Friday, February 29, 2008

Bill Clinton's Wife Admits She Wants The U.S. Military Defeated

As Bill Clinton's Humiliated Wife changed her husband's sheets and prepared his eggs on Wednesday, she managed to vomit up another anti-American, anti-freedom statement to appease the blame-America first crowd. But unlike the Clintons' Chappaqua kitchen and the various excrement-stained pieces of furniture in the Clintons' house, she wasn't able to clean this one up with Lysol Wipes.

"We've got two wars," she said to a crowd of al Qaeda enthusiasts and members of the cut-and-run fan club, who pray to their secular God for more terrorist attacks on home soil. "We've got to end one. We've got to win the other."
When asked why she does not plan on winning both, she repeated the same anti-American statements the democrats have picked up as of late. "There's simply no military solution in Iraq."
The Freedom Brothers' mouths are watering at the scope of the landslide coming
in November. We're talking Bush 2004 proportions. No, not the "51 percent" the main stream media reported. We're talking about the real Americans, who go unreported by the Associated Press, a press, by definition, "associated" with the democrat party.
Bill Clinton's wife can't even control Bill Clinton's wife's husband. How can she be expected to control the terrorists, let alone win the one war she still pretends to want to win?
Bill Clinton's wife has now gone on record, saying she wants to lose in Iraq to teach George W. Bush, Our President, a lesson. She continues to humiliate herself, while her party humiliates itself, with the nomination of a well-known terrorist who hates America all but inevitable at this point. We have a word for liberals like Bill Clinton's Wife, B. Hussein Obama, Ron Paul, and Our Worst President Jimmy Carter.


Anonymous said...

This site is satiracle right? I hope so. I have never seen so much anti-freedom, authoritarian, fascist loving hate in a blog before. Do you even realize everything you promote is in athema to the U.S. Constitution, freedom, and liberty?

Freedom Eagle said...


The main stream media has brainwashed the American public to the point that The Freedom Brothers were not just a necessity to the conservative internet community, but a requirement.

We urge you to search for the truth beyond the news you and your liberal friends receive watching MTV and Comedy Central.

Yours in Freedom,
Freedom Eagle