Friday, February 29, 2008

Bill Clinton's Wife Admits She Wants The U.S. Military Defeated

As Bill Clinton's Humiliated Wife changed her husband's sheets and prepared his eggs on Wednesday, she managed to vomit up another anti-American, anti-freedom statement to appease the blame-America first crowd. But unlike the Clintons' Chappaqua kitchen and the various excrement-stained pieces of furniture in the Clintons' house, she wasn't able to clean this one up with Lysol Wipes.

"We've got two wars," she said to a crowd of al Qaeda enthusiasts and members of the cut-and-run fan club, who pray to their secular God for more terrorist attacks on home soil. "We've got to end one. We've got to win the other."
When asked why she does not plan on winning both, she repeated the same anti-American statements the democrats have picked up as of late. "There's simply no military solution in Iraq."
The Freedom Brothers' mouths are watering at the scope of the landslide coming
in November. We're talking Bush 2004 proportions. No, not the "51 percent" the main stream media reported. We're talking about the real Americans, who go unreported by the Associated Press, a press, by definition, "associated" with the democrat party.
Bill Clinton's wife can't even control Bill Clinton's wife's husband. How can she be expected to control the terrorists, let alone win the one war she still pretends to want to win?
Bill Clinton's wife has now gone on record, saying she wants to lose in Iraq to teach George W. Bush, Our President, a lesson. She continues to humiliate herself, while her party humiliates itself, with the nomination of a well-known terrorist who hates America all but inevitable at this point. We have a word for liberals like Bill Clinton's Wife, B. Hussein Obama, Ron Paul, and Our Worst President Jimmy Carter.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Hussein Obama Promises to Stand Up to Islamic Terrorists, Who He Doesn't Believe Exist

Obama's High School Class

American Hero and Future-President John McCain took a break from haunting the dreams of a generation of Vietnamese communists Wednesday, as he humiliated wet blanket Barack Hussein for his slinky-like stance on Al-Qaeda and the liquidation thereof. McCain's verbal smackdown came in response to his adversary's incoherent assertion that he is the leader of Al-Qaeda, and that the American people want to abandon the people of Iraq as soon as logistically possible.

Hussein seems to be getting overly excited as his stock rises in the stoned-out college student and barely-legal immigrant demographics. Still, just because he isn't an Alter-to-Satan lunatic like fellow democrat Bill Clinton's Wife, doesn't mean that he's any more qualified to rule the free world than her. Luckily, the American people won't be duped by these baseless character assassination ploys launched by liberal hatists. And, after years of such ruthless attacks by America's enemy within, the Republican Movement has become highly skilled at detecting and discrediting such campaigns.

The American people have unanimously agreed to take the War to the Islamic terrorists raping, pillaging and burning their way from Sea to Shining Sea, and even the most deluded left-winger knows that we need a man's man in the captain's seat. It's a proven fact that John McCain has as high a body count as any other member of congress; Obama, on the other hand, has not even a single notch in his rifle stock.

Who do you want leading the War on Evil? A proven coward of dubious character with questionable allegiance to his flag; or a stone-cold killer who's been searching for and destroying America's Enemies since the first day of his adult life?

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Millions of Americans Watch as the Hopes of Bill Clinton's Humiliated Wife Evaporate on National Television

This time last year, if you'd have told The Grizz that a Madrassah-schooled, implicated drug-dealer like Barack Hussein would be able to do what the Republican Movement wasn't able to in decades, he would have spit in your face. Yet last night, there it was.

The Freedom Brothers laughed themselves to tears as Bill Clinton's Wife crawled across the floor, fumbling with the jagged pieces of her shattered dream. The scene was almost too perfect:

The liberal media (led by a drooling, wild-eyed Tim Russert) throwing body-blow after body-blow to their former darling;

The smirking doofus to her left who, barely out of diapers, turned her face into a foothold on his scamper to the pinnacle of the sham left-wing movement;

The jeering crowd that pandered to her for years, then cast her away like a second-born Chinese infant.

Considering War Hero and Future President John McCain’s dominant standing in the polls – and American history – we can safely assume that he is going to leave a blood-stained trail of devastation across the landscape of the 2008 general election, just like that of the Vietnamese countryside four decades before. With that victory a certainty, Freedom Eagle and The Grizz can fully enjoy the spectacle of the irrelevant democrat primary as it unfolds.

Unlike the long-finished Republican primary season, which ended with class-act Mitt Romney’s heart-felt endorsement of John McCain, the leftists' side-slitting carnival continues. After Mrs. Clinton’s atomic meltdown at the debate, probably the second and third funniest moments of the week respectively were Hussein Obama's endorsement by Islamic Jihadist Louis Farrakhan, and the hysteria-laced defection of selfish, wishy-washy liberal politicians from Bill Clinton's Wife to the loser that’s winning.

If you think you’ve seen the best, you’ve got another thing coming. The Grizz is going to sit back on his couch and crack open a Caffeine-Free Diet Coke. The fun has just begun.

What Is Ron Paul Trying To Hide?

At a recent town hall meeting, Ron Paul, though in shambles and undoubtedly thinking of ways to blame America for the assassination of Lincoln and the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, was asked why he refuses to debate congressional challenger Chris Peden.

