Monday, April 21, 2008

May He Fulfill Prophecy and Keep democrats From Office

Our God is a Loving God.

He does what is best for us. He knows it is through His word that we live out our lives. We worship and give Him thanks. We respect all that he has given us, forevermore.

Yet tomorrow, several American citizens will be choosing between two candidates who do not follow His word. They despise Him. He has let them carry on their infantile existences to show us which way not to go. He uses them as examples, much as He has used "dinosaur" bones to test our faith, and putting Our oil in the middle east to test our will.

B. Hussein and Bill's wife are Adam's second chance to turn away from the snake.

The Pennsylvania polls have been fluctuating between B. Hussein and Bill's wife, yet God has not stepped in with His divine intervention, yet, and crowned Future-President McCain the throne which is rightfully His. For this, we respectfully question Our Lord. Why? Why do You allow democrats to commit infanticide? Why do you allow them to undermine Our Troops, who brilliantly do Your work here on Earth?

The Christian Peace Movement must come out for Future-President McCain this November the way they came out in 2004 and guaranteed Our President time to fulfill prophecy which is moving forward swimmingly, with the coming nuclear destruction of Occupied iran. The Christian Peace Movement are the ones who truly understand that Our President, George W. Bush, speaks through Him.

He spoke through His Only Son, Jesus Christ, and taught us these words:

"Our Father, who art in Heaven, Hallow be Thy name. Thy Kingdom Come, thy Will be done, on earth, as it is in Heaven. Give us this day, our daily bread, and forgive Us Our Trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us.

And lead us not into temptation."

Those of us who follow the Judeo-Christian order, and are not persuaded by the eugenicists in the democrat party are ready, wiling, and able to vote for Future-President McCain. And by Golly, we're ready for 100 more years of war, so that His word may be fulfilled.


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

ABC Wipes Floor With Remnants Of democrat Party

Tonight, in a rare moment of clarity, the media did its job.

They took on two terrorist sympathizers and left them exactly where America will be should either B. Hussein or Bill Clinton's wife get elected: in pieces, bleeding from the throat, able to open their eyes just long enough to catch a barreled glimpse of a sawed-off shotgun.

Charles Gibson took Obama to task on his anti-Americanism, including his refusal to wear a flag pin, which should be second nature to any patriotic American. But Hussein, as The Grizz has stated in the past, doesn't know a God Damn thing about America. Hussein says he tries to express his patriotism in his other actions. (Undermining Our Troops, speaking ill of Our President, moonwalking across the graves of Arlington cemetery, etc.) He thinks Americans will nominate a known Hamas supporter who kisses the feet of Palestinian children -- so long as they promise to grow up and be good, successful suicide bombers.

Bill Clinton's wife resorted to outright fibs, taking her audience for imbeciles when she tried to excuse her way from the Bosnian lie.

ABC has done its country a service.

They asked REAL questions. "Reverend" Wright wasn't off limits. Neither was Obama surrogate and 60s radical Ayer, who once said 9/11 wasn't enough destruction for America. He's waiting for B. Hussein to get elected, so he can carry out his true plans to turn New York City into a dust bowl.

Americans know that B. Hussein doesn't wear his flag pin lapel because he hates America. He goes to church with terrorists and Muslims. He fraternizes with men who planted bombs in Our Nation's Capital. He won't agree to go on the radio show of American Hero Rush Limbaugh.

He despises Our President, George W. Bush.

And for that, he can never be forgiven. Never.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Obama To Pennsylvanians: Drop Dead

During a recent meeting with liberal hate paper The Philadelphia Daily News, Obama said of his elitist comments, “I misspoke but I didn’t lie.”

The Freedom Brothers couldn’t stop laughing when they heard this. Next thing Obama is going to ask what the definition of ‘is’ is, as well as being for his elitist, hatist remarks before he was against them.

Obama created the internet.

