Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Communists Open New Front in War on Gender

Communism is Gay

Freedom Lovers dwelling all across America’s purple mountain majesty are reacting with revulsion and fury to reports that Cuba, domain of three-quarters-dead tyrant Fidel Castro, will be sending in hundreds of citizens for the dual castration and hormone engineering process sometimes referred to as “gender reassignment therapy”. Warm-welcomed Cuban refugees to the United States took the silence of the communistic nation’s socialist celebrants in the democrat party as a hateful slap in the face, further cementing their allegiance to the Party of War Hero John McCain – the Republican party.

The Trustworthy Encyclopedia, Conservapedia, points out that there is a widely identified link between transexualism – the lifestyle lived by a sufferer of “gender identity disorder” - and homosexualism.

In the United States, the government takes steps to encourage its population to live healthier, more heterosexual lives. In the third to last international communist stronghold (the other two being Maoist China and Illist North Korea) they encourage these personal depravities.

Luckily, Americans’ hatred of Cubans will serve to better their own country, and remind them of what happens when liberals are allowed to turn entire countries into their own personal amusement parks. Rest assured, if anti-, un- and, according to recent reports, possibly non-American B. Hussein Obama takes over America, he’ll be handing out adoptive children to homosexuals with his left hand, and grabbing your self-defense mechanism with his right.

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