Sunday, June 22, 2008

B. Hussein's Dream Is A Muslim America

When B. Hussein Obama said America is “no longer a Christian nation” he knifed you in the back with one hand, and choked your throat with the other.

B. Hussein, already a known terrorist sympathizer and secret Muslim, made the claim in 2007, which has only recently been circulating on Internet blogs and reputable, independent websites such as World Net Daily and

B. Hussein already showers the United States with daily hail storms of slime and sludge when he makes his anti-American statements, but the idea that B. Hussein intends to secularize Our Country the same way the Soviet Union was disbanded in the early 90s makes the Freedom Brothers pissed. And we’re not going to take it anymore.

Why does Hussein and his wild-eyed, extremist hate campaign want America to be a nation of Muslims?

"Whatever we once were,” spewed Hussein, “we're no longer a Christian nation. At least not just. We are…a Muslim nation…and a nation of nonbelievers."

If proud, brave Americans needed any more reason not to vote for this radical Marxist, The Freedom Brothers believe this may be it. B. Hussein intends on declaring a fascist jihad against the people of the United States. He won’t take no for an answer.

When B. Hussein began his hate campaign, Freedom Eagle couldn’t help but to laugh for hours on end, barely imagining any radical Muslim with no experience in government could possibly be made a president. But when he forced Bill Clinton’s wife to submit to him, I started to feel afraid – for my dear country and Her majesty.

Nothing about the potential of a Hussein presidency makes us do anything but recoil in horror. He has brainwashed Our Children. (Freedom Eagle’s stapping young boy hasn’t succumbed to Hussein’s mind control. Little Calvin wears his Future-President McCain T-shirt to camp these days. He wears it with honor.) Why does B. Hussein want to surrender in Iraq, you may ask? Because he agrees with the terrorists. They are his brothers and sisters. He attends madrassa with them.

He bathes with them.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

McCain: “The Eradication of Iran Isn’t the Only Use for America’s Nuclear Energy”

The Amount of Energy it Takes to Do This to Tehran Could Power Your Home for Three Hundred Eons

Reminding some Vietnamese that he doesn’t exist only in flashbacks to the worst moment of their life, Future President of the United States of America John McCain today deep-sixed one of the most treasured platforms of the democrat movement: that Republicans don’t love the planet that God created and handed over for them to steward. The New York Times is reporting that John McCain will oversee the building of 45 new nuclear reactors, which will harness the white-hot power of radiation and enable Americans unrestricted energy use from now till Kingdom Come.

Hero McCain pointed out that “[Our enemies in] China, Russia and India are all planning to build more than a hundred new power plants among them in the coming decades,” and no American is willing to come in second to the impoverished citizens of these respectively Maoist, Stalinist, and Polytheistic nations. Challenging democrats, foreigners and other doubters, McCain affirmed, “Hell, the United States [of America] is more than equal to the challenge.” Later, when asked off the record just how much more, he replied: “Hundreds, probably thousands of times.”

In response to McCain’s enlightened proposal, Daniel J. Weiss, the liar heading the "global warming" program at the Center for American Progress Action Fund (a liberal research group) claimed that, “Wall Street won’t invest in these plants because they are too expensive and unreliable, so Senator McCain wants to shower the nuclear industry with billions of dollars of taxpayer handouts.” Overextending his feeble intellect to come up with this slanderous perjure, Weiss left several holes in his argument.
Let the Freedom Brothers point them out to you.
  1. Wall Street can’t invest in these plants, because it was left bankrupt by years of economic management under the regime of Bill Clinton’s Wife’s Husband.
  2. democrats would indeed consider these billions of dollars to be wrongfully spent were they to go to warming freezing American families through the winter, instead of funding a bloated, inefficient government.
  3. It’s a proven fact that (when not operated by Russians) nuclear power plants provide the safest, most efficient energy, and would thus leave American citizens happy and comfortable – the state in which they’re least likely to vote democrat.

Don’t let the liberals lie. Each time they do, they come closer to power.

Don’t let the Communists win. Our Troops didn't die in Korea, Vietnam and Grenada so you could let them down.

