Thursday, June 5, 2008

B. HUSSEIN IS A COLD-BLOODED MURDERER (Should He Get Elected and Choose To Be Defeated In Iraq)

"He came in glory, to judge the living and the dead.  And His kingdom will have no end." 

So says the Nicene Creed, a small, marginalized beacon of hope that still remains in the secularized Catholic Church, once a foundation that spoke the words of Jesus Christ, now a cult hell-bent on America losing the war in Iraq.
There is a problem Freedom Eagle has found with the Nicene Creed. His Kingdom can come to an end. 
It is a cold, hard fact that He speaks through Our President, George W. Bush, a true family man and a man of intestinal fortitude, who has fought and killed terrorists since September 11th, 2001, and who creates wealth for His poorest American citizens, who benefit greatly from the tax cuts, and who have retained heavy employment because of Ronald Reagan's trickle-down economic theory, also of His word.
But He created Our country on the pretense of it being a Christian nation. We are a nation of all, led by Christians with Judeo-Christian values. If that is no longer so, His kingdom will come to an end. And Barack Hussein Obama is neither a Christian nor a man of values. 
He is a black Muslim. 
Black Muslims, since the days of serial killer and riot organizer (which also makes him a child burner) Malcom X, have sought to destroy Our nation that we hold dear. Under His sun. They pelt bullets through our police officers' faces, steal our electronics and use the money they make at pawn shops for illegal, cheap drugs, and molest our children's minds with pornography and anti-American drivel they refer to as literature.  
The following are a list of black Muslims worshipped by secularists, New Dealers, and communists:

Mumia Abu Jamal. Murderer.
Muhammad Ali. Coward. Turncoat.
Malcom X. Murderer. Riot Enthusiast.
Busta Rhymes. Child Molester. 
Dave Chappelle. Anti-American. Valueless. Anti-Capitalism.
Mike Tyson. Rapist. Murderer. 
Barack Hussein Obama. Coward. Traitor. Turncoat. Liar. Radical. (And should he pull out of Iraq...) Cold-Blooded Murderer.

Future-President McCain will wipe the floor with B. Hussein during the debates, but that may not be enough. B. Hussein has already warped the minds of millions of clueless teenagers and anti-American racists throughout the country. He has used the traits passed on from his Muslim, racist, radical pastor, Jeremiah Wright, to brainwash half his party into voting for him. They wear his T-shirts without realizing the secret Muslim message hidden in the "O."
Luckily the blue collars and working class who mistakenly voted for Hillary will never vote for a man like B. Hussein. They are too smart for that. The truck drivers whose education included the school of Limbaugh, the factory workers who learned the hard way that unions don't help anyone besides the elite, and the janitors who see the ignorance at Our Nation's public schools (where the teachers "teach" Stalinism in a positive manner), they will vote for Future-President McCain. 
And they'll do it with honor.
Freedom Eagle and The Grizz have laid low for some time now, knowing our job had been done for the time being, as Future-President McCain sailed through a crowd of worthy opponents, heroes, family men, men who seek to speak His word, and terrorist killers. Future-President McCain was the best, but they were all great. 
That is, besides the anti-American liberal traitor Ron Paul, who said your president controlled Flight 93 with a remote control joystick and shed tears of joy as the World Trade Center came crashing down. Never forget.
But our time has come again, as has His will, to judge the living and the dead. Future-President McCain does not need Our help, but we are happy to lend it to him. Both The Grizz and Freedom Eagle have spent much of their hard-earned cash to help the Future-President achieve his goal, and we encourage you to do the same. He is a family man of values who will not surrender in Iraq, as B. Hussein, with a ticket of loose cannon/racist Joe Biden, Liar/U.N. knee-padder Wesley Clark, or Murderer/feminzai Hillary Clinton will. They yearn to lose.
B. Hussein, the by-product of a Muslim and an atheist, is both, but neither. He represents the worst of our country. He represents those who still think JFK was a leader and others who believe Bill Clinton didn't trash the White House before he left office, because he hates the Bushes. Yes, those people still live in America. 
The media is not on our side, as we well know. Hence, they will not ask B. Hussein why he chose to swear into office on a Koran, rather than a Bible. What else is he trying to hide?
What else?


Anonymous said...

Where do you get this stuff? It is not true at all.

Freedom Eagle said...

Dear Anonymous,

While Freedom Eagle and The Grizz have not feared for our safety since the launch of the Humanitarian Liberation of Iraq, we do fear that there is a small crowd of uninformed Americans such as yourself who decide to only get their news from worthless, biased news sources such as MTV, Comedy Central, and The New York Times.

Stick with Freedom Brothers, kid. You might learn somethin'.

Yours in Freedom,
Freedom Eagle