Thursday, February 28, 2008

Hussein Obama Promises to Stand Up to Islamic Terrorists, Who He Doesn't Believe Exist

Obama's High School Class

American Hero and Future-President John McCain took a break from haunting the dreams of a generation of Vietnamese communists Wednesday, as he humiliated wet blanket Barack Hussein for his slinky-like stance on Al-Qaeda and the liquidation thereof. McCain's verbal smackdown came in response to his adversary's incoherent assertion that he is the leader of Al-Qaeda, and that the American people want to abandon the people of Iraq as soon as logistically possible.

Hussein seems to be getting overly excited as his stock rises in the stoned-out college student and barely-legal immigrant demographics. Still, just because he isn't an Alter-to-Satan lunatic like fellow democrat Bill Clinton's Wife, doesn't mean that he's any more qualified to rule the free world than her. Luckily, the American people won't be duped by these baseless character assassination ploys launched by liberal hatists. And, after years of such ruthless attacks by America's enemy within, the Republican Movement has become highly skilled at detecting and discrediting such campaigns.

The American people have unanimously agreed to take the War to the Islamic terrorists raping, pillaging and burning their way from Sea to Shining Sea, and even the most deluded left-winger knows that we need a man's man in the captain's seat. It's a proven fact that John McCain has as high a body count as any other member of congress; Obama, on the other hand, has not even a single notch in his rifle stock.

Who do you want leading the War on Evil? A proven coward of dubious character with questionable allegiance to his flag; or a stone-cold killer who's been searching for and destroying America's Enemies since the first day of his adult life?

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