Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Murder-Death-Kill: The Demolition Man Comes in the Form Of U.S. “Healthcare” Legislation

It’s happened.

B. Hussein Obama and his comrades in the U.S. totalitarian parliament have officially watched the final bubble float to the top of the toilet in which they’ve been holding the American peoples’ collective heads.

And now it’s time to rape the corpse.

In what should be God’s day – Sunday – the American Communist Party forced the religious, Flag saluting members of congress – Republicans – to leave their caring, loving families behind and vote on B. Hussein’s healthcare death bill. And Republicans, for their part, did all they could to stop the iniquitous death panels, publicly funded infanticide, rationed care, death camps, poisoning our military through death books, and forced, caged internment of conservatives.

Representing the nerophelic wing of America, democrats nefariously laughed as their 2,000 pages of evil were shoved further down America’s throats, vote by murderous vote, until the reverse-racists, bigots, and anti-family zealots reached the inevitable 217 – exactly the number of Americans citizens who’ll be left with their freedom after B. Hussein’s little-reported 2011 “happening.” That is, the day those of us who oppose this illegal legislation are kidnapped by B. Hussein’s brownshirts and forced to shovel shit at FEMA re-education sites while we listen to Maoist progaganda (or as B. Hussein calls it, “Easy listening”) until our hearts stop beating due to exhaustion.

But hey, it’s all part of “progress,” right?

Nancy Pelosi’s broom couldn’t be reached for comment as it accompanied her to the plastic surgeon subsequent to shoving each and every page into the stomach and lungs of the limp American populace, laying solemn on the tiled floor, its bowels loosening.

Harry Reid is shrugging off his 8% approval rating, knowing he’ll be voted out come November – because to them, the socialist Republic is bigger than one man. It’s about slavery, reparations, disciplining hard work and getting on your knees for communist China.

It’s about wiping out civilization as we know it.

Reid, whose fetish for allowing “doctors” to shove knives through newborn’s tiny faces is well documented, wiped off, spit, and gave his best European soccer impression, shattering the already deteriorating ribcage.


Freedom Eagle couldn’t help but shed a tear as Lil’ Cal sat on his lap and asked what the Hitlerian legislation meant. “It means,” I told him, “the end of America as we know her.”

“But Dad,” he asked, distressed, “Can’t…can’t we stop it? Don’t we have a choice?”

“In a dictatorship,” I answered, “there is no choice.”