to the region.

He brought back his usual anti-Semitic rhetoric with his intent of destroying the west and forcing Israel to “collapse.” He said: "It is impossible that the Zionist regime will survive. Collapse is in the nature of this regime because it has been created on aggression, lying, oppression and crime."

Ahmadinejad, a well-known freedom hater and sociopath, once worked as an iranian guard and helped torture American prisoners after the impotent Jimmy Carter allowed them to be taken hostage when radicals overthrew the Democratically-elected Shah.

He said the Annapolis Peace conference was meant to isolate Occupied iran.

As reported by the Jerusalem Post, President Bush and his loyal ally Prime Minister Olmert will hold a second, private meeting at the White House to figure out what to do about the nutjob, who has time and again aided and abetted terrorists who kill American troops.

Olmert, reflecting the view of the vast majority of Americans (all Americans besides 9/11 Truth liberals), said President Bush “has the courage. There is no one in the world today who has greater courage and determination, and a sense of mission about these issues."

Israel and the United States will keep weapons out of the hands of the Occupied iranian regime. Otherwise, as Bush has said, World War III will erupt. And as Olmert has stated in the past: "Israel can't accept the possibility of Iranians having nuclear weapons, and we will act together with the international forces, starting with America, in order to prevent it."

Occupied iran has insinuated several times in the past that it plans to use its already-developed weapons of mass destruction to destroy Israeli and American cities.

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