Paul's response: "I guess...I don't know what there is to debate...what is there to debate...he needs to give me an explanation as to why he's no longer a supporter." Paul, in a hysterical fit, then repeated a liberal talking point. "He needs to debate himself."
Really, "Doctor" Paul?
Maybe you and Chris could debate your consistent hatred of everything America holds dear. Your refusal to protect the unborn, your wacked-out 9/11 Truth followers, or the fact that you have consistently voted against providing our Troops with body armor. For starters.
How about your time guest-hosting Alex Jones' hate radio show, where he consistently calls Our President part of some global illuminati fan club? 
The Freedom Brothers feel strongly about Chris Peden's candidacy. Kicking Ron Paul out is the first step to securing our borders, and killing terrorists where they live. Ron Paul wants to make nice. He wants to pull Our Troops out of Iraq and wait for another terrorist attack on our home soil. Listen up Paul: Terrorists won't stop until you and your district are buried under a pile of rubble, blown to smitherines by the Iraqi WMDs that were sent to Syria. 
They have all the time in the world. They're still holding onto grudges from the 14th Century. You, however, have less than a year left in office. When the tough Texans kick you out, and you end up sleeping on Dylan Avery's couch, let him know that the only reason he hasn't been incarcerated is because no one with more than seven brain cells has taken the time to watch his slanderous, traitorous internet movie.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

U.N. More Concerned With U.S. Safety Than Liberals

In a world where Stalinist liberalism is slowly becoming the new black, our socialist leaders cannot be trusted to keep us safe. They can only be trusted with two responsibilities:

1) Bickering with our president, who is trying to protect our freedoms
2) Handing our government over to the terrorists
This became ever more present when it was realized that the United Nations, an irrelevant institution, is more concerned with the well being of Americans than the liberals in the N.I.E. are.
The U.N. nuclear monitoring agency argued Monday that Iran have not stopped their nuclear weapons program, as U.S. intelligence lied and said they did.
The Freedom Brothers are well aware that President Bush spoke truth to power when he said, months ago, that the N.I.E. report was false. little man in Occupied iran is surprised every morning to see the sun in the sky, let alone Tehran in one piece.
Simon Smith, the chief British delegate to the IAEA, said of Iran's weapons program,
"Some of the dates...went beyond 2003." This is directly oppositional to the United States' assessment.
It has become fairly obvious that liberalism is worming its way through our country, saturating our values with infanticide, our foreign policy with Islam0-Fascism, and our families with prostitution and designer drugs. It's time to fight back.
Iran's denial of the report, their idea that this report was nothing but a "forgery," will sit well with the gullible Sean Penns and Jane Fondas of the United States.
We know better. You know better.
It is decades too late. When Iran took our citizens hostage for 444 days from 1979-1981, it should have struck a chord with our leaders. Unfortunately, our Worst President Jimmy Carter was more interested in celebrating the Human Rights of his own citizens being beaten, waterborded, and electrocuted in Tehran. If only the peanut farmer was wise enough to put his own country before terrorists and evil, perhaps there never would have been a President little man.
However, the situation is what it is. democrats, from Kennedy to Johnson, Carter to Clinton have done their best to destroy America -- first for the Soviet Union, then for the terrorists.
It's time to fight back.
This is about more than Iran admitting it has nuclear weapons, which the whole world is already aware of. This is about taking out an enemy. FDR didn't look into whether or not Hitler was intent on turning the globe into a fascist element before he firebombed Dresden, and Truman wasn't worried about winning the hearts and minds of Nagasakians before he unleashed doom upon them.
Our president has proven himself brave. He has proven himself worthy of our approval. He has won the war, and successfully occupied the post-Saddam terrorist-ridden Iraq, from border to border, with almost no slights to speak of. He has won Afghanistan. Now it's the country in between those bastions of hope that needs to be taken care of.
It's time to send a message to Occupied iran. Eliminate the middle man, eliminate the little man, take out the terrorists, and while we're at it, imprison the Dixie Chicks for treason. Wilson would have done it. FDR would have done it. Reagan would have done it.
President Bush, do it.

Monday, February 25, 2008

GM Chairman Speaks Truth To Power

General Motors Vice Chairman and American Hero Bob Lutz spoke truth to power on Friday when he called global conspiracy global warming "a crock of [expletive]."

While the Freedom Brothers believe this type of language is harmful to our youth, we also believe exceptions can be made when that same youth is forced to listen to disgraced former Vice President Al Gore drone on and on in front of a slideshow of lies during their indoor recess, since "tag" is no longer allowed in public schools.
Lutz has been "under fire" by left-wing bloggers and other hatists in his knowledge for truth. He's been called every name in the book by the fanatics and other B. Hussein cultists and al Qaeda members of the democrat party on sites like,, and
However, Lutz has stood strong. "My thoughts on what has or hasn't been the cause of climate change have nothing to do with the decisions I make to advance the cause of General Motors."
Our liberal, anti-American media have, alongside our liberal politicians, been denouncing American motors, like GM and Ford, as "out of touch" and have falsely reported losses for both companies. This is because the media, as well as the democrats, are out to institute a carbon tax, which would cost the average American hundreds of dollars a year to investigate a myth.
In a rare moment of weakness, American hero/warrior George W. Bush was intimidated into signing a law mandating a 40 percent fleetwide fuel economy by 2020.
While the Freedom Brothers stand with Our President, we find this moment in his presidency to be most shocking. We side with Lutz on this one.
It is a fact that there is enough oil on the planet to keep it running until kingdom come. God put our oil under their soil and it is a test of our strength to go and get it. He put dinosaur bones in the ground to test our faith, He put oil in the middle east to test our will.
And we're going to make it. Let Freedom Ring.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

democrats Consult Expert on Construction of Illegal Immigration Superhighway

Don't Let Him Dominate You

Sham left-wing institution The New York Times reported Saturday that the patron saint of illegal immigration, Bill Richardson, is being courted aggressively by hussein obama and Bill Clinton’s Wife, the two losers still vying for a chance to be crushed by American Hero and Future-President John McCain in the general election. New Mexico’s overweight slob of a governor has been harassed by a nearly constant stream of Clintonistas and even the candidates themselves. According to the article, this has interrupted his ongoing commitment to vegetating on his couch, watching Star Trek: The Next Generation re-runs.

This “recuperation” period, which has come on the tax-payers dime, has continued for more than a month. Ironically, this makes it easier for most Americans to tolerate having his chubby hand fumbling around in their pockets. They rest easier in the knowledge that he is spending his days focused on Patrick Stewart’s shiny head, and not his ongoing battle to transport illegal immigrants, hard-drug traffickers and hell-bent terrorists from the filthy cesspools in which they originate to the orderly streets of American communities coast-to-coast. Unfortunately, these well-intentioned citizens are neglecting that his campaign to destabilize their country is ongoing, and may well be gearing up for an aggressive run at its second-ranking position of authority.

