Friday, April 11, 2008

B. Hussein Proceeds with the Homosexualization of the democrat Party

CNN is reporting that if - in a fantasy world of Mermaids, Lorax's and Keebler Elves - B. Hussein Obama is elected President, he will flood the military with gays and lesbians as soon as he can defeat the currently 100% straight American military, and bring it home from the global heartland of Terrorism in shame. It is unclear whether homosexual rock star Elton John still plans to continue supporting Bill Clinton's Wife in the wake of this announcement. He stands to earn huge sums of cash should B. Hussein decree Tiny Dancer to be the United States Marine Corps' new fight song.

It is a proven fact that the allowance of gays and lesbians to openly revel in their sexual deviancy will lead to a rapid decline in the standard of bravery and physical strength demanded of The Troops by average hard-working Americans. Even more dangerously, without the guarantee that gay men will refrain from engaging in sex while on watch or in battle, straight Warriors would have to work overtime to take on the responsibilities of others. This strikes right at the heart of America's perpetual military readiness.

Leave it to the democrats to do what Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi couldn't - at least before he was turned into a skidmark by what will probably be the John McCain of our children's era.

Thank God that there is no chance B. Hussein Obama will win the presidency. His current race against the Arch-Enemy of America has inflated his stature, ego and popularity, but as soon as he's relegated her to acting in Activia commercials, his support will taper off and he'll be trying to avoid getting snot on Jeremiah White's welcoming shoulder.

B. Hussein Obama will soon come to regret ever threatening the security of the American people.

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Anonymous said...

"B. Hussein Obama will soon come to regret ever threatening the security of the American people."

What does that mean?

You guys are sort of jerks.