Monday, April 21, 2008

May He Fulfill Prophecy and Keep democrats From Office

Our God is a Loving God.

He does what is best for us. He knows it is through His word that we live out our lives. We worship and give Him thanks. We respect all that he has given us, forevermore.

Yet tomorrow, several American citizens will be choosing between two candidates who do not follow His word. They despise Him. He has let them carry on their infantile existences to show us which way not to go. He uses them as examples, much as He has used "dinosaur" bones to test our faith, and putting Our oil in the middle east to test our will.

B. Hussein and Bill's wife are Adam's second chance to turn away from the snake.

The Pennsylvania polls have been fluctuating between B. Hussein and Bill's wife, yet God has not stepped in with His divine intervention, yet, and crowned Future-President McCain the throne which is rightfully His. For this, we respectfully question Our Lord. Why? Why do You allow democrats to commit infanticide? Why do you allow them to undermine Our Troops, who brilliantly do Your work here on Earth?

The Christian Peace Movement must come out for Future-President McCain this November the way they came out in 2004 and guaranteed Our President time to fulfill prophecy which is moving forward swimmingly, with the coming nuclear destruction of Occupied iran. The Christian Peace Movement are the ones who truly understand that Our President, George W. Bush, speaks through Him.

He spoke through His Only Son, Jesus Christ, and taught us these words:

"Our Father, who art in Heaven, Hallow be Thy name. Thy Kingdom Come, thy Will be done, on earth, as it is in Heaven. Give us this day, our daily bread, and forgive Us Our Trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us.

And lead us not into temptation."

Those of us who follow the Judeo-Christian order, and are not persuaded by the eugenicists in the democrat party are ready, wiling, and able to vote for Future-President McCain. And by Golly, we're ready for 100 more years of war, so that His word may be fulfilled.



Anonymous said...


Caroline said...

Let us pray that B. Hussein or Bill's wife makes it to office. Please GOD!

Freedom Eagle said...


The Freedom Brothers pray each and every night that you regret your words, because by saying what you said, which I will not repeat, you are actually, perhaps accidentally, praying for an Iranian Revolutionary Guard hellfire missile to the face.

Is this what you want, Caroline?

The Freedom Brothers invite you to reflect on your words in the darkness of your, we can only imagine, public housing project.

Yours in Freedom,
Freedom Eagle

Sarah said...

Ahahaha your prayers did nothing. You lose.

Anonymous said...

i serve 4 years in the us army(101st air born) and i love my country. i like your web site. thanks you.