Thursday, February 14, 2008

Straw: Britain Not An Islamic State, Seeks to Become More American

Jack Straw, the United Kingdom's Lord Chancellor (whatever that is), has said that Britain will not submit itself to foreign Islamic law. This apocalyptic scenario was suggested by fringe maniac Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, who should become an Imam and move to Western Pakistan if he's so interested in living in a twisted, bizzaro-values outpost of civilization.

In hopes of shutting down the delusion that England would be the next Kabul or Lagos without provoking widespread terror and disorder, Straw pointed out that British legal system already made accommodations to minorities’ specific needs. He cited the 1996 Arbitration Act, which allows Orthodox Jews and other communities to work together with lawmakers in order to set up a mutually acceptable framework for their special civil needs. While the number of beheadings, hand-severings, temporary-marriage rapes and female genital mutilations carried out by Hassidim seem to be somewhat lower than those by Muslims, his example is well taken.

Straw made another excellent point during his remarks, which came at George Washington University, in Our Nation’s Capital. Implying that he believes the United States to be the most politically advanced nation on the planet, he stated that the United Kingdom should become more American and adopt a Bill of Rights, which will be the first step in bringing his nation forward into the 21st Century. While this announcement comes more than two and a quarter centuries after his countrymen were vanquished and Americans developed their own, it is still a welcome development.

The Freedom Brothers offer their encouragement to Jack Straw as he leads his country to an even higher standard of Freedom. Simultaneously, we’re breathing a deep sigh of relief to hear that the British won’t be taking the completely converse action – returning themselves to a state of primal law, governed by the will cavemen.

London 2009?

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