Vote for John McCain in November 2008. He suffered for you.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Disgraced Hypocrite Uses 232 Houses Worth Of Energy

He’s at it again.

It seems like Disgraced Former Unelected Vice-President Al Gore has been keeping on all the lights in his mansion, in between trips to and from his own private airport in his limousine.

The Tennessee Center for Policy Research, an unbiased, nonprofit, and independent research organization relating to free market and media issues in Tennessee has recently reported that Al “I created the internet” Gore’s personal energy consumption is up 10 percent, and could have powered 232 U.S. homes for a month.

He still wants you to stop driving your SUVs to and from your kid’s soccer practice. Does he hate children? He’s still swapping tongues with his zombified wife while they run the blender without any ice or milk in it.

In the past year, Gore’s home burned through 213,210 kilowatt-hours. We’re disgusted. Not because we care about energy use. Lord knows Freedom Eagle sits back with a cold one after a long day of his blue collared work, and views Bill O’Reilly, then Sean Hannity shove liberals’ faces into the dirt until they cry uncle.

On my Kenmore refrigerator, my strapping son has magneted a "Wanted" poster of Osama bin Laden.

No, I’m not mad that Al Gore (who this week endorsed fellow muslim marxist B. Hussein Obama) is using energy. That's what it's for. He should just keep his mouth shut about my energy usage. Because by not practicing what he preaches, he's practicing fascism. God put energy on the planet for a reason. He asks us to use it, just as he asks us to use His oil, albeit across the vast ocean.

Al Gore slimes our troops because he hates them, he smears George W. Bush for beating him in a landslide in 2000, and he hates you for poking fun at his nerded life.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Illegal Elian

Could we have ended it here?

When told the name Elian Gonzalez, two memories enter the mind of most Americans. The first is of the precious wide-eyed youngster being delivered by a loving God to an open-armed America. The second is of serial-rapist Bill Clinton’s Wife’s Husband denying that God, and returning the screaming child back to his communist allies in Cuba at gunpoint. Just last week, Freedomites from sea-to-shining-sea were horror-struck to learn that the Clinton’s dream had been realized: a brain-washed Elian has joined Fidel Castro in Stalinism.

This announcement comes at the perfect moment for the Clinton Crime Mob, who has been feeling a little down lately since their matriarch was defeated worse than a trench-load of screaming North Vietnamese on the receiving end of a John McCain launched rocket barrage. The Grizz can only assume that the Clintons are throwing a decadent Cuban-themed fiesta at their secluded Chappaqua mansion in celebration.

According to CBS News, Juventud Rebelde, the mouthpiece of Castro’s Terrorist regime, has quoted the pubescent revolutionary as promising “he would never let down ex-President Fidel Castro or his brother, Raul.” He hasn’t yet, however, confirmed or denied whether he will be campaigning for America’s first Islamic presidential candidate, Barack Hussein Obama, in the coming months.

The Freedom Brothers are sad to learn that little Elian Gonzalez, who, at the time of publication, should be drilling in a South Floridian gymnasium with the Junior ROTC, is now their enemy, and will most likely need to be killed by his former classmates. While Freedom Eagle and The Grizz don’t love war, they hate their adversaries with a hatred deep and true.
Elian Gonzalez – bring it on.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Gore Vidal Hates Future-President, America

Homosexual hypocrite Gore Vidal, a self-proclaimed historian, told The New York Times Magazine that Future-President McCain is not a war hero.

Vidal has once again proven that Immanuel Kant’s assertion that human beings are “rational animals” is sludged by the left wing of American politics.

Vidal also baselessly claimed that it would take “one-hundred years” for the United States to repair the “damage” caused by the Bush administration.

(Bush Administration “Damage”: Killing terrorists, restoring dignity to the White House, saving America from Kerry-Gore socialism, stopping more 9/11s, saving America from a AIDS-induced homosexual takeover, etc.)

