Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Lil Cal: An American Asks Of Socialism

“Daddy, why is he giving our money to people who don’t work?”

Yesterday, as B. Hussein signed the infamous spending bill, I had to explain to my son, Calvin, one of the hardest things a parent will ever have to clarify.

I’ve raised him well. We work out together in Freedom Eagle’s finished basement on my Total Gym and Nordic Flex. We fix each others’ protein shakes, we’ve gone through 58 cut-outs of “Osama: Wanted Dead or Alive” posters for our punching bags, and I’ve taken him to work so he can see his father in action, striving toward the American dream.

But he’s also seen the dark side of American life. He’s seen the drifters, the bums, the welfare mothers, the democrats rotating through their Obama T-shirts. He’s watched MSNBC.

So, I’m at a loss when my son asks me about the new Swedish model of American life. The America where our president, acting as a sissified Robin Hood, takes away Calvin’s father’s money and gives it to those very drifters, bums, welfare queens, and Disney Worlders who will spend their massive tax-cuts on more Obama T-shirts, gold-plated hubcaps for their Pontiacs, and cheap street drugs.

B. Hussein’s distrust in the flag, the military, the American way of life: It goes further than we can ever imagine. Our new supposed president has deep roots in hatred of American values. He has bathed in Indonesia with fellow Muslims and black power enthusiasts.

But people try to act with an open mind about our traitor-in-chief. They say that I, too, will learn not to blame my fraudulent Kenyan-born president. They say, sure, his father may have been Malcolm X. He may have been raised by a series of Marxist radicals, and his mother may have been a loosey goosey. But he is still human. His hatred of American values is seeded in his father’s abandonment, his step-father’s abandonment, and his mother’s abandonment while he was busy throwing his grandparents under the bus.

Freud might say, Hussein’s anti-Americanism is not his fault – completely.

But Freedom Eagle laughs. When B. Hussein takes a wrecking ball to Our American values, the Ayn Rand objectivist in me blames him. B. Hussein: You are responsible for your own destiny. You are responsible for the hatred you bring this country. You are responsible for demolishing the American family and the eventual flush that will send America spinning down a toilet the same way John Edwards flushed his wife’s cancer-stricken heart like it were cockied paper.

So when Lil’ Cal asks me the tough questions, I have to answer him the way I know best. I tell him his president – No longer President Bush – hates Lil’ Cal and all those hard-working, resilient kids whose parents have also worked through thick and thin to get where they are. His president – B. Hussein Obama – dreams of a society in which the poor, the lazy, the faked-handicapped, they stay at home all day drinking lemonade and sucking sugar cubes watching Jerry Springer. The rich – the ones with the wealth – we’re forced to slave at work for 12 hours every day – including weekends when Freedom Eagle and Lil’ Cal throw a football. Then we sign over all our hard-earned dough at gunpoint to those individuals sitting in the air conditioning, smoking Marxist Cuban cigars.

And when Lil’ Cal asks: “How do we stop him from doing that, Dad?” I answer in the way I know best: We pray for a miracle.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

First 17 Days: Change You Will Submit To

17 days.

That’s how long it took America to go from prosperous, abortion-eradicatng, land of pick-up trucks and beer to B. Hussein Obama’s comradical socialist dictatorship, where wombed infants are slaughtered by the dozens, and children are taught to not love.

First B. Hussein tried to pick a street fight (reminiscent of his days where, he claims, he lived “in the hood smoking chronic”) with American Hero Rush Limbaugh. Why, you ask? Because the talk radio king patriotically stated his own American values and wished for B. Hussein’s Stalinist values to be defeated by an informed American public. Handily, Limbaugh won the bout.

Then the man who once claimed a newborn child is “punishment” for a woman tried to shove billions of dollars of eugenic spending down our throats – with our own money. Republicans rightly heaved Hussein and Pelosi’s faces into the mud after that one, and Courageous Senator Jim DeMint called them out for their foolhardiness. “How in the world does STD research create jobs? Wait. Don't answer that. I don't want to know [since STDs are God’s punishment for having sinful sex before marriage],” said his aide.

Then, B. Hussein signed a socialist child healthcare act into place, much to the dismay of conservatives all over the country. And much to the dismay of those children who will be forced to choose an untrained government doctor over their own pediatrician whom they already know good and well.

Freedom Eagle wonders: Why do you, B. Hussein, get to dictate the health of MY child? Is it because you’re scared that when Lil’ Cal turns 18, he’ll pull the lever for the Pro-American candidate, rather than your anti-American wife, when she inevitably tries to step into the gigantic shoes of Bill Clinton’s hag?

17 days.

That’s how long it took for democratic Traitors to begin introducing the Fairness Doctrine, effectively duct-taping the mouths and jailing American heroes like Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage, and Ann Coulter. For those of you who don’t know, the “Fairness Doctrine” is neither fair, nor a doctrine. It is a law passed under tyrannical dicatators most often, designed to push a pro-liberal government message from the media, rather than a free-speech, conservative message. In other words, Hussein plans on flooding the airwaves with Soviet-esque propaganda, telling you his stimulus bill isn’t the beginnings of a welfare state from sea to shining sea. Eventually, Hussein falsely believes, you’ll believe his dark, slasher-film-esque image of American life.

Last but not least, New York democratic Representative Jose Serrano recently began holding hearings to quietly evaporate the 22nd amendment, which limits presidents to two terms. It was created after FDR (a good friend of Stalin) was elected president for four terms, raised taxes, and unconstitutionally stole the American people’s gold from underneath their beds. Jose Serrano (d-NY) wishes, with his sodomous constitutional amendment, to make B. Hussein “President for Life.” His words, not mine.

Have no doubt: B. Hussein is a dictator and will do whatever he can to remain as such. It took him 17 days to distort the patriotic words of the Patriot Act to stop FBI agents from performing searches on well-known terrorist suspects. He’s closed Club Gitmo and is instead bringing the terrorists here to walk Our streets, play games on Our farms, buy Our guns, and serve hamburgers to Our Children (The Ones We Love) to stock up inflated dollars for their coming "New 9/11".

He wants you afraid.

That way, he can do what he wants, when he wants. When the American public objects, he will repeat the phrase he knows best: “I won,” when, in fact, he should be saying, “I stole election, fair and square. And now the American people have to deal with my broad, ridiculous call for ‘change’.”

Remember, B. Husseinites and Disney Worlders: you asked for change. He’s going to give it to you on a silver platter. And if you don’t like it, his gulags will also be a form of “change” you can believe in. 

17 days. Having fun yet?