Luckily, Senator McCain – who survived a half decade being tortured in a concentration camp by Vietnamese savages – knows a little something about never giving up, especially when his country needs him. Recent attempts by the liberal-slanted media to slander him as a politically-corrupt womanizer – not to mention his children as oblivious half-wits and his wife as a subjugated whore – were immediately discredited and abandoned. Undeterred, he has vowed to hard-working Americans everywhere that he will continue to fight the democrats trying to hijack their nation with the same tenacity that he did his Southeast Asian adversaries before them.

Fight on Senator. The Freedom Brothers stand United with you.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Unleash Hell: Americans Call for War

Americans from sea to shining sea watched in horror yesterday as a Serbian government-incited lynch mob rampaged through its capital and burned their embassy to the ground. The local police force stood by and watched as the animals ran free. Luckily, one drunken fool managed to kill himself in the inferno. That's God's Will if the Grizz has ever seen it.
Many people across our country asked themselves: "Who are these people? Why do they, who live in some place I've never heard of, hate me so?" Then they remembered that the do know Belgrade. "Wasn't that the first European city since the 1940's that The Troops had to wipe off the face of the earth with the heavy hand of American justice?"
Yes it was.
Throughout the 1990's, Serbia was the fortress of genocidal hell-hound Slobodan Milosevic, who sowed terror far and wide across the majestic landscape of the former Yugoslavia. The Serbian people worshipped him like a God, enthusiastically heeding his call to arms and revelling in the indiscriminate slaughter of untold numbers of his neighbors. His reign ended with his death-by-disease in a festering dungeon, his country in ruins (as deserved).
A week ago, Kosovo - a miniscule nation that barely survived his Nazi-like onslaught on courage alone - Declared Their Independence, joining the ever expanding belt of Freedom that stretches from Fairbanks, Alaska to Baghdad, Iraq. Serbians went wild with rage, swearing that they would end the climate of American-bestowed peace they enjoy, and take the region back to 1999. They seem to have forgotten how the United States celebrated Christmas that year.
Apparently, the Serbians haven't had enough. They think that by destroying a material object, they can destroy the will of the American people. They're wrong.
Dead wrong.
The Freedom Brothers say: "Let's roll." If we're lucky, maybe we'll be able to get another sucker punch in on the Chinese.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Why Willie?

Everything seemed normal that day. Children were learning American history in their private schools, mothers were preparing supper.
The terror alert was high, but for the most part, America was blooming and her vast countryside had been comforted with dustings of snow the night before. But in Austin, Texas, on February 4th, something was terribly wrong.
A piece of Americana which had been suffering for years on end, was finally showing signs of its death. That mid-morning, once-legendary country once-icon Willie Nelson outed himself.
As a 9/11 Truther.
Years before Nelson called in to Alex Jones' three hate-filled hours of what passes for entertainment, he had been on the decline, appearing in pro-drug films such as "Half Baked," and fraternizing with liquor-soaked wench Randi Rhodes.
The Freedom Brothers suppose it was only a matter of time.
Nelson, vomiting through a telephone to Alex Jones, said of the avenged-tragedy that was September the 11th: "I saw those towers fall and I've seen an implosion in Las Vegas. There's too much similarities between the two. And I saw the building fall that didn't get hit by nothing...So, how naive are we, you know, what do they think we'll go for?"
Nelson appeared on Alex Jones' show again, to say he was talking about the tragic Building 7 collapse when he talked of a tower "that didn't get hit by nothing."
Freedom Eagle is repulsed by this once-icon of country music. Ron Paulians are like a plague, snatching up even the most rational of us. They have taken advantage of this icon, knowing he has been suffering the effects of his old age, and used him as a pawn in their game. 
They are attempting to use us all. 
Freedom Eagle knows that the Ron Paul supporters, the abortionists, the 60s radicals, the dope-peddlers, the fiends and the hoodlums want to live in an anarchistic war zone, where children are killed for sport and Stalin's portrait hangs from the St. Louis arch. 
They won't stop until we've got the cold barrel of a semi-automatic to the backs our heads, reciting Islamic poetry, watching our Christian brothers and sisters being gunned down, one by one, sent into mass graves. 
We live in a world where 9/11 Truther Ron Paul is given the respect to debate with American heroes. What, I ask, have we become?
9/11: Never Forget.

Young Utahns Take Security Back Into Their Own Hands

Hunter - or Hunted?
CNN reports that thousands of courageous Americans across Utah have taken their lives back into their own hands, and away from the untold number of isolated lunatics that prey upon them from their place at the fringe of society. And, in a sign that America is becoming increasingly Free with each passing day, the state government is moving to pass legislature that encourages the citizenry to arm themselves heavily. School shooters, serial killers and Islamic terrorists refused to comment on the ongoing expansion of the Homefront Army as it stands up to take them on.

A student at the University of Utah - who declined identification in the hopes of elluding a widely feared left-wing crackdown on his Freedom - broke it down for the sheltered East Coast types that wish to deprive him of protection. "Last year, after Virginia Tech, I thought 'I'm not going to be a victim,' " Nick said. "My first thought was 'how tragic.' But then I couldn't help but think it could've been different if they'd allowed the students the right to protect themselves."

Though the tragic events of 4/16 came before the Freedom Brothers began publishing, we touched on precisely this issue in a posting last Pearl Harbor Eve, December 6th. The article covered the wonton slaughter that occured one day earlier at a Nebraska shopping mall, much like any other one would find dotting the amber landscape of the American Heartland. The Grizz is glad to say that his hard-hitting conservative analysis was upstaged by a devoted reader, support the troops, who remarked: "America's been yellow since Clinton. Bush did a fine job trying to turn it around, but I fear it's impossible. This is a national tradgedy [sic]. And so close to Christmas makes it even worse."

