Monday, November 26, 2007

Union Ruins Thanksgiving for Tens of Thousands, Still Determining Whether to Wreck Christmas

Af if costing the City of New York $2 million a day for the last two weeks were not enough, Local 1 of the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees spit in the face of the hard-working American public Sunday as it refused to back off its insane demands. Last night, Bruce Cohen, the union's spokesman boo-hooed, "We are closer than we were twelve hours ago but not close enough to have a deal."

Local 1 represents the interests of the crybabies who scrub the stage before and after performances. These criminals claim that they're underpaid, despite the fact that many of them make six figure salaries to do the same work that others get paid minimum wage (or, in most other countries, pennies) to do. More hilariously, these weaklings demand that theater owners be forced to hire two, sometimes three employees for the work of one man, because what they do (painting pieces of cardboard, sticking masking tape on the floor, picking up candy wrappers accidentally dropped by paying customers, mopping up the sweat of more talented individuals) is such a crushing burden upon them.


This is what happens when liberals let regulation and free-fire zone litigation run wild - those losers in trenchcoats who used to hang out in the auditorium during lunch period get well paid to do the same thing as grown ups. Give me a break.

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