Wednesday, February 20, 2008

America Keeps Kim Jong Il in the Crosshairs as Europeans Bend Over

"Come and get it, Monsieur Chirac."
It was the sixth of September, 2007. Tens, maybe/hopefully hundreds of agents of the Syrian terrorist regime had a cup of coffee, kissed their families goodbye, and drove to work the night shift at a top secret government facility nestled just along the Iraqi border. Arriving, they sat down at their desks and began their day's work - engineering the extermination of the Jewish and American peoples. Around midnight, their minds drifted happily towards their soon coming, hard-earned break. Unfortunately for them, the top guns of the Israeli Air Force were the ones fixing lunch.

A half dozen F-15I's from the 69th Squadron of the IAF gave the workers an early dismissal by way of hellfire. Neither the staff, nor the Syrian Atomic Weapons program survived the attack.

Six months later, details have emerged conclusively linking Kim Jong Il to the Syrians' nefarious mission. It's a fact that North Korean mad scientists in the employ of the Man with the Bad Haircut oversaw the nefarious project step by step. It's unclear what prompted this lunatic to draw up and sign his own death warrant, though surely the Godless communist's association with Islamic fundamentalists can't be inspired by the same theo-apocalyptic delusions of his comrades. Most likely he was offered a few loaves of stale bread, which are nearly impossible to come by inside his concentration camp of a country.
In any event, his motives are beside the point. What matters is that he pay.

And pay he will - so promises Our President George W. Bush. Even as America's "allies" drop their pants and grit their teeth for the demigod of the DPRK, the American Administration gets ready for Round II in the War on Evil and its proxies.

The Europeans are currently ready to sign and seal a treaty/suicide note written on their behalf by the North Korean regime. In it, the Freedom Forces encourage North Korea to take no accountability whatsoever for their previous work developing various doomsday devices, and respectfully request that they eventually cease said activities - if they don't mind.

The United States made it clear. There will be no compromise.

To quote Our Chief Negotiator, Christopher R. Hill, "We won't have a complete and correct declaration until we have a complete and correct declaration," and it says exactly what we want it to say.

The Freedom Brothers encourage Our Administration to hold firm in their demands. Legions of Young Americans are standing behind them as well, ready and willing to die for Global Liberty.

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