Well, from last week's Massacre at Northern Illinois University, we learn two things. The first is that support the troops was wrong about one major thing: it hurts just as bad, no matter the time of year. The second is that even as one hundred million (or probably more) enthusiastic Americans gear up to welcome a third straight term of Republican domination in the Executive branch, a minimal number of marginalized democrats will see their children bleed out on the cafeteria's cold linoleum floor before seeing them carry their constitutionally protected personal defense mechanisms.

There's only one thing more shameful than the fact that a hard-working American Man can't protect his family, and that's that those with the blood-soaked hands don't weep as he does, even as the death toll rises.

Future-President McCain "Controversy"

The Freedom Brothers have been swamped with emails this morning, asking for our take on the McCain-NY Times story. We believe it is ridiculous to even address this article, since it was written by a partisan, Stalinist newspaper, who created a fake aura on their reporting of World War I, which has lasted for decades. 

However, since it seems to be an issue to our fellow conservatives, we will address it.
Future-President McCain is the victim of a liberal smear campaign designed to put Bill's wife or B. Hussein in office, destroying everything Americans hold dear. The Times "endorsed" Future-President McCain simply so they could come out now and write lies about him. 
The Freedom Brothers understand that enemies are not to be trusted. B. Hussein's plan to embrace the little man in Occupied iran will be the end of the United States, and Bill's wife's plan to give health care to 20 million illegal immigrants will also destroy our country. 
My country 'tis of thee. Sweet Land of Liberty. 
Of thee I sing.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

America Keeps Kim Jong Il in the Crosshairs as Europeans Bend Over

"Come and get it, Monsieur Chirac."
It was the sixth of September, 2007. Tens, maybe/hopefully hundreds of agents of the Syrian terrorist regime had a cup of coffee, kissed their families goodbye, and drove to work the night shift at a top secret government facility nestled just along the Iraqi border. Arriving, they sat down at their desks and began their day's work - engineering the extermination of the Jewish and American peoples. Around midnight, their minds drifted happily towards their soon coming, hard-earned break. Unfortunately for them, the top guns of the Israeli Air Force were the ones fixing lunch.

A half dozen F-15I's from the 69th Squadron of the IAF gave the workers an early dismissal by way of hellfire. Neither the staff, nor the Syrian Atomic Weapons program survived the attack.

Six months later, details have emerged conclusively linking Kim Jong Il to the Syrians' nefarious mission. It's a fact that North Korean mad scientists in the employ of the Man with the Bad Haircut oversaw the nefarious project step by step. It's unclear what prompted this lunatic to draw up and sign his own death warrant, though surely the Godless communist's association with Islamic fundamentalists can't be inspired by the same theo-apocalyptic delusions of his comrades. Most likely he was offered a few loaves of stale bread, which are nearly impossible to come by inside his concentration camp of a country.
In any event, his motives are beside the point. What matters is that he pay.

And pay he will - so promises Our President George W. Bush. Even as America's "allies" drop their pants and grit their teeth for the demigod of the DPRK, the American Administration gets ready for Round II in the War on Evil and its proxies.

The Europeans are currently ready to sign and seal a treaty/suicide note written on their behalf by the North Korean regime. In it, the Freedom Forces encourage North Korea to take no accountability whatsoever for their previous work developing various doomsday devices, and respectfully request that they eventually cease said activities - if they don't mind.

The United States made it clear. There will be no compromise.

To quote Our Chief Negotiator, Christopher R. Hill, "We won't have a complete and correct declaration until we have a complete and correct declaration," and it says exactly what we want it to say.

The Freedom Brothers encourage Our Administration to hold firm in their demands. Legions of Young Americans are standing behind them as well, ready and willing to die for Global Liberty.

McCain Takes Wisconsin, Swipe at B. Hussein

Future-President McCain took a nice, and well-deserved jab at B. Hussein after his victory in Wisconsin on Tuesday night. 

"I will work hard to make sure Americans aren't deceived by an eloquent but empty call for change," the Future-President said.
Hussein's campaign quickly rebutted with a series of smears, lies, half-truths, and rhetoric showing how intent Hussein is on taking down this country, starting at the highest levels of government. 
However, The Freedom Brothers have taken the base of those remarks and translated them out of hatist speech so our readers can understand them.
The liberal extremist who won the vote of Jihadists this week, suggested McCain is intent on winning the war in Iraq, telling the American people the truth about the Islamist threat, and offering hard working Americans more tax cuts.
Hey, Hussein, show me the bad part! It's not a criticism if it's a compliment!
Do they teach those parts of the English language at Indonesian madrassas?
Future-First Lady Cindy McCain also took a swipe at Hussein's wife, who said this week that she hates her country. The Future-President echoed his loving wife, saying, "I have never lived a day, in good times or bad, that I haven't been proud of the privilege" of being an American, Future President, Past-Wartime Hero McCain said.
Hussein and his "wife" are playing into the al Qaeda wing of the democrat party. They hate America, and all she stands for. When Michelle Obama said she wasn't proud of her country, and, in fact, hated it with every ounce of her lie-soaked flesh, she sent a message to the extremist base: I stand with you, Fidel, Stalin, Marx, and Kruschev. 
"Yes We Can -- turn America into your Stalinist utopia where the womb is the most dangerous place for a child to live and the hardest working of us are taxed into the poor house so Ron Paul and his minion of scientologists can take vacations to Vietnam and apologize for trying to liberate them."
Yes We Can.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Chris Peden For Congress (Updated)

First of all, I must apologize. 