When the interviewer asked Vidal about McCain’s heroic credentials as a P.O.W. in North Vietnam, Vidal answered: “He tells us he was [a heroic prisoner who suffered beatings and solitary confinement to preserve freedom to America and her allies whilst the black muslims and long-haired radicals back in America spit on McCain’s legacy and wished for his death.]”

When asked by the baffled interviewer why he would doubt the heroic Future-President, Vidal answered: “I know a lot of the Annapolis breed. Remember, I’m West Point, where I was born. My father went there.”

Vidal, while sharing the infected blood of the Gore family (and Disgraced Former Unelected Vice-President Al Gore), is a member of World Can’t Wait, which is, in the prophetic words of Little Green Footballs, a “lunatic left wing hate group [which includes] a who’s who of radical leftists, terrorist supporters, and antisemites.”

It truly astonishes the Freedom Brothers that anyone with (conceivably) a brain can believe, as Vidal does, that Our Future President is a “disaster” and not a heroic, adult, intelligent, Viet-Cong killing, family-oriented, terrorist fear-invoking, freedom-loving, barbeque-enjoying, conservative hero.

Truly astonishing.

Illegal Mexicans Terrorize American Animals

A Common Scene Greeting Hardworking Americans as They Drive Past Their Local Welfare Office

Andale! Andale!

The liberal propaganda-mongers up at the New York Times are reporting that the newest victims of the Latin Invasion are the same harmless beings that serve their country by filling the empty stomachs of its carnivorous human population. Reportedly, Mexicans are swarming like locusts to charreadas, events unlike the family-style celebration of American roots and culture that is The Rodeo, in which animals are subjected to barbarous torture the likes of which even Former P.O.W., Current War Hero and Future President of the U.S.A. John McCain was spared by his evil-to-the-core Viet Cong adversaries.

Some of the horrific acts of violence on display at the charreadas include steer-tailing and horse-tripping, which can result in terrible injuries to our valued bovine and equine citizens. Even as the animals cry out in pain, drunken Mexicans squeal with glee at their misfortune. The reporter from The Times even has a man named Marcos on the record, shouting, “We live for this!”

These beasts have and want to fulfill their responsibility, but are unable to because of their sweat-stained antagonists. Instead of undergoing a beautiful metamorphosis from larval stage (life) to butterfly (New York Strip Steak), they are condemned by The Mexicans to suffer in the dirt.

The Grizz has had it up to here.

When is the burrito bonanza going to stop? When will those who hate us leave our creatures and our jobs in peace? When will they see that Americans don’t move into foreign countries, snuffing out life, breaking laws, stealing livelihoods and depriving others of their God-given resources.

The Freedom Brothers are calling for a boycott of all Mexicans until the charreadas are closed and The Illegals return to their hive. The Grizz is disappointed to have to fire his cleaning lady, but he’s heard that Bill Clinton’s nightmare-living Wife is looking for a job.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Fear And Loathing Inside The Head Of Colin Powell

On February 5, 2003, Colin Powell admirably served his country, and the earth, by arguing, correctly so, that Saddam Hussein was storing weapons of mass destruction (WMD) in Iraq.

Throughout President Bush’s first brave, terrorist-killing term, Powell served with honor and it is true that the Humanitarian Liberation of Iraq (HLI) could not have been accomplished as honorably and with such determination as has been done were it not for his help in selling the war to eager buyers in the United Nations.

The people thanked him for his humanitarian efforts, Americans praised him. Hell, The Freedom Brothers toasted a cold one for him just last week at our combined family BBQ, where we ate burgers, hot dogs, steak, and Freedom Fries.

Now I’m humiliated.

Today, Powell, former HLI supporter, admitted to a small crowd that he has not ruled out voting for B. Hussein.

B. Hussein has ties to terrorism. B. Hussein is a Muslim. B. Hussein is a democrat. He hates The Flag and won't pledge allegiance to it.

And Colin Powell is considering voting for this man? Freedom Eagle has come to the conclusion that Powell’s journey through anti-Constitutional amendment "Affirmative Action" as a child has finally got the best of him. Mr. Powell, you are a racist.

