Friday, June 6, 2008

Infant To Human Harvesters: "I Want To Live"

The human harvesters weren’t expecting this kid.

Jodie Percival, a liberal who believes human life is equal to that of rotten fruit, said she and her fiancé, also a sick man whose sole intention in life seems to be creating a Darwinian war-zonian womb, made the decision to abort her child, Finley, when she was eight weeks pregnant.

She claims the child was suffering from a kidney disease, though still in utero. And because her child had this curable disease, she felt it necessary to kill that child – a child with a soul.

But she wasn’t expecting God to intervene. Much to the dismay of democrats, Finley lives. And he’s pissed.

In order to understand the significance of this attempted murder, Freedom Eagle invites you on a journey through history.

Under Adolf Hitler, Nazi Germany had a number of social policies that placed the improvement of race on eugenics, making the policy the center of their concerns in order to create a pure society of Aryans. Anyone considered, in the words of Hitler, feeble-minded, idle, or weak, though clearly subjective terms, was deemed “unworthy of life.” More than 400,000 people were sterilized because of eugenic theory.

Hitler believed, while imprisoned and before be became dictator, that in order for Germany to become strong again, the state must apply the basic principals of racial hygiene he read about in Social Darwinian books. He came to think that World War I was lost because of infusion of degenerate elements into the German bloodstream, not because America kicked their Bratwurst-sucking asses.

Fast forward to June 5, 2008.

“I was on the [eugenically engineered] birth control pill when I became pregnant,” said Jodie Percival. “Deciding to terminate at eight weeks was just utterly horrible [since I let the parasite grow past the point of pink glob].”

Liberal Fascism has hit heights not seen since the liberal socialists came into power in Germany and Russia before World War II. While Republicans oppose the liberal idea of treating a child like a microscopic bacterial parasite in a war zone of anti-bacterial soap, Democrats embrace Hitler’s ideals.

Freedom Eagle remembers that FDR, though a Stalinist, was once looked at as a leader by Democrats. He was the last thing they had resembling a leader. Today, they choose to pleasure themselves to fetus-in-a-bucket internet videos and bestiality VHS tapes, since outlawed. However, the idea of liberalism means disobeying laws. If liberals can get their right hand on bestiality, they can get their left on KY jelly.

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