Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Chris Peden For Congress (Updated)

First of all, I must apologize. 

Waking up to the euphoric news that the psychopathic murderous tyrant Fidel Castro is stepping down, as reported by my brother, The Grizz, has made Freedom Eagle giddy. 
But I'll try to suspend my passion for the moment, because America is still under attack.
By Ron Paul.
Although his desperate, often-hilarious Presidential campaign consisting of lies, conspiracies, and shut-in Youtubers is over, he remains on government payroll. But, The Freedom Brothers have learned, there is hope.
Real Hope. Not your B. Hussein false sense of white guilt. I'm talking about getting rid of an anti-American hatist once and for all.
Chris Peden, an all-American hero, is running against Ron Paul for Texas' 14th Congressional District Seat. 
Peden, a self-described Pro-Family, Pro-Life Christian is running for Congress "to fight for our traditional values in Washington, D.C. In essence, we need Republicans to vote like Republicans again," according to his website, ChrisPeden.org.
Peden is a C.P.A. by trade, and an American by heart.
In his home town of Friendswood, he fought for and won his community the first ever municipal tax refund, which returned over $1 million of Friendswood's hard earned money back to the tax payer.
He believes English "is the glue that holds this great country together" and calls it "the language of hope, opportunity, and progress."
Unlike the incumbent, he does not believe America was responsible for 9/11. "I think Islamo-Fascists were responsible for the 9/11 attacks; the incumbent thinks America...were responsible for the attacks," he courageously says on the site.
Unlike the liberal in disguise, Ron Paul, Peden believes in winning the war on terror, supporting traditional family values, protecting the unborn, and improving the economy.
The Freedom Brothers have told you before, the truth about Ron Paul, his conspiracy theories that President Bush was responsible for 9/11 and carried out the attacks with a remote control joystick that controlled the planes, and had personally planted bombs in the World Trade Center for, what his followers call a "controlled demolition."
  • Ron Paul consistently votes against body armor for our troops fighting for our freedoms, believes Israel is the main source of evil in the world, and has vowed to give anti-American 9/11 Truther Alex Jones a place in his administration. 
  • Ron Paul lied when he said he gets the most contributions from active-duty military. He gets the least.
  • Ron Paul believes in a Zionist Conspiracy and that the American Jewish community owns the world's banks, and was responsible for the Great Depression. He believes the last decent democrat president, FDR, was part of a global elitist sect of world government who, along with Adolph Hitler, had World War II planned years in advance. 
  • Paul has held forums with anti-Earth advocate David Icke. 
  • UPDATE: As if Ron Paul's suggestions that we legalize prostitution and illegal drugs aren't enough, Paul has taken the time out of his busy schedule to embrace and create sympathy for Fidel Castro. 
  • Paul: "I believe we're at a time where we even ought to talk to Cuba...We create the Chavezes of the world, we create the Castros of the world by interfering and creating chaos in their countries."
The Freedom Brothers overwhelmingly endorse Christ Peden for Congress. It's time anti-Americans are treated as such. Don't be a victim.


Thomas Woods said...

OK, you surely know half of this is lies: Ron Paul has never said anything about Jewish bankers (just one quotation, anywhere, and I'll give you $1,000), and he says (echoing Murray Rothbard's book America's Great Depression) that the Federal Reserve caused the Great Depression. You dispute that? Tell me all the books you've read on the subject.

I can't believe a free-market person (as you guys are supposed to be) would blame the Depression on the free market. What are you, a bunch of Marxists? You think the market just suffers depressions for no reason? Go join the Marxists, then. Ron Paul says it's actors external to the market, like a central bank's artificial lowering of interest rates, that leads to malinvestment.

My Politically Incorrect Guide to American History is the biggest selling title in the history of the Conservative Book Club, so I think I know a little something about real conservatism. I don't blame you for not recognizing it -- it hardly exists anymore.

It is not "liberal" to oppose trillion-dollar wars that are based on propaganda. Russell Kirk (do you even know who he is?) would have laughed at the idea.

I smashed your hack friend today.


Randy said...
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Freedom Eagle said...

Nice try, Woods.

You and your 9//11 Truther friends, acting under the guise of "paleoconservatives" ought to be ashamed of yourselves. You know for a fact that Ron Paul openly hates our troops, and traditional American values.

Ron Paul interacts with outright bigoted anti-semites in the 9/11 truth movement. He has co-hosted Alex Jones' radio show on several occasions, the same show celebrities go on to say 9/11 was an "inside job."

But, of course, you know all this. Maybe you and ALex Jones should get a room.

Do you hate the troops? Because they're listening. And they have a message for you and your so-called "trillion dollar wars based on propaganda": "Let us win! Let us win!"

Ask Future-President John McCain. He's been there, done that.


Tory said...

There are a few things that need to be considered here.

First, Chris Peden lied and said he would not run against Dr. Ron Paul. This shows the true character of Peden.

Second, if Ron Paul hates the troops so much, why then has Dr. Paul received more campaign donations from our armed forces than all other republican candidates combined?

Third, do the people who want their questions about 9/11 answered not deserve answers? These are simple questions, and most do not say "inside job" when they ask their questions. Don't brandish someone anti-American if they ask questions about 9/11, it's our American right to ask questions and demand answers.

Lastly, Dr. Paul has a voting record that is second to none. And, even if you don't agree with his views, you have to agree that he has stayed consistent through the years. He does not flip-flop, he does not double-speak.

What does Chris Peden have? He has no voting record on which we can base our opinions and conclusions of him. So then, are we just asked to "trust him"? Well, I think we have all seen by Mr. Peden's actions that he is a man who will go against his word if he thinks he will better his own position in life. This man's character is in question.

God bless.

Tim said...

Wow, anyone can write just about anything these days.

My best advice to anyone considering any statement made on this "blog" - check it out against credible sources.

Freedom Eagle said...


The Freedom Brothers respect your right as an American to form and vomit your opinion.

However, we are also well aware that your "credible sources" consist of MTV, Comedy Central, and 911truth.com. We feel those sorts of news outlets created the need for a credible site such as The Freedom Brothers.

It is a fact that your hero, Ron Paul, and proxy-hero, Alex Jones, think George Bush and the American People are responsible for 9/11. We disagree with that. We believe you are misguided at best, and hate your soil at worst.

Yours in Freedom,
Freedom Eagle

Anonymous said...

Hey Woods, You are correct.

These guys? Nuts. I don't know where they get this 9/11 inside job stuff. I think they are closet truthers. I never heard Ron Paul say anything like that. He's the only one talks about why we are attack and how to stop the terrorists. It's funny how much people like this blogger hates freedom. If he really cared about america and think G.W. does to then why is our borders wide open for more attack?

I bet these guys love domestic spying, torture, rendition camps, and suspension of habeus corpus. Because that is what freedom is right? The ability to kneel to authority.