Waking up to the euphoric news that the psychopathic murderous tyrant Fidel Castro is stepping down, as reported by my brother, The Grizz, has made Freedom Eagle giddy. 
But I'll try to suspend my passion for the moment, because America is still under attack.
By Ron Paul.
Although his desperate, often-hilarious Presidential campaign consisting of lies, conspiracies, and shut-in Youtubers is over, he remains on government payroll. But, The Freedom Brothers have learned, there is hope.
Real Hope. Not your B. Hussein false sense of white guilt. I'm talking about getting rid of an anti-American hatist once and for all.
Chris Peden, an all-American hero, is running against Ron Paul for Texas' 14th Congressional District Seat. 
Peden, a self-described Pro-Family, Pro-Life Christian is running for Congress "to fight for our traditional values in Washington, D.C. In essence, we need Republicans to vote like Republicans again," according to his website,
Peden is a C.P.A. by trade, and an American by heart.
In his home town of Friendswood, he fought for and won his community the first ever municipal tax refund, which returned over $1 million of Friendswood's hard earned money back to the tax payer.
He believes English "is the glue that holds this great country together" and calls it "the language of hope, opportunity, and progress."
Unlike the incumbent, he does not believe America was responsible for 9/11. "I think Islamo-Fascists were responsible for the 9/11 attacks; the incumbent thinks America...were responsible for the attacks," he courageously says on the site.
Unlike the liberal in disguise, Ron Paul, Peden believes in winning the war on terror, supporting traditional family values, protecting the unborn, and improving the economy.
The Freedom Brothers have told you before, the truth about Ron Paul, his conspiracy theories that President Bush was responsible for 9/11 and carried out the attacks with a remote control joystick that controlled the planes, and had personally planted bombs in the World Trade Center for, what his followers call a "controlled demolition."
  • Ron Paul consistently votes against body armor for our troops fighting for our freedoms, believes Israel is the main source of evil in the world, and has vowed to give anti-American 9/11 Truther Alex Jones a place in his administration. 
  • Ron Paul lied when he said he gets the most contributions from active-duty military. He gets the least.
  • Ron Paul believes in a Zionist Conspiracy and that the American Jewish community owns the world's banks, and was responsible for the Great Depression. He believes the last decent democrat president, FDR, was part of a global elitist sect of world government who, along with Adolph Hitler, had World War II planned years in advance. 
  • Paul has held forums with anti-Earth advocate David Icke. 
  • UPDATE: As if Ron Paul's suggestions that we legalize prostitution and illegal drugs aren't enough, Paul has taken the time out of his busy schedule to embrace and create sympathy for Fidel Castro. 
  • Paul: "I believe we're at a time where we even ought to talk to Cuba...We create the Chavezes of the world, we create the Castros of the world by interfering and creating chaos in their countries."
The Freedom Brothers overwhelmingly endorse Christ Peden for Congress. It's time anti-Americans are treated as such. Don't be a victim.

Let's Celebrate

WANTED: Preferably Dead

Freedom lovers across the nation are putting on their sleeveless t-shirts, buying all the Banana Daiquiri mix they can afford and booking the next flight to Miami. It's the party of the century in the Magic City.

Fidel Castro is through.

Media outlets across the world are confirming that Cuba's Terrorist-in-Chief has stepped down. He made the announcement in a letter, stating that he is unable to simultaneously subjugate the Cuban people and adequately contemplate his impending death in solitude. Cubans rejoiced regardless of where they dwell - be it the global bastion of Freedom, the United States, or the comparative prison of Havana. It is probable that the only humanoid inhabitants of the Caribean Isle that won't be breaking out any cigars are those incarcerated in the tropical prison at Guantanamo.

While the struggle for Liberation continues against Mrs. Castro's other boy, Raul, the surrender and soon-coming demise of the decrepit loser Fidel has to be seen as the latest step in American Progress; a victory for every citizen, and especially Our President George W. Bush. Until its own Independence Day comes, Occupied Cuba remains the only Communist nation in the Northwestern Hemisphere. Canada doesn't count.

To the Free Cuban People: We will fight with you for your Freedom tomorrow, just as we celebrate your victory with you today.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Gay Penguins Strike Again

Liberals have taken another step to turn your child into a homosexual. 

The Associated Press and Fox News are reporting that a children's book promoting a gay agenda involving two male penguins hatching an egg is being pulled from the shelves in Loudoun County, Virginia.
Those sane parents who would rather their children not be coerced into a sodomonous, anti-family relationship by the time they turn thirteen have called for the removal. Liberal hatists and other ACLU lovers alike have called the pulling of the book "censorship."
The Freedom Brothers agree. It is censorship. If you want your children to read material such as this bring them to a bookstore in New York City's East Village and have them feast their eyes on all you are forcing them to handle. Those places aren't censored.
Books like this one belong in history's trash pile, along with Michael Moore's movies and Keith Olbermann's career.
The book supposedly draws on a real-life story of two penguins of two Central Park penguins in New York's Central Park Zoo. 
Freedom Eagle isn't aware of this "real-life story" but is well aware that children's books are often "based on true stories" with subtle differences, and in this case the subtle difference is undoubtedly the fact that one of "parent" penguins was a female and the author of "And Tango Makes Three" is angry at the world because his child came home from college that first Thanksgiving break with his roommate, who'd coerced him into the anti-American lifes-
tyle choice.
As the late, great Jerry Falwell once said, it's the homosexuals, the ACLU-types, the abortionists that helped bring about 9/11. 
When terrorists only see the coastal lifestyles of California and New England, they are more prone to kill us. Those who have chosen the gay lifestyle over the straight are well aware of this fact, yet make the conscious decision not to change for the pure at heart. 
We repeat, Americans are not born homosexual. They choose to be. No one embraces an alcoholic when they give in to their vice. The same should be the case of the homosexual lifestyle. But in our world of liberal hatist agendas and politically correct jelly-spines, those who sodomize out of vice are embraced.
Gay penguins, gay marriage, gay agenda, gay sex, gay people -- it's all part of the same family: Hatred of everything Americans hold dear.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Enemy of the Week: Bernie Ward

All aboard! Next stop, San Quentin!

