Wednesday, April 16, 2008

ABC Wipes Floor With Remnants Of democrat Party

Tonight, in a rare moment of clarity, the media did its job.

They took on two terrorist sympathizers and left them exactly where America will be should either B. Hussein or Bill Clinton's wife get elected: in pieces, bleeding from the throat, able to open their eyes just long enough to catch a barreled glimpse of a sawed-off shotgun.

Charles Gibson took Obama to task on his anti-Americanism, including his refusal to wear a flag pin, which should be second nature to any patriotic American. But Hussein, as The Grizz has stated in the past, doesn't know a God Damn thing about America. Hussein says he tries to express his patriotism in his other actions. (Undermining Our Troops, speaking ill of Our President, moonwalking across the graves of Arlington cemetery, etc.) He thinks Americans will nominate a known Hamas supporter who kisses the feet of Palestinian children -- so long as they promise to grow up and be good, successful suicide bombers.

Bill Clinton's wife resorted to outright fibs, taking her audience for imbeciles when she tried to excuse her way from the Bosnian lie.

ABC has done its country a service.

They asked REAL questions. "Reverend" Wright wasn't off limits. Neither was Obama surrogate and 60s radical Ayer, who once said 9/11 wasn't enough destruction for America. He's waiting for B. Hussein to get elected, so he can carry out his true plans to turn New York City into a dust bowl.

Americans know that B. Hussein doesn't wear his flag pin lapel because he hates America. He goes to church with terrorists and Muslims. He fraternizes with men who planted bombs in Our Nation's Capital. He won't agree to go on the radio show of American Hero Rush Limbaugh.

He despises Our President, George W. Bush.

And for that, he can never be forgiven. Never.

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