Monday, February 18, 2008

Gay Penguins Strike Again

Liberals have taken another step to turn your child into a homosexual. 

The Associated Press and Fox News are reporting that a children's book promoting a gay agenda involving two male penguins hatching an egg is being pulled from the shelves in Loudoun County, Virginia.
Those sane parents who would rather their children not be coerced into a sodomonous, anti-family relationship by the time they turn thirteen have called for the removal. Liberal hatists and other ACLU lovers alike have called the pulling of the book "censorship."
The Freedom Brothers agree. It is censorship. If you want your children to read material such as this bring them to a bookstore in New York City's East Village and have them feast their eyes on all you are forcing them to handle. Those places aren't censored.
Books like this one belong in history's trash pile, along with Michael Moore's movies and Keith Olbermann's career.
The book supposedly draws on a real-life story of two penguins of two Central Park penguins in New York's Central Park Zoo. 
Freedom Eagle isn't aware of this "real-life story" but is well aware that children's books are often "based on true stories" with subtle differences, and in this case the subtle difference is undoubtedly the fact that one of "parent" penguins was a female and the author of "And Tango Makes Three" is angry at the world because his child came home from college that first Thanksgiving break with his roommate, who'd coerced him into the anti-American lifes-
tyle choice.
As the late, great Jerry Falwell once said, it's the homosexuals, the ACLU-types, the abortionists that helped bring about 9/11. 
When terrorists only see the coastal lifestyles of California and New England, they are more prone to kill us. Those who have chosen the gay lifestyle over the straight are well aware of this fact, yet make the conscious decision not to change for the pure at heart. 
We repeat, Americans are not born homosexual. They choose to be. No one embraces an alcoholic when they give in to their vice. The same should be the case of the homosexual lifestyle. But in our world of liberal hatist agendas and politically correct jelly-spines, those who sodomize out of vice are embraced.
Gay penguins, gay marriage, gay agenda, gay sex, gay people -- it's all part of the same family: Hatred of everything Americans hold dear.