Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Enemy of the Week: "Reverend" Jeremiah Wright


Anonymous said...

the fact that much of america was so quick to demonize this man, is precisely what's wrong with this country. sure he may have gotten a few things wrong, but who doesn't? he was right on a lot of things he said, as well. if being a jingoistic blindfolded zombie is the ony proof of patriotism, then i guess i'm a traitor too. bless him for being able to criticize the country he loves.

fact, he was a marine who fought for this country. If anyone researched him, they would quickly realize that he's an american hero.

g-damn anyone for judging people off a few 15 second quotes out of context while ignoring a lifetime of possitive american service.

4peace said...

israel aside, he has a better foreign policy than McCain.

in terms of racism. i don't think he's particularly racist.

the government didn't introduce HIV into the ghetto. but there was a little something called tuskegee. his suspicion has precedent.

as for pumping drugs into black neighborhoods. they're not. but crack can be a fellony where as coke possession is a little slap on the wrist.

there are as many blacks in jail as there are in college. why is that?

wright is not the enemy. neither is america.

love always.

destroyIDIOTS said...

you guys are idiots. he is a racist. listen to sermons. and obama is no better for sitting in that church for twenty years and not punching that man in the face!