Monday, June 16, 2008

Gore Vidal Hates Future-President, America

Homosexual hypocrite Gore Vidal, a self-proclaimed historian, told The New York Times Magazine that Future-President McCain is not a war hero.

Vidal has once again proven that Immanuel Kant’s assertion that human beings are “rational animals” is sludged by the left wing of American politics.

Vidal also baselessly claimed that it would take “one-hundred years” for the United States to repair the “damage” caused by the Bush administration.

(Bush Administration “Damage”: Killing terrorists, restoring dignity to the White House, saving America from Kerry-Gore socialism, stopping more 9/11s, saving America from a AIDS-induced homosexual takeover, etc.)

When the interviewer asked Vidal about McCain’s heroic credentials as a P.O.W. in North Vietnam, Vidal answered: “He tells us he was [a heroic prisoner who suffered beatings and solitary confinement to preserve freedom to America and her allies whilst the black muslims and long-haired radicals back in America spit on McCain’s legacy and wished for his death.]”

When asked by the baffled interviewer why he would doubt the heroic Future-President, Vidal answered: “I know a lot of the Annapolis breed. Remember, I’m West Point, where I was born. My father went there.”

Vidal, while sharing the infected blood of the Gore family (and Disgraced Former Unelected Vice-President Al Gore), is a member of World Can’t Wait, which is, in the prophetic words of Little Green Footballs, a “lunatic left wing hate group [which includes] a who’s who of radical leftists, terrorist supporters, and antisemites.”

It truly astonishes the Freedom Brothers that anyone with (conceivably) a brain can believe, as Vidal does, that Our Future President is a “disaster” and not a heroic, adult, intelligent, Viet-Cong killing, family-oriented, terrorist fear-invoking, freedom-loving, barbeque-enjoying, conservative hero.

Truly astonishing.

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