Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Obama To Pennsylvanians: Drop Dead

During a recent meeting with liberal hate paper The Philadelphia Daily News, Obama said of his elitist comments, “I misspoke but I didn’t lie.”

The Freedom Brothers couldn’t stop laughing when they heard this. Next thing Obama is going to ask what the definition of ‘is’ is, as well as being for his elitist, hatist remarks before he was against them.

Obama created the internet.

As prophetic Politico.com commenter lulu.e.35@hotmail.com said yesterday:

“Elitist doesn't have any thing to do with money, it is an attitude that those who find pleasure, comfort in the simpler things in life like their faith or in hunting with friends are some how lacking that their has to be a profound reason behind their values and beliefs. That he was calling "small town" people racist and bigots and he felt that that was o'k because it wasn't really their fault their just bitter and poor so they don't know better.”

What Obama can't get his head around is that people aren’t bitter. Liberals are bitter because they’ve been out of power for so long. Their leaders have failed them because liberalism is not about policy, it is about changing policy. And when all you want to do is change policy, there is no set goal. It is the definition of failure.

Another commenter, who went by the name of Oilshark on Politico.com, had this to say after being antagonized by a liberal, elite, Obama apologist:

“hey philyr...if your from phily i can see why you back obama..lcity of losers. you can bash george all you want, and i watch all canidates, i even voted for bill so take your bs rhetoric and stick it somewhere, and what is meet me behind whatever, listen phily boy, i live in the great state of tx and we dont take to kind to punkslike you. we have the 12th largest economy in the world in tx and all b/c of g.w policies, how come we aren't in finc. trouble like the other states? i will tell you, b/c we love our guns, we despise the poor who suck our money, we hate fags, and we have more freakin oil than you. Obama is a joke with 0 i repeat0 experience. you guys still believe al gore invented the internet. go hug a tree sing a sweet song and keep fueling the fire on the war. I come from a family of people that served their country proudly, not some biggoted idiot who i must admit, makes hillary look conservative, go give all your money to the poor scum. conservatives throughout history have always inherited the **** economy from the dems, while the dems always inherit a decent economy from the conservs. How can a party say abortion is ok yet the death penalty is cruel. you guys were the guys who talked smack as a kid...met behind the school and got your ass beat. and yeah i think you cooks on the left have no balls, you sympathize with terroist and come up with crazy conspiracy theories. take all the money away that we give to all the scum that don't want to work and see how our budget is then. my entire family came to america in the early 1900's with no money or education and made a life, how come the ghetto cant do the same, i will tell you, b/c of left wing cooks. you guys are idiots.”

The commenter he shot back at had no words.

It is well known that Obama has lied consistently about everything, from childhood to adult. Whether he says he was raised by a single mother, or that he is half white, not a Muslim, received a majority of the Illinois vote in 2004, or was against the Liberation of Iraq, Obama has always been a liar. And an elitist liar he will stay.

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