Yesterday, to the horror of the sham left-wing movement, the damning police report detailing radio host Bernie Ward's crimes was made public. Even the Grizz, who thought he'd seen the bottom of the valley of democrat depravity, was appalled by the degree of evil exhibited by this man. The Freedom Brothers send their prayers to American Heroes, Detective Michael Nixon, Detective Benjamin Savage and Detective Michael Eggener, who were forced to catalog each of his sins, line by line. We can only hope that they can wipe the memory of this experience from their minds forever.

The list of Ward's offenses against God and Country runs long. Pedophilia. Possession and transmission of child pornography. Homosexual incest. Cyber sex. The report also contains a transcription of a sadomasochist, sex-soaked running conversation carried out throughout 2004 between the criminal and his "mistress," a woman he met in a chat room. Throughout the course of his discussion, he e-mails her pornographic images of pre-teens, fantasizes about molesting his own children, and describes his tiny penis in detail.

Ward is just another example of the depths liberals are trying to take values in America. Rest assured that and International ANSWER will frame another straight Republican congressman in the coming weeks to cover up their shame. Somebody call Mike Jones.

Bernie Ward. You are the Enemy of the Week.

Friday, February 15, 2008

No Man Left Behind: McCain Won't Abandon Iraq Like the Anti-War Movement Abandoned Him

It's likely that virtually every (surviving) member of the shattered Iraqi insurgency is too ignorant to have been following the Republican and democrat primaries in recent weeks. If they weren't, they surely would have been emboldened by losers barack hussein and Bill Clinton's Wife, who actually had the nerve to mock War Hero and Future President John McCain for promising that we'd stay in Iraq until all of the terrorists were dead.

This courageous statement was made last month at a family-style town hall event, and echoed again last night in an interview with weak-hearted liberal Larry King. At the original meeting, a patriotic Republican in attendence asked McCain if he had the bravery to follow through with Our President George W. Bush's earlier promise to stay in Iraq for the next 50 years. McCain did him one better.

"Hell, maybe 100. As long as Americans are not being injured or harmed or wounded or killed, it's fine with me and I hope it would be fine with you if we maintain a presence in a very volatile part of the world where al Qaeda is training, recruiting, equipping and motivating people every single day." Considering that in the wake of the Surge, Baghdad is safer than many American inner-city immigrant neighorhoods, this scenario will be the likely case.

McCain's courageous display came on the heels of his endorsement by Mitt Romeny, a True Conservative who sucked it up like a man, and bowed out of the race in order to preserve the integrity and unity of the Republican Party. You'd never see a liberal acting with tact like that: Bill Clinton's Wife will rabidly push herself until she explodes like a terrorist, taking the democrat party down with her.

Liberals Hate Children

When liberalism hits its saturation point, those affected will have nothing left to do but return to their animalistic instincts. 

They'll throw feces with the chimps.
Or, as in the case of New York City, the liberal bastion of anti-values --  once home of hate-musicians The Ramones, admitted drug addict Lou Reed, and now-deceased suicidal pill popper Heath Ledger (who was punished for trying to further an anti-American homosexual agenda) -- the big government program, The Department of Health, will give out free condoms in a "Get Some" campaign.
Yesterday, street teams from the health department met commuters around the city and handed out official "NYC condoms."
All the real New Yorkers, those who voted for American Hero Rudy Giuliani, those who helped out their fellow man on that tragic day in 2001, those who attended the Republican Natio-
nal Convention in 2004 and welcomed President Bush and Vice President Cheney with open arms, are incensed, and with good reason.
Liberals are intent on killing babies through any means possible -- even if it's before they can be conceived. Freedom Eagle and The Grizz are well aware that the human body was designed to create children once marriage vows are passed, no sooner. The Freedom Brothers know that each condom sold is a tiny latex mortal sin.
This is just the beginning of the anti-values agenda. Before long, liberals will be walking the streets of New York City, Boston, Los Angeles, etc. with brain-sucking vacuums to further their anti-child, anti-family incentive in order to create a society of indolence and socialism.
Enacting China's one-child policy isn't a goal for liberals in the United States. It's a start.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Cindy Sheehan Uses Son's Memory as Toilet Paper at Terrorstock 2008

American hero Michael Savage reports that (media) whore Cindy Sheehan was in Egypt Wednesday, continuing her ongoing campaign to destabalize Democratic, Free nations the world over. There, she celebrated her son's brutal demise at the hands of Islamic terrorists in Iraq with none other than the culprits' closest allies - the Muslim Brotherhood.

You read that right.
Sheehan flew ten thousand miles to protest the incarceration of the same terrorists that murdered thousands on 9/11, funded Hamas in Occupied Israel, and shipped suicide bombers by the hundreds to blow up civilians and soldiers like Casey in Iraq. What's next? Making a cash donation to Islamic Jihad? Becoming bin Ladens thirteenth wife? Maybe she'll just strap on an explosive vest and hop on the next flight to Baghdad.

Sheehan vomitted, "As a mother of a son who was killed in the war, I presented a letter to Ms. Suzanne Mubarak to realize how those women and children are suffering." If that's how she feels she should be classified, she should present herself with a letter, telling the recipient how it feels when deluded, emotionally-crippled freaks break bread with the same terrorists killing and dismembering Young Americans by the tens of thousands.

The Grizz would love to be the one who personally tears up this traitorous wench's passport. There's a slew of extremist autocrats who'd love to give her ones of their own.

Straw: Britain Not An Islamic State, Seeks to Become More American

Jack Straw, the United Kingdom's Lord Chancellor (whatever that is), has said that Britain will not submit itself to foreign Islamic law. This apocalyptic scenario was suggested by fringe maniac Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, who should become an Imam and move to Western Pakistan if he's so interested in living in a twisted, bizzaro-values outpost of civilization.