Of B. Hussein and Future-President McCain, Powell vomited: “Both of them certainly have the qualifications to be president of the United States, but both of them cannot be.”

Powell, the bigoted racist (PBR) also has claimed as of late that the United States and her admirable, Freedom-loving and giving troops should pull out of the HLI.

PBR, you are a coward.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Obama Releases Fake Birth Certificate

After initial and repeated refusal, the Hussein campaign has allegedly released B. Hussein Obama's 'Birth Certificate.' 

Not to be outdone by the hatists on his website, Hussein gave this likely fabricated piece of trash to the editor of anti-Semitic, 9/11 Truth, Larouche-loving, bin Laden-cuddling, Jimmy Carter impersonating hate site DailyKos, Markos Moulitsas.

Moulitsas is most well-known for saying "Screw Them" when told that brave Americans had been killed, burned, and their charred bodies hung in Iraq. He is a typical America hater and trivializes everything our troops do.

In his "article" Moulitsas says he got the certificate directly from the Hussein hate campaign, which means they are obviously friendly. Give it a couple days before B. Hussein Obama throws Markos under the bus and cuts all ties, as he did with his dear reverend, Jim Johnson, and his daughters.

As peace, anti-terror website Little Green Footballs notes of the document, it is a fraud as a "certification of birth" is not a "Birth Certificate." The Hussein camp thinks that you are all idiots.

The truth is, B. Hussein has proven nothing and will not be our next president because he was not born in the United States. His father was a radical Muslim, killed himself while driving drunk, and would have suicide bombed a Kenyan Christian church anyway.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Paultards To Celebrate Filth, Hate

On September 2, 2008, most patriotic Americans will be celebrating the anniversary of the end of World War II combat in the Pacific Theater. For it was on this day in 1945 that the final official surrender of Japan was accepted aboard the battleship USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay.

Others, or maybe those patriots will overlap in this celebration, will commemorate Union troops seizing Atlanta, Georgia in 1864, during the American Civil War, the only war in history in which both sides were equally honorable.

Freedom Eagle is afraid to inform you that a few marginalized, radical members of our society will be celebrating neither event. Instead, they will be drugging alongside 11,000 Paultards at Ron Paul’s “mini-convention” in Minnesota.

Try not to vomit.

A Paul campaign aide told The Pittsburgh Tribune Review that the Texas “congressman,” 9/11 Truther, and anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist hopes to pack some of his anti-American supporters into the Williams Arena at the University of Minnesota, coinciding with the second day of the Republican Convention, in which honorable, brave Americans will celebrate the Future-Presidency of Future-President McCain.

The Paul “Campaign” said they hope to “send a message to the Republican Party.”

No message can be sent from a few insane drug addicts who seek to send America back to its 18th Century depression and surrender in Iraq. We believe Ron Paul and his supporters are almost as bad as democrats. They are not worse because Paultards are honest about wanting to lose in Iraq. democrats make up fake names for surrender, like “phased withdrawal” and “three-state solution.” The only solution to the Iraq War is destruction of the enemy.

Ron Paul believes your president planned 9/11 and carried it out using a remote control joystick. He has said he believes such on several occasions. He has been the little spoon to American simpletons like Alex Jones, the head of the 9/11 Truth movement, and embraced him as a son. Both believe 9/11 was “executed” by President Bush in order to bog America down in a never-ending war so American corporations can make more money, an idea so ridiculous, it boggles Freedom Eagle’s mind that Lyndon LaRouche hasn’t yet been seen burrowing out of his underground tunnel (like a Viet Cong scumbag), and ending his long journey in Paul’s overgrown back yard to embrace Paul with a big wet homosexual kiss.

Ron Paul believes an “Illuminati” theory of American and other world leaders, in which the idea of men mating with lizards, creating “Reptilian Humanoid” spawn is considered reasonable. He has held anti-American/British forums with David Icke.

