Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Disgraced Hypocrite Uses 232 Houses Worth Of Energy

He’s at it again.

It seems like Disgraced Former Unelected Vice-President Al Gore has been keeping on all the lights in his mansion, in between trips to and from his own private airport in his limousine.

The Tennessee Center for Policy Research, an unbiased, nonprofit, and independent research organization relating to free market and media issues in Tennessee has recently reported that Al “I created the internet” Gore’s personal energy consumption is up 10 percent, and could have powered 232 U.S. homes for a month.

He still wants you to stop driving your SUVs to and from your kid’s soccer practice. Does he hate children? He’s still swapping tongues with his zombified wife while they run the blender without any ice or milk in it.

In the past year, Gore’s home burned through 213,210 kilowatt-hours. We’re disgusted. Not because we care about energy use. Lord knows Freedom Eagle sits back with a cold one after a long day of his blue collared work, and views Bill O’Reilly, then Sean Hannity shove liberals’ faces into the dirt until they cry uncle.

On my Kenmore refrigerator, my strapping son has magneted a "Wanted" poster of Osama bin Laden.

No, I’m not mad that Al Gore (who this week endorsed fellow muslim marxist B. Hussein Obama) is using energy. That's what it's for. He should just keep his mouth shut about my energy usage. Because by not practicing what he preaches, he's practicing fascism. God put energy on the planet for a reason. He asks us to use it, just as he asks us to use His oil, albeit across the vast ocean.

Al Gore slimes our troops because he hates them, he smears George W. Bush for beating him in a landslide in 2000, and he hates you for poking fun at his nerded life.

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