Friday, October 31, 2008

Next on To-Do List: Historic McCain Landslide

Future-President McCain has had the odds stacked against him before.

In 1968, after humiliating, burning, decapitating, and melting the skin off cowardly Vietnamese “soldiers” (with precision), while democrat unshowered tree-huggers on the homefront chanted for his death, Future-President McCain’s plane went down in a North Vietnam lake.

Moments later, with both his arms and legs broken, the Future-President fought off over a dozen Vietnamese shorties, swinging his carcassed arms at them, flailing, kicking, and beating several to deserved-death before he was subdued. Afterwards, one was quoted as saying, translated, “He killed my friends. My son held a gun to his head, yet he kept fighting. It took fifteen men to hold him down.”

Then, after five years of electrocution, water-torture, and handcuffed beatings in a beatled, snaked, cockroached dungeon, Future-President McCain came home to a hero’s welcome. “My friends,” he said down at the local pub, “nothing could have stopped me. Hell, not even the mucus merchants in the liberal media.”

Three-and-a-half decades later, no lightweight Muslim extremist with no voting record – whatsoever – is going to do what hundreds of Vietnamese couldn’t.

B. Hussein, a very good friend of thousands of anti-Semitic, terrorism-loving, America-hating liberals, thinks he’s going to be our next president. It has been well documented over the course of two years that like anti-comedian Al Franken (foolishly running for the Senate in Minnesota), he is unfit for office. B. Hussein is a racist coward. He says he was never a Muslim, yet his father was, and according to Sharia law, if your father is a Muslim, you are a Muslim. In the case of B. Hussein, the words “fundamentalist” and “extremist” could also be used to describe his personal Islam.

New revelations come to light every day about B. Hussein, and it’s been obvious for those of us with a desire to quench our thirst for knowledge, that the United States doesn’t know enough about this traitor. Like we said, some sources call him the anti-Christ from hell, doctoral author Jerome Corsi has proven that the one-time drug addict is still abusing marijuana – or as B. Hussein reportedly calls it, “chronic” – and now a formidable source, Atlas Shrugged, has proven that Barack Hussein Obama, Sr. may not have been B. Hussein’s father at all. His real father is – your suspicions were dead on, Dear Readers – Malcolm X.

And B. Hussein wonders why he’s tanking in the polls.

Courageous Republicans, like Michelle Bachman (who correctly stated that the media needs to begin investigating anti-American liberals), Elizabeth Dole (who correctly stated her opponent, the “Godless” Kay Hagan doesn’t believe in God), and Norm Coleman (who correctly stated that his “opponent” Al Franken laughs at the disabled) are going to lead the Republican-run Senate with a President McCain on January 20.

And the Beautiful Mavericked Iraqi-slaughtering, pork-barrel eliminating Sarah Palin will be at his side, debatically burning liberals houses to the ground while Lil Cal watches her on TV with an alluring eye.

Baby Finley will do a back-flip before he learns to walk. Joe The Plumber is on his way to a million-a-year salary. Untaxed. Un-socialized. Un-redistributed.


These Godless Democrats are nothing. They’re bailing out their friends on Wall Street to make sure they get a spot at their fraternity brother’s and sorority sister’s investment firms because they’re positive they’re getting kicked out of office by an informed American public who laugh daily at B. Hussein’s minions of underage followers, chanting his name because it’s easier than actually coming out and saying: “I want to lose the war in Iraq because I secretly agree with Osama bin Laden.”

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

libs Slime You And Me

In October 2006, Mark Foley, an honorable Florida Republican, was framed for crimes The Freedom Brothes will not detail for the sake of our Freedom-Loving child readers. Just keep in mind, the size of the lie was something that could only be conceived by the Sick liberal rapist mindset. And somehow, it caught on.

We are under no fantastic impression that 2006 was a good year for Congressional Republicans. Many lost their jobs, yet the incoming socialist congress certainly cost America more jobs than America could cost their government servants. But we know 2008 will be different.

Two years of infanticidal bloodbaths, opposition to a Free Iraq, and personally destroying Our Economy have gotten to the heads of Radical democrats. They feel they are invincible. Irrational opposition to American values and adulterous affairs, albeit with a splash of embryonic stem cell eugenicism has shown the American people who these liberal, socialist, elitists really are. And they are being rejected forcefully.

Polls now show Future President John McCain with a commanding lead in crucial battleground states Georgia, Alabama, The Mighty Texas, Kentucky, Tennessee…and the list goes on. And on.

worthless democrats thought they could somehow change the electoral map this year.

They’ve thrown the whole kitchen sink at Former Beauty Queen, Current-Beauty Sarah Palin. They claim she had a role in the firing of her ex- abusive brother-in-law, yet the final report released last Friday shows that the opposite is true. Justice served. As McCain spokesman Meg Stapleton truthfully said Monday, “This Governor did nothing wrong and did nothing unlawful.” End of story.

Yet, B. Hussein, a former leader of vote-suppressing and terrorist-enabling ACORN, is a convict in waiting. He is very, very good friends with several well-known domestic terrorists/murderers like Bill Ayers (the man who ghostwrote his “memoir” of lies, half-truths, and slander), O.J. Simpson, and Chuck Schumer.