Again, the only thing Freedom Eagle respects more about Ron Paul more than the democrats is that at least he believes his own filth. He’s a psycho path. He hates your American troops and believes they are not heroes.

democrats are simply pandering cowards.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Communists Open New Front in War on Gender

Communism is Gay

Freedom Lovers dwelling all across America’s purple mountain majesty are reacting with revulsion and fury to reports that Cuba, domain of three-quarters-dead tyrant Fidel Castro, will be sending in hundreds of citizens for the dual castration and hormone engineering process sometimes referred to as “gender reassignment therapy”. Warm-welcomed Cuban refugees to the United States took the silence of the communistic nation’s socialist celebrants in the democrat party as a hateful slap in the face, further cementing their allegiance to the Party of War Hero John McCain – the Republican party.

The Trustworthy Encyclopedia, Conservapedia, points out that there is a widely identified link between transexualism – the lifestyle lived by a sufferer of “gender identity disorder” - and homosexualism.

In the United States, the government takes steps to encourage its population to live healthier, more heterosexual lives. In the third to last international communist stronghold (the other two being Maoist China and Illist North Korea) they encourage these personal depravities.

Luckily, Americans’ hatred of Cubans will serve to better their own country, and remind them of what happens when liberals are allowed to turn entire countries into their own personal amusement parks. Rest assured, if anti-, un- and, according to recent reports, possibly non-American B. Hussein Obama takes over America, he’ll be handing out adoptive children to homosexuals with his left hand, and grabbing your self-defense mechanism with his right.

Maryland Schools Cave To Jihad

Fox News (We Report. You Decide.) reports that Maryland middle and high school students are being raped by the political correctness sect of the ACLU, and other liberal, elitist organizations who seek to stupidize the would-be well-informed.

A textbook monitoring group says middle and high school students from Maryland will be required to read a “dumbed down” version of radical Islamic teachings as part of its new policy.

Jihad. Sharia Law. Suicide Bombings. 72 Virgins. The Truth About Islam.


Terms have been “adjusted,” according to Gilbert Sewall, a coward who gave into pro-Islamic groups who have been rumored to fund terrorism and kill American soldiers who seek to guarantee Sewall his freedom, such as CAIR.

Sewall, along with other hatists like Keith Olbermann and Teddy Kennedy, are responsible for terrorism against the United States and her allies.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Infant To Human Harvesters: "I Want To Live"

The human harvesters weren’t expecting this kid.

Jodie Percival, a liberal who believes human life is equal to that of rotten fruit, said she and her fiancé, also a sick man whose sole intention in life seems to be creating a Darwinian war-zonian womb, made the decision to abort her child, Finley, when she was eight weeks pregnant.

She claims the child was suffering from a kidney disease, though still in utero. And because her child had this curable disease, she felt it necessary to kill that child – a child with a soul.

But she wasn’t expecting God to intervene. Much to the dismay of democrats, Finley lives. And he’s pissed.

In order to understand the significance of this attempted murder, Freedom Eagle invites you on a journey through history.

Under Adolf Hitler, Nazi Germany had a number of social policies that placed the improvement of race on eugenics, making the policy the center of their concerns in order to create a pure society of Aryans. Anyone considered, in the words of Hitler, feeble-minded, idle, or weak, though clearly subjective terms, was deemed “unworthy of life.” More than 400,000 people were sterilized because of eugenic theory.

Hitler believed, while imprisoned and before be became dictator, that in order for Germany to become strong again, the state must apply the basic principals of racial hygiene he read about in Social Darwinian books. He came to think that World War I was lost because of infusion of degenerate elements into the German bloodstream, not because America kicked their Bratwurst-sucking asses.

Fast forward to June 5, 2008.

“I was on the [eugenically engineered] birth control pill when I became pregnant,” said Jodie Percival. “Deciding to terminate at eight weeks was just utterly horrible [since I let the parasite grow past the point of pink glob].”

Liberal Fascism has hit heights not seen since the liberal socialists came into power in Germany and Russia before World War II. While Republicans oppose the liberal idea of treating a child like a microscopic bacterial parasite in a war zone of anti-bacterial soap, Democrats embrace Hitler’s ideals.

