Wednesday, February 13, 2008

If a democrat Has to Win the democrat Primary, It Might As Well Not Be Mrs. Clinton

It shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone that the Freedom Brothers are not fans of hussein obama - let alone any so-called American simple enough to vote for a Madrassa-schooled leftist because he smoked reefer and has a deep voice. That said - many a man has fantasized about being the one to force Bill Clinton's Wife back into the kitchen. He may finally be the the one to do it.

More power to him.

Just months ago, Billary commanded a corrupt political empire of vast, vast proportions. Fortunately, the crumbling of this machine was on stark display Tuesday, as obama man-handled Mrs. Clinton in the Potomac Primary, pushing her ever closer to defeat. Conservatives around the country rejoiced at the prospect that her half-century old dream of political domination would be shattered, leaving her sham of a career in ruins. If she fails to win all of the remaining large states left in the democrat primaries, it is a near certainty that come November, she'll be (unsuccessfully) applying to answer phones, get coffee and pickup dry cleaning for Freedom Eagle and the Grizz.

It's hard to say where it all went wrong, though strangely enough, it wasn't at the very beginning. For a while, Mrs. Clinton's ascension to the top of the democrat party seemed to be inevitable. It gave most rational hard-working Americans quite a scare too, but frankly, I'm glad it happened; the higher the rise, the farther the fall.

The Freedom Brothers will be glued to our televisions for the next several weeks. While the fly on the wall of Billary's dressing room will have the best seat in the house the night of her concession, there's no chance her eyes will be able to hide her shame as the curtain closes upon everything on which she once believed.

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Anonymous said...

Madrassa-schooled leftist

Probably are lots of reasons you might not like Obama, but this shouldn't be one of them, 'cause it's been thoroughly debunked. (It was , though!)

Obama lived for a while in Indonesia as a kid (hey, you go where your parents take you!). His stepdad enrolled him in a Muslim school from ages 6-8, which (in the country with the largest Muslim population in the world) is like putting your kid in the neighborhood "Christian" preschool, or maybe more like Protestants sending their kid to a Catholic private school because it's affordable and gives a better education. It wasn't a "madrassa" -- there were
. Then he was enrolled in a Catholic school for two years. Neither one impressed him: he joked in his book about getting in trouble for making faces during "Koran studies".

So he's never been a Muslim, he calls himself a Christian, and hes
gotten in trouble with lefties for maybe being TOO Christian. He's belonged to the same Christian church -- the Trinity United Church of Christ in his hometown, Chicago -- for 20 years. And the kick-ass line that got him noticed back during the 2000 National Convention was "we worship an awesome God in the blue states."

Just sayin'. I'm happy, though, whenever someone understands that even if they have probs with Obama, he's the lesser of two evils on the D (my) side!

Cheers --
Thersites of VichyDems