In hopes of shutting down the delusion that England would be the next Kabul or Lagos without provoking widespread terror and disorder, Straw pointed out that British legal system already made accommodations to minorities’ specific needs. He cited the 1996 Arbitration Act, which allows Orthodox Jews and other communities to work together with lawmakers in order to set up a mutually acceptable framework for their special civil needs. While the number of beheadings, hand-severings, temporary-marriage rapes and female genital mutilations carried out by Hassidim seem to be somewhat lower than those by Muslims, his example is well taken.

Straw made another excellent point during his remarks, which came at George Washington University, in Our Nation’s Capital. Implying that he believes the United States to be the most politically advanced nation on the planet, he stated that the United Kingdom should become more American and adopt a Bill of Rights, which will be the first step in bringing his nation forward into the 21st Century. While this announcement comes more than two and a quarter centuries after his countrymen were vanquished and Americans developed their own, it is still a welcome development.

The Freedom Brothers offer their encouragement to Jack Straw as he leads his country to an even higher standard of Freedom. Simultaneously, we’re breathing a deep sigh of relief to hear that the British won’t be taking the completely converse action – returning themselves to a state of primal law, governed by the will cavemen.

London 2009?

Future-President McCain Should Fire Traitor

Like miracles, disasters come in all shapes and sizes. 

ABC is reporting that Future-President McCain advisor Mark McKinnon, a closeted liberal and very likely a homosexual gang-member, said he would step down from Future-President McCain's campaign should B. Hussein emerge as the democrat nominee.
"I would simply be uncomfortable being in a campaign that would be inevitably attacking [B. Hussein] Obama," McKinnon said in an interview with pro-gay marriage, pro-Ron Paulism, pro-infanticide radio station NPR. 
The Freedom Brothers would advise Future-President McCain to fire the coward, and make sure McKinnon never works again, in any sector of public or private life.
If McKinnon is as committed to taking down The United States of America from the inside as B. Hussein, perhaps he would be better suited stitching black power flags for when B. Hussein intimidates congress into a federal amendment that will change the good ol' Red, White, and Blue to the outline of a fist.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Freedom Isn't Free: Israelis Settle Tab, Arab Barbarian Paid in Full

News outlets around the world are buzzing about terrorist Imad Mughniyah. Apparently, the four-eyed fatso bought a first class ticket on a carbomb to hell yesterday. Rumor has it that he was flying El Al. The Freedom Brothers hope that when he arrives at his destination, he says hello to Heath Ledger for us.

Mughniyah was responsible for a laundry list of savage acts of terror perpetrated across the planet. His greatest hits include the 1983 car bombing that killed 241 U.S. Marines trying to subdue the degenerate population of Lebanon, the two Hezbollah Jewish Community Center suicide bombings in Buenos Aires, the cold-blooded hijacking/murder on TWA Flight 847 - the list goes on. Unfortunately, true justice could only be achieved were he resurrected and brutally killed again and again.

Currently, the heroes who carried out a little Hezbollah house cleaning yesterday are staying modest. We see the Israelis blushing, but at the same time they're giving a wink and a nod to American intelligence. The Grizz, for one, hopes that everybody got to have a little fun. Maybe next time they'll invite him along.

SIDENOTE: We just heard the news that American hero, Our Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates slipped on ice yesterday and broke his shoulder. Both Freedom Eagle and the Grizz wish him a speedy recovery. We hope he's recuperated and back terminating America's enemies as soon as possible.

Trade In One Hero For Another

The Primaries that Matter:

Maryland: McCain 55%, Huckabee 29%, Paul 6%
DC: McCain 68%, Huckabee 17%, Paul 8%
Virginia: McCain 50%, Huckabee 41%, Paul 5%
At this point, fellow Conservatives, we can be proud to have a hero leaving the White House in January 2009, and a hero entering the White House the same day. 
And Ron Paul is nothing but a footnote.
Future-President McCain owns the primaries with 789 delegates, and Huckabee still trails Conservative hero Mitt Romney by 40-50 delegates.
Future-President McCain has got this wrapped up - the nomination, and the general election.
To the average American - and no, I don't include elitist Hollywood snobs or Welfare mothers driving brand new cars when I say this - Republicanism is the standard. In 2006, democrats were give both houses of congress not because they earned it, but because Republicans didn't earn it. They were overspending, they were giving in to the liberal politicization of the Iraqi Liberation, and the greater War On Terror. We had to show them what happens when you abandon conservative principals. 
And don't worry guys, you'll get those houses back come November. We'll give you 
the White House, too.
B. Hussein is the elite's wet dream. He's a black man, educated overseas in a Muslim country, and he has no values. He is everything the democrat party stands for.
Should Hillary Clinton Rodham somehow snatch the nomination from this empty suit, expect a landslide loss, reminiscent of George McGovern, her hero and supporter. 
It pains me to this day, that after the 1972 election, democrats single-handedly gave up on the war on communism, forced a man of honor and courage to resign, and gave the United States of America our worst president in history, Jimmy Carter. 
Shame on them. 
As I said on Monday: Let's send a message this November. 

If a democrat Has to Win the democrat Primary, It Might As Well Not Be Mrs. Clinton

It shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone that the Freedom Brothers are not fans of hussein obama - let alone any so-called American simple enough to vote for a Madrassa-schooled leftist because he smoked reefer and has a deep voice. That said - many a man has fantasized about being the one to force Bill Clinton's Wife back into the kitchen. He may finally be the the one to do it.

More power to him.

Just months ago, Billary commanded a corrupt political empire of vast, vast proportions. Fortunately, the crumbling of this machine was on stark display Tuesday, as obama man-handled Mrs. Clinton in the Potomac Primary, pushing her ever closer to defeat. Conservatives around the country rejoiced at the prospect that her half-century old dream of political domination would be shattered, leaving her sham of a career in ruins. If she fails to win all of the remaining large states left in the democrat primaries, it is a near certainty that come November, she'll be (unsuccessfully) applying to answer phones, get coffee and pickup dry cleaning for Freedom Eagle and the Grizz.