Freedom Eagle remembers that FDR, though a Stalinist, was once looked at as a leader by Democrats. He was the last thing they had resembling a leader. Today, they choose to pleasure themselves to fetus-in-a-bucket internet videos and bestiality VHS tapes, since outlawed. However, the idea of liberalism means disobeying laws. If liberals can get their right hand on bestiality, they can get their left on KY jelly.

Republicans Block Sham Environmental Bill

The Washington Times is reporting that a liberal-celebrated Senate environmental bill has been buried by thirty-six courageous Republican congressmen. If successful, the measure would have stolen jobs, suppressed the economy, and raised gasoline prices, hence further sullying the good name of Our President George W. Bush and fooling the ignorant into voting for B. Hussein Obama in November. Luckily for America and the rest of a dependent world, it didn’t.

Specifically, the bill called for caps in carbon dioxide emissions, which ostensibly cause “climate change”, a phenomenon that even environmentalist zealots acknowledge would only raise the global temperature by a couple of degrees – if it even existed in the first place. It doesn’t, as proven most recently by global Freedom Fighter Vaclav Klaus, President of the Czech Republic, and true friend to Former Prisoner of War, Current Hero and Future President of the United States of America John McCain.

democrat operatives playing politics - namely fat bastard Al Gore - have made out carbon dioxide emissions to be some sort of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi or Ayman Muhammad Rabaie al-Zawahiri. What they don’t want Americans to know is that these same CO2 emissions are most commonly produced by the power plants that run the medical devices used to sustain life in the sickly; the refineries that provide fuel for the machinery hard-working Americans use to harvest their crops; even the factories that build the toys that make our children smile. Ostensibly, the hardships that such deprivation would lead to are worth it, as long as they can create an excuse to steal more hard-earned tax dollars from struggling Joe America.

As usual, the Freedom Brothers applaud the Republican party for seeing through the slime-screen, and condemn the democrats. After a landslide victory in November, the former will put an end to this nonsense once and for all.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Clinton: "My Fantastic Dream Is Over, and I've Awakened to a Terrible Reality"

The Los Angeles Times today decided to go against its reputation as a liberal rag, and provide a detailed, in-depth analysis of each stage of emotional hardship Bill Clinton’s shamed Wife has had to endure as sinner B. Hussein Obama ground her career into the dirt like the butt of one of his unfiltered cigarettes. They were able to identify five defined stages in her decline.

  • Denial (that her only impetus for trying to seize The Presidency was for fame and fortune)
  • Anger (at hard-working Americans for seeing through her deceit, and scorning her at the polls)
  • Bargaining (with Obama in an effort to join together to defeat America in the election)
  • Depression (as she learned that her husband is having an adulterous sexual relationship with harlot Gina Gershon)
  • Acceptance (that she managed to lose the campaign to the first Black Muslim presidential nominee, that her dream was dead, and that her family had been cast aside like a soiled blue dress by her husband)

While the Freedom Brothers were able to identify some other physical and mental hardships that Bill Clinton’s Wife was forced to endure throughout the campaign (self-loathing; advanced aging), they were pleased with the article none-the-less. The Grizz and Freedom Eagle’s fundamental concern throughout the democrat party’s entire nomination contest was the election of the candidate most certain to lose to Former Prisoner of War, and Future President of the United States of America John McCain. Still, it was preferential to see lasting damage done to Mrs. Clinton’s reputation amongst the greater American population, which might preclude her from engaging in another War on Democracy in the future.

As of now, the Clinton/Clinton campaign is keeping quiet. The happy couple has only briefly emerged from seclusion since the Mrs. made her final attempt to sabotage Hussein Obama’s jihad on the White House at her party’s expense - she on her way to plan her Concession speech, he to an extramarital sexual tryst with a washed-up “actress” best known for soft-core porn.

We have now seen the entire Clinton Family (Bill, the Wife, Chelsea) meet defeat; now they wait with baited breath to see them accept it.

Stay with your Freedom Brothers for more hard-hitting conservative analysis in the coming days.

B. HUSSEIN IS A COLD-BLOODED MURDERER (Should He Get Elected and Choose To Be Defeated In Iraq)

"He came in glory, to judge the living and the dead.  And His kingdom will have no end." 

