Monday, April 14, 2008

Obama: "I Don't Know a God Damn Thing About America"

"Look. I'm just like you."

Anyone in the know is aware that B. Hussein Obama recently lashed out at hard-working Americans, depicting them as bitter hillbillies that love God and their inherent Right to Self Defense because they're simple. He has since tried to elaborate on his beliefs, patronizing his perceived inferiors as "the heart and soul of America". Now, it seems like his campaign for the democrat nomination may not have overcome his housewife opponent just yet.

Barack Obama is right that Americans have become bitter. What he neglects to mention is why. Let the Freedom Brothers tell you.

Americans are bitter because his friends in the democrat party bankrupted their country, and spent eight years sabotaging their security aparatus, thereby welcoming that warm, sunny day in September when their lives were plunged into what will eventually be a decades long war.

Entertainingly, Bill Clinton's Wife has lashed out like hyena at her nemesis. Trying to play against the universally held perception of her as a scorned housewife taking her fury out on her country, she has attempted to depict herself as a commoner. Yesterday, she took a shot of whiskey, with what was most likely a paid actor. She also provided unconvincing accounts of firing guns with her father as a child.

Mrs. Clinton is playing pretend.

Americans don't need either of these fake-Americans in 2008. Thanks to the Republican Movement, Americans love their lives, and they thank God every day that their our next President will be War Hero and Future-President John McCain.


Andy said...

The "heart and soul" of America believes in peace and understanding; not war and blind faith.

"fake Americans"

You have to be kidding! Did you hear that in church? You are scary and insulting. What does the gun to book ratio look like in your house?

The Grizz said...


I'm unsurprised by your comment. Liberals are scared of the truth, which is the only thing your Freedom Brothers deal in.

Fly High,
The Grizz