Thursday, April 10, 2008

Clinton Propositions the Rainbow Demographic

Reuters reports that openly homosexual rock star Elton John decried the masculinity of hard-working Americans last night at a Clinton fundraiser, telling the cheering crowd of middle-aged women and Stonewall-era queers that their country could "go to hell". It's unclear whether his outburst was a direct plagiarism of hateologist Jeremiah White, or just stock liberal jargon. In any event, Bill Clinton's Wife will still be slumped on the couch in front of Days of Our Lives, drinking Slimfast by this time next month.

It matters very little to The Grizz what kind of girl-talk Mrs. Clinton and Mrs. John are having at their slumber parties. If his brain hadn't deteriorated over decades of illegal drug abuse, Sir Elton would know that pinkie-wavers have no business interfering in Americans' politics, just as Americans don't interfere in the politics of others. It's unsurprising, however, that the Clinton Crime Mob will stoop to any level to win a few votes, even if they come from the widely despised homosexual movement.

The democrats are going to put the Freedom Brothers out of business. The American people don't need commentators to make the comparison between War Hero and Future-President John McCain, who had to be talked out of wearing his Vietnamese-ear necklace on his latest trip to the front lines, and democrats who are parading anti-American black separatists and gay foreigners around in an attempt to prove how liberal they are. The candidates speak for themselves.

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