Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Freedom Isn't Free: Israelis Settle Tab, Arab Barbarian Paid in Full

News outlets around the world are buzzing about terrorist Imad Mughniyah. Apparently, the four-eyed fatso bought a first class ticket on a carbomb to hell yesterday. Rumor has it that he was flying El Al. The Freedom Brothers hope that when he arrives at his destination, he says hello to Heath Ledger for us.

Mughniyah was responsible for a laundry list of savage acts of terror perpetrated across the planet. His greatest hits include the 1983 car bombing that killed 241 U.S. Marines trying to subdue the degenerate population of Lebanon, the two Hezbollah Jewish Community Center suicide bombings in Buenos Aires, the cold-blooded hijacking/murder on TWA Flight 847 - the list goes on. Unfortunately, true justice could only be achieved were he resurrected and brutally killed again and again.

Currently, the heroes who carried out a little Hezbollah house cleaning yesterday are staying modest. We see the Israelis blushing, but at the same time they're giving a wink and a nod to American intelligence. The Grizz, for one, hopes that everybody got to have a little fun. Maybe next time they'll invite him along.

SIDENOTE: We just heard the news that American hero, Our Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates slipped on ice yesterday and broke his shoulder. Both Freedom Eagle and the Grizz wish him a speedy recovery. We hope he's recuperated and back terminating America's enemies as soon as possible.

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