It's hard to say where it all went wrong, though strangely enough, it wasn't at the very beginning. For a while, Mrs. Clinton's ascension to the top of the democrat party seemed to be inevitable. It gave most rational hard-working Americans quite a scare too, but frankly, I'm glad it happened; the higher the rise, the farther the fall.

The Freedom Brothers will be glued to our televisions for the next several weeks. While the fly on the wall of Billary's dressing room will have the best seat in the house the night of her concession, there's no chance her eyes will be able to hide her shame as the curtain closes upon everything on which she once believed.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Heroes on the Homefront Prepare to Crush Berkeley Insurgency

Hundreds of committed Americans moved in on the socialist stronghold of Berkeley, California today, proving that you don't need a machine gun to fight for Freedom. Their actions were prompted by the city council's treasonous decision to vote in favor of a disruptive offensive against The Troops last week - specifically directed at the lions of the United States Marine Corps. It seems that after years of opportunistic pandering to Our Heroes in the Military, democrats have shown their true colors and proved that they are still clinging tight to the "Baby Killer" mentality of the 1970's. Luckily, an acid flashback-crippled, Alex Jones-listening freak in a pink sombrero doesn't scare off the average hard-working American.

The city council voted greatly in favor of the damning resolution, which declares that Marine recruiters are "unwanted intruders," and demands that Berkeley citizens "volunteer to impede, passively or actively... the work of any military recruiting office located in the City of Berkeley." Meanwhile, the cowards of Berkeley's so-called "Police" Department have pledged "neutrality."

Did Washington pledge neutrality when he was enslaved by King George III? Did Abraham Lincoln pledge neutrality when Robert E. Lee tried to tear America to pieces? Did FDR pledge neutrality when the Nazi's tried to turn the page on Freedom?

No. They reached for their gun.

I'm not saying that the police should kill these protesters - as any loyal reader would know, the Grizz values the Right to Free Speech above all others. This is partially pragmatic - it is this Freedom that allows Our Government to know who can be trusted, and who needs to be kept under its watchful glare. But nowadays, we are at war, and acts of disloyalty that compromise Our Troops morale should be considered nothing less than an enemy attack on the homefront.

The Freedom Brothers applaud the Patriots who have made their way from every corner of the country to confront these losers. They are showing the Troops that we care, that they're not alone, and that the fringe of American society might exploit their courage, but it'll never speak for the majority.

America's Revenge: 9/11 Terrorists to Be Killed

The Freedom Brothers are happy to rally media reports that six of the foreign savages responsible for the blackest day in American history will be tried by military commission, convicted and finally killed. Unfortunately, it currently remains unclear whether Freedom Eagle and the Grizz will be allowed by the U.S. government to attend the execution and subsequently dance on the monsters' graves.

Air Force Brig. Gen. Thomas W. Hartmann announced to a jubilant America that the Pentagon is in the final stages of planning the nation's first military tribunal since numerous subjugated Nazis were exterminated in 1947. The trial is expected to be carried out in a facility located at the tropical prison in Guantanamo.

The six men include 9/11 mastermind khalid sheik mohammed, who will finally get the martyrdom he has so longed for. He and the others have been charged with the "crime of conspiracy and with the separate substantive offenses of murder in violation of the law of war, attacking civilians, attacking civilian objects, intentionally causing serious bodily injury, destruction of property in violation of the law of war, terrorism and material support to terrorism." Rap sheets like that, by the Grizz's calculation, place them somewhere between Bill Clinton and Marion Barry on the criminality scale.

Our President, George W. Bush, hopes to have Freedom ringing in the terrorists' ears by the time War Hero John McCain assumes the Presidency next January.

In the coming months, stay with Freedom Eagle and the Grizz for all the breaking news, as well as our hard-hitting, All-American commentary.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Americans Don't Cut and Run

I am, at heart, an American.

No more, no less.

I believe in the freedom of choice, the freedom of speech, the freedom to religion -- yes, even Satanic Islam.

But mostly, I believe in kicking ass.

There are many Americans who have forgotten about that crisp September day. That day, when everything changed.

No more were we Americans expected to give into the polyannish Clintonista view that we should repay our foreign enemies who kill our soldiers by giving their leaders more money. No longer were Americans expected to sit back and watch, as democrats sodomized our Constitution and handed our rights to the ACLU on a limousine-liberal's silver platter. No longer were we supposed to embrace Michael Moore hatist punditry.

But somewhere, somehow, we went wrong.

Somewhere, a slim minority of Americans forgot what America was all about. Somewhere, somehow, some of us have decided the democrat defeatist stance is American. Well, let me tell you something. America does not lose her wars. democrats and their allies in al Qaeda believe in using our precious public drinking water to spit, and urinate on the graves of our beloved fallen soldiers. They believe in anarchism, Stalinist socialism, and jihad.

Hatred is not a family value.

The primaries are almost over. The Republicans have chosen an American hero to represent themselves. The democrats are still choosing between a woman who's life is saturated in self-pity and power-baiting, and an inexperienced child who will pull our troops out of Iraq, with victory all but a certainty at this point.

Both democrats are intent on letting terror destroy America.

They crave it.

They believe they will be able to blame George W. Bush, our commander-in-chief, a man who has more love for hard working patriotic Americans in his finger than any democrat has in their welfare-loving body.

democrats live to point blame. They did it to Reagan, our Greatest President, and now they're doing it to Bush.

Let's send a message.

Let's tell the defeatists in Washington what it means to be an American. Future-President McCain didn't keel over and die while he was being tortured for years in Hanoi, while his fellow citizens at home were calling him a baby killer. He stood up for them as they spit on his comrades.

He is the man to lead America to victory against terror.

Barack Obama hates America. This is something that has become all too clear. Hillary Clinton Rodham, she hates Americans. And there is a difference. However, both are the wrong choice.

Again, let's send a message. Let's award Future-President McCain a landslide come November. Let's kick some ass.

God bless you all.