In the fall of 1981, Bill Ayers’ wife, Bernadette Dohrn supplied machine guns, grenades, nunchucks, and Vietnam-era fire-bazookas to Radical black panthers in Nanuet, New York, resulting in the Murder of two brave, heroic, Police Officers. Barack Obama knew of the incident beforehand and said nothing. What other autumn attacks on our home soil that killed police officers/firefighters has B. Hussein known about beforehand and/or had a major hand in? One can’t help but wonder.

McCain’s campaign has been accused by the media of riling up his Wonderful Supporters to shout true statements, such as “[B. Hussein Obama]’s a terrorist” and “[B. Hussein regularly commits] treason.” The liberal hatologist slimers at The New York times and The Washington post have mucused these patriots, using them as props, insisting Sarah Palin, who is regularly disrespected as a woman by B. Hussein and “Diapers” Biden, invites statements they baselessly call untruths.

And the media wonders why they’re so out of touch.

Many commenters trolling this site often believe the Freedom Brothers are less than righteous in their factual commentary and well-researched opinion about B. Hussein and his dense apostles (who are often so hung over from drinking, smoking, and raping at fraternity parties, that they are reduced to crawling on all fours to their college classrooms or – worse – sleeping through their classes altogether). They, like their savior, are not ready to lead.

In their most vicious attacks, liberals have done their best to scorn our Heroes. Slandering the Troops, framing Honorable Iraqi-slaughtering senators like David Vitter, Larry Craig, James Inhofe, and Ted Stevens; maligning Praiseworthy Congressmen like Tom Delay and Mark Foley; and falsely-indicting generous Fundraisers like Jack Abramoff. All these men have been framed by Thug-O-Crats and their media darlings. We Americans, like a majority of this Great Country, are voting for Future-President McCain on November 4th, in what is likely the most honorable vote any of us will cast in Our Lifetime. Get ready for the impending landslide, folks.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Lil Cal: An American Watches a Debate

They grow up so fast.

Last night Calvin and I microwaved some popcorn after our steak dinner and daily workout routine. On our punching bag, Calvin has duct-taped a “Bin Laden: Wanted Dead or Alive” poster on one side, and an “Obama '08, Osama '09” poster on the other. Lil Cal knows he needs to bulk up for the impending terrorist attack coming inauguration day should – and this is a far-fetched idea – B. Hussein Obama laughably get “elected” (aka suppress enough proud American voters and lower the voting age to 13 by November 4).

He’s a beautiful boy. “I will never – ever – commit myself to an elitist dumbocratic university classroom, dad,” he often says while punching the lights out of Bin Laden’s monstrous face. Then says: “I want to do this for real.”

And Calvin is just 10.

Later, we cuddled together, on our cloth American-made couch, and scooped butter-drenched popcorn from a great Wal Mart-bought bowl. I hand-fed them to my strapping boy, then changed the channel to Fox News, listening for the tell-tale creak as our backyard satellite shifted into place. “What’s on tonight, Dad?”

Though he was unaware of the evening’s festivities, I didn’t strike him.

“Tonight we get to see the debatic equivalent of inner-manned Sarah Palin stick a bullet between the eyes and gut a wild Alaskan Moose to feed her unique portrait of an American family.”

I picked up the phone and called the Grizz. “Hey,” he said, “I was just about to call you.”

“Oh yeah?”

“Yeah, I was just telling my daughter to get ready for the debatic—”

“--equivalent of inner-manned Sarah Palin stick a bullet between the eyes and then gut a wild Alaskan moose to feed her unique portrait of an American family?” I asked.


“Okay, well I don’t want to keep you.”

“Alright Brother, take it easy.”

Calvin knew right away that infant-killing Biden had a bad way about him. As Jonah Goldberg so hilariously said this morning: BS stands for “Biden Says.” Let’s remember, Joe Biden thinks you’re stupid enough to forget about the day his dreams Hindenberged and he was forced to resign from his 1988 presidential campaign. Rightfully, he has since been treated like a freak by his fellow constituents. He wasn’t seen again until the following year, biting the pillow as George H.W. Bush physically assaulted the democrat party on his inauguration day.

As evidenced last night, Biden doesn’t know American foreign policy from his not-so-secret stash of 1970s fetish pornography. He’s a racist and has said on more than one occasion that he hates prosperous, Americanized Indians. He tells them to shove donuts down their throats and drink coffee on the garbaged streets of Wilmington, Delaware, a failed welfare city.

So, my son Calvin: as I looked into his eyes, I could see him burying an electrocuted Iraqi terrorist alive after shoving a medic tube down its throat, half-drowning him, and inflicting pain in what should be legal procedure at Club Gitmo. I dreamed of Calvin body-slamming his democrat enemies on the streets of New York City, Boston, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C. I saw him being an American.