As prophetic commenter said yesterday:

“Elitist doesn't have any thing to do with money, it is an attitude that those who find pleasure, comfort in the simpler things in life like their faith or in hunting with friends are some how lacking that their has to be a profound reason behind their values and beliefs. That he was calling "small town" people racist and bigots and he felt that that was o'k because it wasn't really their fault their just bitter and poor so they don't know better.”

What Obama can't get his head around is that people aren’t bitter. Liberals are bitter because they’ve been out of power for so long. Their leaders have failed them because liberalism is not about policy, it is about changing policy. And when all you want to do is change policy, there is no set goal. It is the definition of failure.

Another commenter, who went by the name of Oilshark on, had this to say after being antagonized by a liberal, elite, Obama apologist:

“hey philyr...if your from phily i can see why you back obama..lcity of losers. you can bash george all you want, and i watch all canidates, i even voted for bill so take your bs rhetoric and stick it somewhere, and what is meet me behind whatever, listen phily boy, i live in the great state of tx and we dont take to kind to punkslike you. we have the 12th largest economy in the world in tx and all b/c of g.w policies, how come we aren't in finc. trouble like the other states? i will tell you, b/c we love our guns, we despise the poor who suck our money, we hate fags, and we have more freakin oil than you. Obama is a joke with 0 i repeat0 experience. you guys still believe al gore invented the internet. go hug a tree sing a sweet song and keep fueling the fire on the war. I come from a family of people that served their country proudly, not some biggoted idiot who i must admit, makes hillary look conservative, go give all your money to the poor scum. conservatives throughout history have always inherited the **** economy from the dems, while the dems always inherit a decent economy from the conservs. How can a party say abortion is ok yet the death penalty is cruel. you guys were the guys who talked smack as a kid...met behind the school and got your ass beat. and yeah i think you cooks on the left have no balls, you sympathize with terroist and come up with crazy conspiracy theories. take all the money away that we give to all the scum that don't want to work and see how our budget is then. my entire family came to america in the early 1900's with no money or education and made a life, how come the ghetto cant do the same, i will tell you, b/c of left wing cooks. you guys are idiots.”

The commenter he shot back at had no words.

It is well known that Obama has lied consistently about everything, from childhood to adult. Whether he says he was raised by a single mother, or that he is half white, not a Muslim, received a majority of the Illinois vote in 2004, or was against the Liberation of Iraq, Obama has always been a liar. And an elitist liar he will stay.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Obama: "I Don't Know a God Damn Thing About America"

"Look. I'm just like you."

Anyone in the know is aware that B. Hussein Obama recently lashed out at hard-working Americans, depicting them as bitter hillbillies that love God and their inherent Right to Self Defense because they're simple. He has since tried to elaborate on his beliefs, patronizing his perceived inferiors as "the heart and soul of America". Now, it seems like his campaign for the democrat nomination may not have overcome his housewife opponent just yet.

Barack Obama is right that Americans have become bitter. What he neglects to mention is why. Let the Freedom Brothers tell you.

Americans are bitter because his friends in the democrat party bankrupted their country, and spent eight years sabotaging their security aparatus, thereby welcoming that warm, sunny day in September when their lives were plunged into what will eventually be a decades long war.

Entertainingly, Bill Clinton's Wife has lashed out like hyena at her nemesis. Trying to play against the universally held perception of her as a scorned housewife taking her fury out on her country, she has attempted to depict herself as a commoner. Yesterday, she took a shot of whiskey, with what was most likely a paid actor. She also provided unconvincing accounts of firing guns with her father as a child.

Mrs. Clinton is playing pretend.

Americans don't need either of these fake-Americans in 2008. Thanks to the Republican Movement, Americans love their lives, and they thank God every day that their our next President will be War Hero and Future-President John McCain.

Friday, April 11, 2008

B. Hussein Proceeds with the Homosexualization of the democrat Party

CNN is reporting that if - in a fantasy world of Mermaids, Lorax's and Keebler Elves - B. Hussein Obama is elected President, he will flood the military with gays and lesbians as soon as he can defeat the currently 100% straight American military, and bring it home from the global heartland of Terrorism in shame. It is unclear whether homosexual rock star Elton John still plans to continue supporting Bill Clinton's Wife in the wake of this announcement. He stands to earn huge sums of cash should B. Hussein decree Tiny Dancer to be the United States Marine Corps' new fight song.

