Thursday, February 14, 2008

Future-President McCain Should Fire Traitor

Like miracles, disasters come in all shapes and sizes. 

ABC is reporting that Future-President McCain advisor Mark McKinnon, a closeted liberal and very likely a homosexual gang-member, said he would step down from Future-President McCain's campaign should B. Hussein emerge as the democrat nominee.
"I would simply be uncomfortable being in a campaign that would be inevitably attacking [B. Hussein] Obama," McKinnon said in an interview with pro-gay marriage, pro-Ron Paulism, pro-infanticide radio station NPR. 
The Freedom Brothers would advise Future-President McCain to fire the coward, and make sure McKinnon never works again, in any sector of public or private life.
If McKinnon is as committed to taking down The United States of America from the inside as B. Hussein, perhaps he would be better suited stitching black power flags for when B. Hussein intimidates congress into a federal amendment that will change the good ol' Red, White, and Blue to the outline of a fist.


sf(ecular)human said...

I can see the terrorists in their planning meetings now...

Akhmed: "OK, guys, we need to take America down from the inside... what do you think is the best way to do it?"

Mohammed: "I think that we should put one of our operatives into the white house... but it should be someone that they'd never suspect."

Akhmed: "I know! We'll get a black man named Barack Hussein Obama!! They'll never suspect that!"

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Freedom Eagle said...

Just because you and your group of friends who get their news and politics from MTV believe Obama doesn't want to take down America from the inside, that doesn't make it so.

Obama refuses to say the pledge of allegiance and was sworn in on the Koran. This is all on public record! He has stated time and again that his years at the madrassa were the best of his life.

How can we trust a man to run our country when he hates our flag enough to not wear it on his jacket?

sf(ecular)human said...

Humor me here..., exactly, is Barack Obama going to "take America down from the inside"??

Do you mean to suggest that he's going to suspend habeas corpus, use military technology to spy on American citizens, illegally detain and torture foreign citizens without charge or access to legal aid, lie his way into an unwinnable war and award the rebuilding contracts to his personal business interests, all while his buddies sit back and funnel taxpayer dollars into their own pockets??

Oh wait... someone already did all that.

The Grizz said...


Who are you referring to?

Fly High,
The Grizz