Tuesday, October 14, 2008

libs Slime You And Me

In October 2006, Mark Foley, an honorable Florida Republican, was framed for crimes The Freedom Brothes will not detail for the sake of our Freedom-Loving child readers. Just keep in mind, the size of the lie was something that could only be conceived by the Sick liberal rapist mindset. And somehow, it caught on.

We are under no fantastic impression that 2006 was a good year for Congressional Republicans. Many lost their jobs, yet the incoming socialist congress certainly cost America more jobs than America could cost their government servants. But we know 2008 will be different.

Two years of infanticidal bloodbaths, opposition to a Free Iraq, and personally destroying Our Economy have gotten to the heads of Radical democrats. They feel they are invincible. Irrational opposition to American values and adulterous affairs, albeit with a splash of embryonic stem cell eugenicism has shown the American people who these liberal, socialist, elitists really are. And they are being rejected forcefully.

Polls now show Future President John McCain with a commanding lead in crucial battleground states Georgia, Alabama, The Mighty Texas, Kentucky, Tennessee…and the list goes on. And on.

worthless democrats thought they could somehow change the electoral map this year.

They’ve thrown the whole kitchen sink at Former Beauty Queen, Current-Beauty Sarah Palin. They claim she had a role in the firing of her ex- abusive brother-in-law, yet the final report released last Friday shows that the opposite is true. Justice served. As McCain spokesman Meg Stapleton truthfully said Monday, “This Governor did nothing wrong and did nothing unlawful.” End of story.

Yet, B. Hussein, a former leader of vote-suppressing and terrorist-enabling ACORN, is a convict in waiting. He is very, very good friends with several well-known domestic terrorists/murderers like Bill Ayers (the man who ghostwrote his “memoir” of lies, half-truths, and slander), O.J. Simpson, and Chuck Schumer.

In the fall of 1981, Bill Ayers’ wife, Bernadette Dohrn supplied machine guns, grenades, nunchucks, and Vietnam-era fire-bazookas to Radical black panthers in Nanuet, New York, resulting in the Murder of two brave, heroic, Police Officers. Barack Obama knew of the incident beforehand and said nothing. What other autumn attacks on our home soil that killed police officers/firefighters has B. Hussein known about beforehand and/or had a major hand in? One can’t help but wonder.

McCain’s campaign has been accused by the media of riling up his Wonderful Supporters to shout true statements, such as “[B. Hussein Obama]’s a terrorist” and “[B. Hussein regularly commits] treason.” The liberal hatologist slimers at The New York times and The Washington post have mucused these patriots, using them as props, insisting Sarah Palin, who is regularly disrespected as a woman by B. Hussein and “Diapers” Biden, invites statements they baselessly call untruths.

And the media wonders why they’re so out of touch.

Many commenters trolling this site often believe the Freedom Brothers are less than righteous in their factual commentary and well-researched opinion about B. Hussein and his dense apostles (who are often so hung over from drinking, smoking, and raping at fraternity parties, that they are reduced to crawling on all fours to their college classrooms or – worse – sleeping through their classes altogether). They, like their savior, are not ready to lead.

In their most vicious attacks, liberals have done their best to scorn our Heroes. Slandering the Troops, framing Honorable Iraqi-slaughtering senators like David Vitter, Larry Craig, James Inhofe, and Ted Stevens; maligning Praiseworthy Congressmen like Tom Delay and Mark Foley; and falsely-indicting generous Fundraisers like Jack Abramoff. All these men have been framed by Thug-O-Crats and their media darlings. We Americans, like a majority of this Great Country, are voting for Future-President McCain on November 4th, in what is likely the most honorable vote any of us will cast in Our Lifetime. Get ready for the impending landslide, folks.


Anonymous said...

Finally the voice of reason -- keep up the good work. The Freedom Brothers speak the truth. You are American Pie personified.

nobodylovesyou said...


NOTCrazy! said...

Voice of reason? I suspect some serious mental defect or perhaps a serious substance abuse issue.

How you can read facts and draw the conclusions expressed in this "article" is bizarre.

Really, seek medical help immediately!

Anonymous said...


How the hell did I get here? Let's see...BoingBoing posts a bit about a fake, racially charged Obama campaign flyer. The I click over to some crappy Faux News blog post about how Obama is in league with Satan (no joke). The I notice a Freedom Brothers comment and end up here. And oh, what a sweet comedy gold-mine!

Seriously, this stuff is better than the TimeCube website. I almost want it to be real because that would make it so much funnier. Even if it isn't kudos to you for not letting the real agenda show.

Freedom Eagle said...


The Freedom Brothers suggest you refrain from insulting the intelligence of our Dear Readers.

The Freedom Brothers are many things, but we are not misleading in any way, shape, or form. We believe America is a great place, yet those of us who choose to get our information from MTV, VH1, and BET are no better than their heroes on the show "Jackass." You are included in this demographic.

This website is written with the upmost precision. Freedom Eagle and The Grizz spend all their waking hours that we have (when not focusing on our Families) researching and exposing the radical left.

Next week, Future-President McCain will give you a wake up call. And once you realize the Presidential Election isn't just another episode of Saturday Night Live, you will cry into your koran, wiping your tears with the blasphemy the same way your hero, B. Hussein, does nightly.