It is a proven fact that the allowance of gays and lesbians to openly revel in their sexual deviancy will lead to a rapid decline in the standard of bravery and physical strength demanded of The Troops by average hard-working Americans. Even more dangerously, without the guarantee that gay men will refrain from engaging in sex while on watch or in battle, straight Warriors would have to work overtime to take on the responsibilities of others. This strikes right at the heart of America's perpetual military readiness.

Leave it to the democrats to do what Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi couldn't - at least before he was turned into a skidmark by what will probably be the John McCain of our children's era.

Thank God that there is no chance B. Hussein Obama will win the presidency. His current race against the Arch-Enemy of America has inflated his stature, ego and popularity, but as soon as he's relegated her to acting in Activia commercials, his support will taper off and he'll be trying to avoid getting snot on Jeremiah White's welcoming shoulder.

B. Hussein Obama will soon come to regret ever threatening the security of the American people.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Clinton Propositions the Rainbow Demographic

Reuters reports that openly homosexual rock star Elton John decried the masculinity of hard-working Americans last night at a Clinton fundraiser, telling the cheering crowd of middle-aged women and Stonewall-era queers that their country could "go to hell". It's unclear whether his outburst was a direct plagiarism of hateologist Jeremiah White, or just stock liberal jargon. In any event, Bill Clinton's Wife will still be slumped on the couch in front of Days of Our Lives, drinking Slimfast by this time next month.

It matters very little to The Grizz what kind of girl-talk Mrs. Clinton and Mrs. John are having at their slumber parties. If his brain hadn't deteriorated over decades of illegal drug abuse, Sir Elton would know that pinkie-wavers have no business interfering in Americans' politics, just as Americans don't interfere in the politics of others. It's unsurprising, however, that the Clinton Crime Mob will stoop to any level to win a few votes, even if they come from the widely despised homosexual movement.

The democrats are going to put the Freedom Brothers out of business. The American people don't need commentators to make the comparison between War Hero and Future-President John McCain, who had to be talked out of wearing his Vietnamese-ear necklace on his latest trip to the front lines, and democrats who are parading anti-American black separatists and gay foreigners around in an attempt to prove how liberal they are. The candidates speak for themselves.

Carter Takes Off Diaper To Piss On Founding Fathers' Graves

Our Worst President Jimmy Carter has dropped his pants, again, adding to the pool of excrement he began creating in 1976.

This time, the loony portrait of senility has planned on meeting with Arab terrorists in a supposed “peace meeting.”

World Net Daily reports that sources in the Gaza Strip office of Ismail Haniyeh, the deposed prime minister of the Hamas-led Palestinian government, confirmed Hamas is in talks with Carter's representatives about setting up a meeting during his trip, scheduled for later this month.

Even the State Department, a portrait of elitist liberalism, has listed Hamas as a terrorist organization and begrudgingly admitted they are responsible for scores of deadly attacks on civilians.

Today, Hamas gunmen took part in a shooting, murdering two Israeli civilians.

Carter has not returned phone calls from various news networks, including World Net Daily and the Freedom Brothers.


The Freedom Brothers cannot help but to look at Carter the way one might have looked at the Rosenbergs or the way most of us see B. Hussein. Traitors are never found innocent. They live their lives in humiliation, coming out of their caves just long enough to spout anti-American drivel, damning their country of birth for its humanitarian sacrifices and liberation of countries all over the world.

Freedom Eagle and his conservative brothers and sisters of every race, shade, and color are proud of America.

We LOVE Our Country.

Unlike the filth who prance around with Ds next to their name, we support Our President, George W. Bush. We sacrifice for our troops fighting for Our Freedom overseas. And we take back what is ours. Shame on you, Mr. Carter.

Shame on you.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Monday, April 7, 2008

Charlton Heston; 1924-2008

Hero. Entrepreneur. Leader.


