Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Heroes on the Homefront Prepare to Crush Berkeley Insurgency

Hundreds of committed Americans moved in on the socialist stronghold of Berkeley, California today, proving that you don't need a machine gun to fight for Freedom. Their actions were prompted by the city council's treasonous decision to vote in favor of a disruptive offensive against The Troops last week - specifically directed at the lions of the United States Marine Corps. It seems that after years of opportunistic pandering to Our Heroes in the Military, democrats have shown their true colors and proved that they are still clinging tight to the "Baby Killer" mentality of the 1970's. Luckily, an acid flashback-crippled, Alex Jones-listening freak in a pink sombrero doesn't scare off the average hard-working American.

The city council voted greatly in favor of the damning resolution, which declares that Marine recruiters are "unwanted intruders," and demands that Berkeley citizens "volunteer to impede, passively or actively... the work of any military recruiting office located in the City of Berkeley." Meanwhile, the cowards of Berkeley's so-called "Police" Department have pledged "neutrality."

Did Washington pledge neutrality when he was enslaved by King George III? Did Abraham Lincoln pledge neutrality when Robert E. Lee tried to tear America to pieces? Did FDR pledge neutrality when the Nazi's tried to turn the page on Freedom?

No. They reached for their gun.

I'm not saying that the police should kill these protesters - as any loyal reader would know, the Grizz values the Right to Free Speech above all others. This is partially pragmatic - it is this Freedom that allows Our Government to know who can be trusted, and who needs to be kept under its watchful glare. But nowadays, we are at war, and acts of disloyalty that compromise Our Troops morale should be considered nothing less than an enemy attack on the homefront.

The Freedom Brothers applaud the Patriots who have made their way from every corner of the country to confront these losers. They are showing the Troops that we care, that they're not alone, and that the fringe of American society might exploit their courage, but it'll never speak for the majority.

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