Saturday, February 23, 2008

democrats Consult Expert on Construction of Illegal Immigration Superhighway

Don't Let Him Dominate You

Sham left-wing institution The New York Times reported Saturday that the patron saint of illegal immigration, Bill Richardson, is being courted aggressively by hussein obama and Bill Clinton’s Wife, the two losers still vying for a chance to be crushed by American Hero and Future-President John McCain in the general election. New Mexico’s overweight slob of a governor has been harassed by a nearly constant stream of Clintonistas and even the candidates themselves. According to the article, this has interrupted his ongoing commitment to vegetating on his couch, watching Star Trek: The Next Generation re-runs.

This “recuperation” period, which has come on the tax-payers dime, has continued for more than a month. Ironically, this makes it easier for most Americans to tolerate having his chubby hand fumbling around in their pockets. They rest easier in the knowledge that he is spending his days focused on Patrick Stewart’s shiny head, and not his ongoing battle to transport illegal immigrants, hard-drug traffickers and hell-bent terrorists from the filthy cesspools in which they originate to the orderly streets of American communities coast-to-coast. Unfortunately, these well-intentioned citizens are neglecting that his campaign to destabilize their country is ongoing, and may well be gearing up for an aggressive run at its second-ranking position of authority.

Luckily, Senator McCain – who survived a half decade being tortured in a concentration camp by Vietnamese savages – knows a little something about never giving up, especially when his country needs him. Recent attempts by the liberal-slanted media to slander him as a politically-corrupt womanizer – not to mention his children as oblivious half-wits and his wife as a subjugated whore – were immediately discredited and abandoned. Undeterred, he has vowed to hard-working Americans everywhere that he will continue to fight the democrats trying to hijack their nation with the same tenacity that he did his Southeast Asian adversaries before them.

Fight on Senator. The Freedom Brothers stand United with you.