Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Millions of Americans Watch as the Hopes of Bill Clinton's Humiliated Wife Evaporate on National Television

This time last year, if you'd have told The Grizz that a Madrassah-schooled, implicated drug-dealer like Barack Hussein would be able to do what the Republican Movement wasn't able to in decades, he would have spit in your face. Yet last night, there it was.

The Freedom Brothers laughed themselves to tears as Bill Clinton's Wife crawled across the floor, fumbling with the jagged pieces of her shattered dream. The scene was almost too perfect:

The liberal media (led by a drooling, wild-eyed Tim Russert) throwing body-blow after body-blow to their former darling;

The smirking doofus to her left who, barely out of diapers, turned her face into a foothold on his scamper to the pinnacle of the sham left-wing movement;

The jeering crowd that pandered to her for years, then cast her away like a second-born Chinese infant.

Considering War Hero and Future President John McCain’s dominant standing in the polls – and American history – we can safely assume that he is going to leave a blood-stained trail of devastation across the landscape of the 2008 general election, just like that of the Vietnamese countryside four decades before. With that victory a certainty, Freedom Eagle and The Grizz can fully enjoy the spectacle of the irrelevant democrat primary as it unfolds.

Unlike the long-finished Republican primary season, which ended with class-act Mitt Romney’s heart-felt endorsement of John McCain, the leftists' side-slitting carnival continues. After Mrs. Clinton’s atomic meltdown at the debate, probably the second and third funniest moments of the week respectively were Hussein Obama's endorsement by Islamic Jihadist Louis Farrakhan, and the hysteria-laced defection of selfish, wishy-washy liberal politicians from Bill Clinton's Wife to the loser that’s winning.

If you think you’ve seen the best, you’ve got another thing coming. The Grizz is going to sit back on his couch and crack open a Caffeine-Free Diet Coke. The fun has just begun.

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