Wednesday, October 1, 2008

WARNING: The Obama Youth Movement

When B. Hussein’s fraudulent campaign dominated Bill Clinton’s wife and sent her packing, Future-President McCain was correct in choosing a woman as his future Vice President. This way, he’d lure Clinton’s Wife’s irrational hate-supporters who admittedly would vote for a woman no matter what. Even a woman as courageous as Palin – who by all standards has the rationality of a confident man, with her position on Roe v. Wade and other social issues – wasn’t enough to turn their hate away from one B. Hussein Obama. And for once, they were correct.

But now B. Hussein has done the unthinkable. He is trying to brainwash Our Children. The children of the future. The ones who will keep our race going. The ones we Love.

Drudge Report, an unbiased, fair, online media news source, recently posted a horrid video of B. Hussein-brainwashed toddlers, singing his praises through song. Many reputable news organizations, including The Freedom Brothers, believe these children are a by-product of the mainstream media’s war on America to turn Our Children into Obama Youth. Click the link to view what B. Hussein has done to Our Children.

This can’t be happening.

Freedom Eagle, once again, invites you on a journey through history.

Beginning in 1922, a group of co-eds known as Hitler-Jugend – or, “Hitler Youth” – sprang up in Deutschland – or, “Germany.” After being disbarred in 1923, they quickly organized underground and became the future foot soldiers in Hitler’s global war to create an Al Gorian-style One World Government where the U.N. taxes its citizens into the poor house, and Gore’s tracking microchips are implanted in us all.

Hitler’s 200,000-person Berlin rallies were littered with his Youth movement, and soon German elders alike came to embrace this young, rising political star. However, no one knew much about him. Even after the global war started with Chamberlin’s appeasement of Hitler in 1939, the world barely knew Hitler. He came with a weak resume, was respected only because of his oratory skills, and continually spoke of change – change to what, the Hitler Youth did not know. It wasn’t until after the American annihilation of Dresden that the Hitler Youth became aware of the full prospect of this “Change” aura.

Tuesday’s Obama Youth video represents much of a disturbing trend going on in America today. Most people are well aware of Barack Obama’s war on America, yet he has paid off pollsters and Diebold to help him in the liberal media’s polls.

America is well-accustomed to seeing his racist, fascist pastor Jeremiah Wright scream “G-d Damn America” in the pulpit, cheered on by the radicals in the pews – Hussein included – yet we are supposed to believe Hussein really earned 18,000,000 primary votes? The Freedom Brothers don’t think so. This is obvious electioneering.

Many reports have cited a not-so-well-known fact that alleges B. Hussein got on stage that somber week of 9/11 and screamed “G-d Damn America” in unison with his racist mentor, whom he has learned everything from. Another reputable attack alleges Hussein and Wright screamed “G-d Damn America” in rounds, with Hussein saying “G-d” as Wright screamed “Damn.” We understand these facts may be disturbing, but they are true, and we only give them to you because we fear for our country.

It’s no surprise that Liberal Fasism – or, “Fascism” – seek to take our children from us. Remember, it was the liberal-minded Herod who sought to kill Jesus Christ, and wiped out an entire village of first-born children to do so. It was liberal fascist Ghandi who refused his wife being administered a cure for her life-ending disease because, he pretended, it was against his religion. And it was Bill Clinton’s Wife’s Husband who struck his veto pen to bills like a dagger to the heart whenever heroic Republican anti-infanticide legislation came to his desk.

But the liberals now see that the American people are against eugenicism just as Republicans are. So democrats have taken the pesky Italian circa 1943 approach – “If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em” – and are brainwashing those children whom they only wish could have been sucked from the womb with a vacuum cleaner.

Every time we allow liberals to speak, lie, they come closer to power. They’ve been murdering Our Children for a millennia, and this may be our last chance to stop them. Eugenic theory, war zonian wombs, Hitlerian “Super Men” – it’s all borne of the same gospel. Liberals believe white, prosperous people are less than human, and they will always act under the guise of “social change” and “hope” to treat them as such. They will take away your rights, they will tax you into government projects, and they will destroy Our Economy by giving home loans to poor minorities instead of prosperous white men. They want you to be dependent on them. That way, you’ll have no choice but to accept whatever slime they shove down your throat, whatever microchips they forceably implant in your wrists.