Thursday, June 19, 2008

McCain: “The Eradication of Iran Isn’t the Only Use for America’s Nuclear Energy”

The Amount of Energy it Takes to Do This to Tehran Could Power Your Home for Three Hundred Eons

Reminding some Vietnamese that he doesn’t exist only in flashbacks to the worst moment of their life, Future President of the United States of America John McCain today deep-sixed one of the most treasured platforms of the democrat movement: that Republicans don’t love the planet that God created and handed over for them to steward. The New York Times is reporting that John McCain will oversee the building of 45 new nuclear reactors, which will harness the white-hot power of radiation and enable Americans unrestricted energy use from now till Kingdom Come.

Hero McCain pointed out that “[Our enemies in] China, Russia and India are all planning to build more than a hundred new power plants among them in the coming decades,” and no American is willing to come in second to the impoverished citizens of these respectively Maoist, Stalinist, and Polytheistic nations. Challenging democrats, foreigners and other doubters, McCain affirmed, “Hell, the United States [of America] is more than equal to the challenge.” Later, when asked off the record just how much more, he replied: “Hundreds, probably thousands of times.”

In response to McCain’s enlightened proposal, Daniel J. Weiss, the liar heading the "global warming" program at the Center for American Progress Action Fund (a liberal research group) claimed that, “Wall Street won’t invest in these plants because they are too expensive and unreliable, so Senator McCain wants to shower the nuclear industry with billions of dollars of taxpayer handouts.” Overextending his feeble intellect to come up with this slanderous perjure, Weiss left several holes in his argument.
Let the Freedom Brothers point them out to you.
  1. Wall Street can’t invest in these plants, because it was left bankrupt by years of economic management under the regime of Bill Clinton’s Wife’s Husband.
  2. democrats would indeed consider these billions of dollars to be wrongfully spent were they to go to warming freezing American families through the winter, instead of funding a bloated, inefficient government.
  3. It’s a proven fact that (when not operated by Russians) nuclear power plants provide the safest, most efficient energy, and would thus leave American citizens happy and comfortable – the state in which they’re least likely to vote democrat.

Don’t let the liberals lie. Each time they do, they come closer to power.

Don’t let the Communists win. Our Troops didn't die in Korea, Vietnam and Grenada so you could let them down.

Vote for John McCain in November 2008. He suffered for you.


Anonymous said...

So Heath Ledger's death wasn't tragic?
You're nothing but an insensitive, homphobic, jerk!!!!!!!!!!!


Freedom Eagle said...


We believe that when you call others names, you are degrading Our Country, The Freedom Brothers Freedom site, and yourself.

The truth is that He blesses all Our lives, yet those who choose to abuse the life God gave them, often deserve what's coming to them. This is why George Bush has murdered terrorists for over seven honorable years, and it's why democrats haven't had any real power since the 1940s.

We believe you and the other celebrity lovers need to take a good, long look in the mirror and turn off MTV. Read reputable publications like Freedom Brothers, World Net Daily, and Red State. You might learn somethin', kid.

Yours in Freedom,
Freedom Eagle

Anonymous said...

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