Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Maryland Schools Cave To Jihad

Fox News (We Report. You Decide.) reports that Maryland middle and high school students are being raped by the political correctness sect of the ACLU, and other liberal, elitist organizations who seek to stupidize the would-be well-informed.

A textbook monitoring group says middle and high school students from Maryland will be required to read a “dumbed down” version of radical Islamic teachings as part of its new policy.

Jihad. Sharia Law. Suicide Bombings. 72 Virgins. The Truth About Islam.


Terms have been “adjusted,” according to Gilbert Sewall, a coward who gave into pro-Islamic groups who have been rumored to fund terrorism and kill American soldiers who seek to guarantee Sewall his freedom, such as CAIR.

Sewall, along with other hatists like Keith Olbermann and Teddy Kennedy, are responsible for terrorism against the United States and her allies.

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