Friday, February 15, 2008

Liberals Hate Children

When liberalism hits its saturation point, those affected will have nothing left to do but return to their animalistic instincts. 

They'll throw feces with the chimps.
Or, as in the case of New York City, the liberal bastion of anti-values --  once home of hate-musicians The Ramones, admitted drug addict Lou Reed, and now-deceased suicidal pill popper Heath Ledger (who was punished for trying to further an anti-American homosexual agenda) -- the big government program, The Department of Health, will give out free condoms in a "Get Some" campaign.
Yesterday, street teams from the health department met commuters around the city and handed out official "NYC condoms."
All the real New Yorkers, those who voted for American Hero Rudy Giuliani, those who helped out their fellow man on that tragic day in 2001, those who attended the Republican Natio-
nal Convention in 2004 and welcomed President Bush and Vice President Cheney with open arms, are incensed, and with good reason.
Liberals are intent on killing babies through any means possible -- even if it's before they can be conceived. Freedom Eagle and The Grizz are well aware that the human body was designed to create children once marriage vows are passed, no sooner. The Freedom Brothers know that each condom sold is a tiny latex mortal sin.
This is just the beginning of the anti-values agenda. Before long, liberals will be walking the streets of New York City, Boston, Los Angeles, etc. with brain-sucking vacuums to further their anti-child, anti-family incentive in order to create a society of indolence and socialism.
Enacting China's one-child policy isn't a goal for liberals in the United States. It's a start.


sf(ecular)human said...

...but, when all of those babies that the condoms prevented are born to poor parents who can't afford take care of them, they'll become a burden on our health care and welfare systems, then you'll be complaining about how they're lazy jobless bums looking for handouts.

Condoms are anti-baby but welfare is anti-American... hmm.

Freedom Eagle said...

Poor parents who can't afford shouldn't have kids. It's a fact that welfare mothers are having children left and right just to get more government handouts. Ronald Reagan was right.

If you're intent on human experimentation and the poisoning of youth culture through celebratory pornography and San Francisco values, don't go pushing your agenda on others. That's the sort of fusion that brought about terrorism on our home soil.

I remember 9/11. I just wish you did.

sf(ecular)human said...

No, our imperial doctrine of intervention and exploitation in the middle east and our unquestioned support of the state of Israel brought about terrorism on our home soil.

You realize, however, that 9/11 has nothing to do with what you're talking about, right?

Now then...

...Just saying "poor people shouldn't have kids they can't afford" has not worked in the past, so you could reason that it's an approach that will continue to not work, so rather than stick their heads in the sand and ignore the problem, New York is doing something about it... but that's not the point, because the reason behind the free condom program is mostly to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

Anonymous said...

Its funny, because you are pretty much the most unintelligent person I've ever heard trying to say something intelligent.

Freedom Eagle said...

There you go, again, with you Ron Paulism "blowback" comments. There's a reason Ron Paul is polling in the single digits in his own state. It's because you and the other anarchaic secularists are his only fans.

Israel had nothing to do with 9/11. The terrorists saw the way Bill Clinton sissified our country and hung the military out to dry, and they jumped at the opportunity because they hate our freedoms.

It's a fact that condoms are mortal sins. You know it, I know it. So why lie about it? Thank God we have a hero like Mike Huckabee who wants to return out constitution to the way the founding fathers had intended it to be all along (before you and your ACLU-loving hoodlums got a hold of it): back to God.

When you follow God and His Word, there is no need to sin.

Anonymous said...

I want to kill you and fuck the body.

Freedom Eagle said...

That doesn't surprise me, considering the rampant homosexual agenda this country is suffering, that has already led to the lobbying for necrophelic rights.

sf(ecular)human said...

First of all, you need to decide if you're gonna call us "anarchists" or "socialists" as these two ideologies are necessarily incompatible with each other.

Second of all, I didn't say anything about Ron Paul. I thought we were talking about the New York Department of Public Health

Third of all, I said that 9/11 was a reaction to our support of the Israeli state, not that Israel did anything on 9/11.

Fourth of all, we're not talking about 9/11, anyway...

What is it with you? Do you even read what I'm saying, or are you just so pissed off about everything that it comes out like tourettes??

Free condoms?? Holy Jesus, 9/11 and gay marriage!! Liberals and homosexuals!!! Damn you, Ron Paul!! Sin sin sin!!!

You, my friend, are an ass-backwards twit.

Freedom Eagle said...

Name calling is the last resort of a Godless liberal.

Your comment, which falsely labeled 9/11 as blowback is a shame on the country in which I love, and I won't stand for your sort of thinking, which has gotten to the point of Maoist authoritarianism.

The New York Department of Health has shamed this country as much as Bill Clinton and Our Worst President Jimmy Carter did. Free condoms is the first step to sex on the streets and your children growing up in a world with daily terrorist attacks to an apathetic, drugged-out public.

The Grizz said...

sf(ecular) human,

I'll leave my colleague Freedom Eagle to address your opinion. I just want to thank you for your participation in the Freedom Brothers project. Remember that by speaking your mind, you're embracing your most fundamental freedom as an American.

Fly High,
The Grizz

sf(ecular)human said...

"Name calling is the last resort of a Godless liberal."

(I'll leave some white space for the irony of this statement to sink in a little...)

Godless liberals?? Maoist authoritarianism?? Sex in the streets??

That sounds like a party!!

So, basically, I am authoritarian in my thinking because I have come out in support of giving people the means to mitigate the negative consequences of behaviors that they were going to participate in, anyway.

You, on the other hand, are a pillar of freedom-fetishism because you believe that the only way to maintain a functioning society is to force people into the same dogmatic political and moral box that you subscribe to?

I don't exactly see how that works.

I also think that your grasp of Mao's political theory is lacking if you think that free condoms equates to maoist authoritarianism.

Nick Flip said...
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sf(ecular)human said...

Also, 9/11 was an inside job, Ronald Reagan was an economic disaster, George W. Bush has destroyed our standing in the world, and I don't have a problem with gays getting married.

...and after 27 books and a Nobel Prize, I'll believe Jimmy Carter over you any day.