“Wow,” I said as Sarah Palin invoked the Great Ronald Reagan and forced Joey “Diapers” Biden to jump for cover – “There you go again.” When she winked at the camera, she won the vote of every man in America, ashamed of his liberal housewife. Like it or not, when America steps into the voting booth, they’re going to see one candidate – a friend of terrorists, who’s name rhymes with that of a terrorist, who, according to some sources, is the anti-Christ from hell; and a slob – and they’re going to look at the other ticket – a war hero; and beautiful woman with man’s rationale who exclaims “doncha know?” like a patriot.

Who do you think America will choose?

After the debate ended and Joe Biden patted his sweaty forehead, Sarah Palin showed America that she was up to the task and could debate with Putin– because she had just waxed her snowmobile and helicopter with someone as dangerous for America.

I got up off the couch. “You want anything else, son?” I asked.

Calvin had put a pillow over his lap as he stared at slow-mo pictures of Palin while Sean Hannity’s brilliant voice over explained why she had just won the debate so easily. “Just a sec, Dad.”

I smirked. “You get ‘em, Tiger.”

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

WARNING: The Obama Youth Movement

When B. Hussein’s fraudulent campaign dominated Bill Clinton’s wife and sent her packing, Future-President McCain was correct in choosing a woman as his future Vice President. This way, he’d lure Clinton’s Wife’s irrational hate-supporters who admittedly would vote for a woman no matter what. Even a woman as courageous as Palin – who by all standards has the rationality of a confident man, with her position on Roe v. Wade and other social issues – wasn’t enough to turn their hate away from one B. Hussein Obama. And for once, they were correct.

But now B. Hussein has done the unthinkable. He is trying to brainwash Our Children. The children of the future. The ones who will keep our race going. The ones we Love.

Drudge Report, an unbiased, fair, online media news source, recently posted a horrid video of B. Hussein-brainwashed toddlers, singing his praises through song. Many reputable news organizations, including The Freedom Brothers, believe these children are a by-product of the mainstream media’s war on America to turn Our Children into Obama Youth. Click the link to view what B. Hussein has done to Our Children.

This can’t be happening.

Freedom Eagle, once again, invites you on a journey through history.

Beginning in 1922, a group of co-eds known as Hitler-Jugend – or, “Hitler Youth” – sprang up in Deutschland – or, “Germany.” After being disbarred in 1923, they quickly organized underground and became the future foot soldiers in Hitler’s global war to create an Al Gorian-style One World Government where the U.N. taxes its citizens into the poor house, and Gore’s tracking microchips are implanted in us all.

Hitler’s 200,000-person Berlin rallies were littered with his Youth movement, and soon German elders alike came to embrace this young, rising political star. However, no one knew much about him. Even after the global war started with Chamberlin’s appeasement of Hitler in 1939, the world barely knew Hitler. He came with a weak resume, was respected only because of his oratory skills, and continually spoke of change – change to what, the Hitler Youth did not know. It wasn’t until after the American annihilation of Dresden that the Hitler Youth became aware of the full prospect of this “Change” aura.

Tuesday’s Obama Youth video represents much of a disturbing trend going on in America today. Most people are well aware of Barack Obama’s war on America, yet he has paid off pollsters and Diebold to help him in the liberal media’s polls.

America is well-accustomed to seeing his racist, fascist pastor Jeremiah Wright scream “G-d Damn America” in the pulpit, cheered on by the radicals in the pews – Hussein included – yet we are supposed to believe Hussein really earned 18,000,000 primary votes? The Freedom Brothers don’t think so. This is obvious electioneering.

Many reports have cited a not-so-well-known fact that alleges B. Hussein got on stage that somber week of 9/11 and screamed “G-d Damn America” in unison with his racist mentor, whom he has learned everything from. Another reputable attack alleges Hussein and Wright screamed “G-d Damn America” in rounds, with Hussein saying “G-d” as Wright screamed “Damn.” We understand these facts may be disturbing, but they are true, and we only give them to you because we fear for our country.

It’s no surprise that Liberal Fasism – or, “Fascism” – seek to take our children from us. Remember, it was the liberal-minded Herod who sought to kill Jesus Christ, and wiped out an entire village of first-born children to do so. It was liberal fascist Ghandi who refused his wife being administered a cure for her life-ending disease because, he pretended, it was against his religion. And it was Bill Clinton’s Wife’s Husband who struck his veto pen to bills like a dagger to the heart whenever heroic Republican anti-infanticide legislation came to his desk.

But the liberals now see that the American people are against eugenicism just as Republicans are. So democrats have taken the pesky Italian circa 1943 approach – “If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em” – and are brainwashing those children whom they only wish could have been sucked from the womb with a vacuum cleaner.

Every time we allow liberals to speak, lie, they come closer to power. They’ve been murdering Our Children for a millennia, and this may be our last chance to stop them. Eugenic theory, war zonian wombs, Hitlerian “Super Men” – it’s all borne of the same gospel. Liberals believe white, prosperous people are less than human, and they will always act under the guise of “social change” and “hope” to treat them as such. They will take away your rights, they will tax you into government projects, and they will destroy Our Economy by giving home loans to poor minorities instead of prosperous white men. They want you to be dependent on them. That way, you’ll have no choice but to accept whatever slime they shove down your throat, whatever microchips they forceably implant in your wrists.