So says the Nicene Creed, a small, marginalized beacon of hope that still remains in the secularized Catholic Church, once a foundation that spoke the words of Jesus Christ, now a cult hell-bent on America losing the war in Iraq.
There is a problem Freedom Eagle has found with the Nicene Creed. His Kingdom can come to an end. 
It is a cold, hard fact that He speaks through Our President, George W. Bush, a true family man and a man of intestinal fortitude, who has fought and killed terrorists since September 11th, 2001, and who creates wealth for His poorest American citizens, who benefit greatly from the tax cuts, and who have retained heavy employment because of Ronald Reagan's trickle-down economic theory, also of His word.
But He created Our country on the pretense of it being a Christian nation. We are a nation of all, led by Christians with Judeo-Christian values. If that is no longer so, His kingdom will come to an end. And Barack Hussein Obama is neither a Christian nor a man of values. 
He is a black Muslim. 
Black Muslims, since the days of serial killer and riot organizer (which also makes him a child burner) Malcom X, have sought to destroy Our nation that we hold dear. Under His sun. They pelt bullets through our police officers' faces, steal our electronics and use the money they make at pawn shops for illegal, cheap drugs, and molest our children's minds with pornography and anti-American drivel they refer to as literature.  
The following are a list of black Muslims worshipped by secularists, New Dealers, and communists:

Mumia Abu Jamal. Murderer.
Muhammad Ali. Coward. Turncoat.
Malcom X. Murderer. Riot Enthusiast.
Busta Rhymes. Child Molester. 
Dave Chappelle. Anti-American. Valueless. Anti-Capitalism.
Mike Tyson. Rapist. Murderer. 
Barack Hussein Obama. Coward. Traitor. Turncoat. Liar. Radical. (And should he pull out of Iraq...) Cold-Blooded Murderer.

Future-President McCain will wipe the floor with B. Hussein during the debates, but that may not be enough. B. Hussein has already warped the minds of millions of clueless teenagers and anti-American racists throughout the country. He has used the traits passed on from his Muslim, racist, radical pastor, Jeremiah Wright, to brainwash half his party into voting for him. They wear his T-shirts without realizing the secret Muslim message hidden in the "O."
Luckily the blue collars and working class who mistakenly voted for Hillary will never vote for a man like B. Hussein. They are too smart for that. The truck drivers whose education included the school of Limbaugh, the factory workers who learned the hard way that unions don't help anyone besides the elite, and the janitors who see the ignorance at Our Nation's public schools (where the teachers "teach" Stalinism in a positive manner), they will vote for Future-President McCain. 
And they'll do it with honor.
Freedom Eagle and The Grizz have laid low for some time now, knowing our job had been done for the time being, as Future-President McCain sailed through a crowd of worthy opponents, heroes, family men, men who seek to speak His word, and terrorist killers. Future-President McCain was the best, but they were all great. 
That is, besides the anti-American liberal traitor Ron Paul, who said your president controlled Flight 93 with a remote control joystick and shed tears of joy as the World Trade Center came crashing down. Never forget.
But our time has come again, as has His will, to judge the living and the dead. Future-President McCain does not need Our help, but we are happy to lend it to him. Both The Grizz and Freedom Eagle have spent much of their hard-earned cash to help the Future-President achieve his goal, and we encourage you to do the same. He is a family man of values who will not surrender in Iraq, as B. Hussein, with a ticket of loose cannon/racist Joe Biden, Liar/U.N. knee-padder Wesley Clark, or Murderer/feminzai Hillary Clinton will. They yearn to lose.
B. Hussein, the by-product of a Muslim and an atheist, is both, but neither. He represents the worst of our country. He represents those who still think JFK was a leader and others who believe Bill Clinton didn't trash the White House before he left office, because he hates the Bushes. Yes, those people still live in America. 
The media is not on our side, as we well know. Hence, they will not ask B. Hussein why he chose to swear into office on a Koran, rather than a Bible. What else is he trying to hide?
What else?