Saturday, February 16, 2008

Enemy of the Week: Bernie Ward

All aboard! Next stop, San Quentin!

Yesterday, to the horror of the sham left-wing movement, the damning police report detailing radio host Bernie Ward's crimes was made public. Even the Grizz, who thought he'd seen the bottom of the valley of democrat depravity, was appalled by the degree of evil exhibited by this man. The Freedom Brothers send their prayers to American Heroes, Detective Michael Nixon, Detective Benjamin Savage and Detective Michael Eggener, who were forced to catalog each of his sins, line by line. We can only hope that they can wipe the memory of this experience from their minds forever.

The list of Ward's offenses against God and Country runs long. Pedophilia. Possession and transmission of child pornography. Homosexual incest. Cyber sex. The report also contains a transcription of a sadomasochist, sex-soaked running conversation carried out throughout 2004 between the criminal and his "mistress," a woman he met in a chat room. Throughout the course of his discussion, he e-mails her pornographic images of pre-teens, fantasizes about molesting his own children, and describes his tiny penis in detail.

Ward is just another example of the depths liberals are trying to take values in America. Rest assured that and International ANSWER will frame another straight Republican congressman in the coming weeks to cover up their shame. Somebody call Mike Jones.

Bernie Ward. You are the Enemy of the Week.

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