All these words come to mind when Freedom Eagle thinks of the late, great, Charleton Heston, who died Saturday night at his home in Beverly Hills, where he spent his time trying to restore order to the liberal insurgent haven.

Heston is remembered for playing Moses and Ben-Hur in Hollywood movies (when Hollywood movies weren't ripe with anti-American falsehoods), but conservatives remember him as the campaigner for Heroic causes, which included his presidency of the National Rifle Association, who, we believe, truly do God’s work.

After being elected in 1998, Heston jabbed then-president/embarrassment Clinton, saying, “America doesn’t trust you with our 21 year-old daughters, and we sure, Lord, don’t trust you with our guns.”

It was Mr. Heston who first showed Freedom Eagle the true meaning of being a gun owner. When I bought my first rifle, showing it off to my friends, going hunting, protecting my family at night, I remembered Mr. Heston’s prophetic 2000 statement, saying bill Clinton would take away our second amendment rights, “From my cold dead hands.”

Heston is also known for his witty jabs in Michael Moore’s mockumentary Bowling For Columbine, in which he embarrasses Moore, throwing his own statements back at him, forcing the fat, blowhard to run away from Heston’s estate in cowardice, holding a photoshopped photograph of a young girl who, Moore falsely claims, was shot.

Heston, a recipient of the Presidential Medal Of Freedom, from Our President and Commander-In-Chief George W. Bush, died Saturday night at the age of 84. His loving wife, Lydia, was by his side.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Pelosi Spits On Troops, Again

Nancy Pelosi, the troops worst nightmare and a true freedom opponent, attempted to warn American Hero Gen. David Petraeus about putting a positive spin on positive events happening in Free Iraq.

“We have to know the real ground truths of what is happening there, not put a shine on events because of a resolution that looks less violent,” Pelosi vomited today, as our troops were protecting her right – which she embraces – to treat them like rotting garbage.

General Petraeus, National Review Man Of The Year, and recipient of the Defense Distinguished Service Medal, Distinguished Service Medal, Defense Superior Service Medal, Legion of Merit, and Bronze Star will be testifying before anti-American traitors in congress next week, as well as congressional Republicans.

Pelosi, who publicly cuddles Code Pink in their socialist, terror-inspiring antics, has been crying about American victories as of late, including the squashing of the Mahdi Army. The speaker openly rooted for the terrorist organization as they attempted to put a dent into the American military, who have served graciously and with honor in Iraq since 2003.

Unfortunately for Pelosi and the cowards in the democrat party, our military ended the Mahdi army's criminal gang violence admirably in a mere six days, certainly not enough time to garner support for another shameful protest where liberals do drugs and have relations with strangers in an attempt to lose the war on terror.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Enemy of the Week: "Reverend" Jeremiah Wright

Pelosi Shoves Agenda Down Pentagon's Throat

The Freedom Brothers have warned you in the past that the left wants to make the homosexual agenda the norm of our society. They wish to secularize the United States into oblivion, where invasions from Mid Eastern countries and ex-enemies such as Russia and China are common place. They want Americans to turn in on itself and blame our humanitarian policies for terrorist attacks and brutal invasions.

They want a socialist dictatorship.

Then, it should come as no surprise that “Speaker” Pelosi recently intervened and guilted the Pentagon into allowing homosexual democrat representative Tammy Baldwin’s “partner” on a military flight for a congressional fact-finding trip to Europe.

Liberalism 101: Pay for a homosexual vacation to smoke dope in Amsterdam with taxpayer money.

The speaker, a San Francisco-values socialist, is promoting her own hatist anti-American agenda and infiltrating the military’s one safe haven in the United States. Pelosi wants our Marine’s camouflage uniforms to be sprinkled pink to promote political correctness. They want Boeing’s contributions tossed in the sewer while the ACLU takes control as the main sponsor of our democracy spreading missions.

They want Reverend Wright’s finger on the trigger.

It’s time to take our country back from the homosexuals, who have spread their disease like peanut butter.