Thursday, June 5, 2008

Clinton: "My Fantastic Dream Is Over, and I've Awakened to a Terrible Reality"

The Los Angeles Times today decided to go against its reputation as a liberal rag, and provide a detailed, in-depth analysis of each stage of emotional hardship Bill Clinton’s shamed Wife has had to endure as sinner B. Hussein Obama ground her career into the dirt like the butt of one of his unfiltered cigarettes. They were able to identify five defined stages in her decline.

  • Denial (that her only impetus for trying to seize The Presidency was for fame and fortune)
  • Anger (at hard-working Americans for seeing through her deceit, and scorning her at the polls)
  • Bargaining (with Obama in an effort to join together to defeat America in the election)
  • Depression (as she learned that her husband is having an adulterous sexual relationship with harlot Gina Gershon)
  • Acceptance (that she managed to lose the campaign to the first Black Muslim presidential nominee, that her dream was dead, and that her family had been cast aside like a soiled blue dress by her husband)

While the Freedom Brothers were able to identify some other physical and mental hardships that Bill Clinton’s Wife was forced to endure throughout the campaign (self-loathing; advanced aging), they were pleased with the article none-the-less. The Grizz and Freedom Eagle’s fundamental concern throughout the democrat party’s entire nomination contest was the election of the candidate most certain to lose to Former Prisoner of War, and Future President of the United States of America John McCain. Still, it was preferential to see lasting damage done to Mrs. Clinton’s reputation amongst the greater American population, which might preclude her from engaging in another War on Democracy in the future.

As of now, the Clinton/Clinton campaign is keeping quiet. The happy couple has only briefly emerged from seclusion since the Mrs. made her final attempt to sabotage Hussein Obama’s jihad on the White House at her party’s expense - she on her way to plan her Concession speech, he to an extramarital sexual tryst with a washed-up “actress” best known for soft-core porn.

We have now seen the entire Clinton Family (Bill, the Wife, Chelsea) meet defeat; now they wait with baited breath to see them accept it.

Stay with your Freedom Brothers for more hard-hitting conservative analysis in the coming days.

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