Tuesday, February 26, 2008

U.N. More Concerned With U.S. Safety Than Liberals

In a world where Stalinist liberalism is slowly becoming the new black, our socialist leaders cannot be trusted to keep us safe. They can only be trusted with two responsibilities:

1) Bickering with our president, who is trying to protect our freedoms
2) Handing our government over to the terrorists
This became ever more present when it was realized that the United Nations, an irrelevant institution, is more concerned with the well being of Americans than the liberals in the N.I.E. are.
The U.N. nuclear monitoring agency argued Monday that Iran have not stopped their nuclear weapons program, as U.S. intelligence lied and said they did.
The Freedom Brothers are well aware that President Bush spoke truth to power when he said, months ago, that the N.I.E. report was false. little man in Occupied iran is surprised every morning to see the sun in the sky, let alone Tehran in one piece.
Simon Smith, the chief British delegate to the IAEA, said of Iran's weapons program,
"Some of the dates...went beyond 2003." This is directly oppositional to the United States' assessment.
It has become fairly obvious that liberalism is worming its way through our country, saturating our values with infanticide, our foreign policy with Islam0-Fascism, and our families with prostitution and designer drugs. It's time to fight back.
Iran's denial of the report, their idea that this report was nothing but a "forgery," will sit well with the gullible Sean Penns and Jane Fondas of the United States.
We know better. You know better.
It is decades too late. When Iran took our citizens hostage for 444 days from 1979-1981, it should have struck a chord with our leaders. Unfortunately, our Worst President Jimmy Carter was more interested in celebrating the Human Rights of his own citizens being beaten, waterborded, and electrocuted in Tehran. If only the peanut farmer was wise enough to put his own country before terrorists and evil, perhaps there never would have been a President little man.
However, the situation is what it is. democrats, from Kennedy to Johnson, Carter to Clinton have done their best to destroy America -- first for the Soviet Union, then for the terrorists.
It's time to fight back.
This is about more than Iran admitting it has nuclear weapons, which the whole world is already aware of. This is about taking out an enemy. FDR didn't look into whether or not Hitler was intent on turning the globe into a fascist element before he firebombed Dresden, and Truman wasn't worried about winning the hearts and minds of Nagasakians before he unleashed doom upon them.
Our president has proven himself brave. He has proven himself worthy of our approval. He has won the war, and successfully occupied the post-Saddam terrorist-ridden Iraq, from border to border, with almost no slights to speak of. He has won Afghanistan. Now it's the country in between those bastions of hope that needs to be taken care of.
It's time to send a message to Occupied iran. Eliminate the middle man, eliminate the little man, take out the terrorists, and while we're at it, imprison the Dixie Chicks for treason. Wilson would have done it. FDR would have done it. Reagan would have done it.
President Bush, do it.

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