Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Trade In One Hero For Another

The Primaries that Matter:

Maryland: McCain 55%, Huckabee 29%, Paul 6%
DC: McCain 68%, Huckabee 17%, Paul 8%
Virginia: McCain 50%, Huckabee 41%, Paul 5%
At this point, fellow Conservatives, we can be proud to have a hero leaving the White House in January 2009, and a hero entering the White House the same day. 
And Ron Paul is nothing but a footnote.
Future-President McCain owns the primaries with 789 delegates, and Huckabee still trails Conservative hero Mitt Romney by 40-50 delegates.
Future-President McCain has got this wrapped up - the nomination, and the general election.
To the average American - and no, I don't include elitist Hollywood snobs or Welfare mothers driving brand new cars when I say this - Republicanism is the standard. In 2006, democrats were give both houses of congress not because they earned it, but because Republicans didn't earn it. They were overspending, they were giving in to the liberal politicization of the Iraqi Liberation, and the greater War On Terror. We had to show them what happens when you abandon conservative principals. 
And don't worry guys, you'll get those houses back come November. We'll give you 
the White House, too.
B. Hussein is the elite's wet dream. He's a black man, educated overseas in a Muslim country, and he has no values. He is everything the democrat party stands for.
Should Hillary Clinton Rodham somehow snatch the nomination from this empty suit, expect a landslide loss, reminiscent of George McGovern, her hero and supporter. 
It pains me to this day, that after the 1972 election, democrats single-handedly gave up on the war on communism, forced a man of honor and courage to resign, and gave the United States of America our worst president in history, Jimmy Carter. 
Shame on them. 
As I said on Monday: Let's send a message this November. 

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